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Searching for writer..... - 20

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Sometimes we learn from the experiences of others. Janani also learned from subi. But unfortunately Charan started to avoid her and concentrate on his work.  Now she has no choice but to go to the office. She missed the opportunity for that dinner  got last time because of aarohi's birthday party. So she decide to invite Charan for a candle 🕯light dinner. 

Once she entered the office, an argument already goes between Varun and Nusha. They argue about love. Nusha asked Charan for his opinion about love.  Janani silently watch everything. Charan answered nusha while looking his computer 🖥. 

Charan : you both are made this topic very complicated. Love is too simple 💕.  Love is all about caring ♥. If we give more we can get more. We can't get the love for free, it takes our heart as it's price. The sweetest thing in love is memories. Living with memories is a kind of pleasure. 

Varun  : What about love failure , Charan  ?

Charan  : oh c'mon dude,  love never fails,  people fail in love thats all. Do you know varun? What is love....
 " Once in lifetime,  someone breaks your heart and if still you feel to hold that person with every broken piece 💔..... that amazing pain is called..... TRUE LOVE 💘.  "

Nusha  : Even those who do not want to fall in love will start to fall in love if they hear your words sir. 

Varun : you are right,  nusha.  Romeo 2.0 .

They laughed loudly 😅.

Charan  ( in mind  ) : but my juliet never ready to love me 😔. 

Varun : hey Charan,  what happen  ? 

Charan  : nothing,  i just.... what about our trip. Is everything is ready  ? 

Varun : Charan,  i already told you, right ? Don't strain yourself Charan.  I can handle it.  Do you think that I can't do this? 

Janani  : bro, what's going on here  ? Where did you two go ? 

Now only Charan noticed Janani was  standing there.  

Varun  : Singapore. 

J : why didn't you tell me this earlier ?

Charan  : I...... I thought I could tell you this later.

J : When do you leave? 

Varun : oh j, You are an question bank. We leave tomorrow morning and it's a 10 days business trip. Still want to know something?

J : no.... i have to go.  

Janani and nusha leave that place. 

Varun : hey Charan, Her face withered. Don't confuse,  i damn sure she loves you.  

Charan : i know but I don't know 😕. I don't have any confidence 😔.  Because she decide to leave this country, she booked flight tickets too.  But....

Varun  : but now she is here for you dude.  

Charan  : may be...

Varun ( in mind  ) : varun,  it's really not fair.  Now you just have to do something. 

In the evening, Janani backed Charan's things for his trip.  She was totally upset because this time also her plans were collapsed. 

Charan  : thank you Janani. 

Janani : what  ? Oh... it's okay. 

Charan go to bed with smile on his face.  

J  : don't forgot to take tablets. 

Charan : yaa j. Varun will never forget even if I forget. You take leave. 

J : what do you mean  ?

Charan  : When was the last time you told me, you want to live your life with your own company. Now you will get your 10 days to enjoy your own company. Good night j 😴. 

He closed his eyes and started sleeping. In morning, they leave. 

The whole day she was busy with Rohan. Sometimes his thoughts come to her mind. But she ignore it. She has successfully passed one day. But the 2nd day major missing is started 😕.  In 30 minutes she looked her  mobile more than 50 times. She walks here and there like cat. Of course she waiting for his call. 

J : in normal days he calls me more than 10 times. But now.... idiot.  

Suddenly her mobile starts its lament. She jumped into the bed with joy and answered to the call within a first ring. But she was slightly disappointed because she heard athul's voice from other side. 

That call was extended for more than 45 minutes. It's starts with friendly manure and ends with as usual fight.  

J : you idiot. I never want to talk to you again.  

She cut the call and throw her mobile near by table. Athul call her again and again but she didn't ready to answer to his call. But athul never ready to give up easily. She get irritating because of her mobile's continues lament. She picked up the call and shouted with anger.  

J : do you have sense or not ?  If someone does not accept your call it only has two meanings, they must be busy or they do not want to talk to you. Why did you disturb me again and again?

Within few seconds her angry level decreased and she stunned... because she heard a voice of charan from another side. 

Charan  : I'm really sorry Janani, i never disturb you again 😔. 

J : cha.... Charan i....

He cut the call and switch off his mobile. Janani try to call him but she only heard a switched off tune again and again.  

J : oh god j..... you just waiting for his call whole day but you again spoil his mood. He switched off his mobile 📱.  I think he hurt 😕.  Oh god...

She can't sleep, she is truly restless. Finally she let go of her ego and decided to talk to him. But she can't catch him.  So she call varun.  But he always said Charan was busy,  he can't talk to you now. Bla bla bla....

Now she understands how Charan is important for her. She can't live without him. Everywhere she only sees his face. 

She miss everything,  his pretty cute smile, nonsense talking, that glowing eyes, his carrying, that calm face, even his sorry's too. ( Charan says more than thousand sorry's in 5 months ) now only she understands how his dear, darling, baby, sweetheart bla bla bla also sounds good.  At first she gets irritating when she hear this words. But now she badly need it.

She smiled when she thought about him.  At the same time tears also released from her eyes. 

She lost her interest in food, drawing,  tv, movies, playing with Rohan,  ice cream 🍦, even she lost her fear of ghost and darkness. Days passed with his thoughts 😔.  

She tried to focus her attention on other works. When she cleaned up her room, she finds some diary of charan. Actually It's not a diary but something is done by charan. Some pages are written,  some pages are empty. When she search deeply she find more things of charan like that.  

Her angel heart says  " This is the Diary of Others You should not see this." 

Her devil heart says  " Charan is your husband.  There is no secrets between husband and wife. You can learn more about him by reading this diary. " 

After few seconds of confusion she decide to read it. But her angel heart continuesly say " no ".

J : let's start reading with random page.

She close her eyes and opens one random page. But unfortunately a big surprise is waiting for her in next page.  

Most important page of that diary is turned by her now.

Diary is a way to know one's past life and also their secrets.  

That page contains charan's secret and untold love story. 

Searching for writer.....


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