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Searching for writer..... - 21

Hello everyone 😀
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Sometimes idiocy also good for life. Darkness teach us how light is important.  Distance makes us feel and understand how that person is important in our lives. 

Janani found charan's diary and read it with excitement. But her angel heart try to stop her.

Angel heart  : no j, i admit there is no secrets between husband and wife.  But have you behave as a good wife for him  ?

After that question she closed that diary,  take another drawing note. first she thought it was Rohan's note. Because first few pages are done by him. She turned some pages after that it's look like a painting collection of an artist 🎨. 

She turned pages with curious. In first page eyes, in second page nose, then lips.....

Finally when she turned that last page she was mesmerized with that drawing.  Of course it reflects her. 
Charan opened his heart in white paper 📃.  

Janani was never thinking proud of her beauty.  But today that painting was enough to make her envious of her beauty.

Janani : oh Charan... you are an big lier.  You lied to me that you don't know how to paint. But you are great at all. My.... lovable idiot  😉🙈. 

She closed her face with his hands to hide her blush. The night-time cold breeze that entered through the window gently swept her physique.  It attracts her to the balcony to enjoy the beauty of stars and moon. She imagine like, that the beautiful little star ( gifted to her by Charan  ) looked at her and blinked. 

Janani : Don't look at me like this,  you idiot 😒.... you are an big lier. You just don't care about me. That day you promise me, " You can call me anytime.  I am always there for you and anytime available for you. I never leave you " and bla bla bla. You forgot your promises, right  ? You leave me in this love hell and even you don't have a  time to attend my calls 💔. 

Tears released from her eyes. She wiped it. 

Janani : don't laugh..... but i really miss you 😓. Please come to me soon and don't leave like this again. Your baby is waiting for you.

Again that star blinked at her.

Janani  : you shameless fellow.... don't blinked at me like this. 

She covered her face and started blushing 🙈. 

 Morning 🌄

Janani and nusha both are waiting at airport for their arrival.  Nusha continuesly laughing more than 30 minutes because of Janani and her curious. Janani continuesly bits her nails nervously. 

Nusha : haha love is totally blind 😆.  

Now her wait was over. Finally they reached after 10 days.  

Charan meet his friend after a year so he continue his talks with him.  
Nusha slowly moved to varun.

Nusha : I'm so curious. 

Varun : for what  ? 

Nusha  : i think today something is going to happen. Like old love movies. Hero went somewhere for his business trip and heroine badly miss him and waiting for his arrival in airport. Finally they meet each other after 10 days.  Heroine run to him and hug him with love.  And the background music is la la laa la.... 

Varun : stop joking nusha. Are you crazy ? 

Nusha  : I'm not joking sir. Janani mam waiting here more than 2 hours.  

Varun : haha 😄 so what ? 

Nusha : It will just happen as I say. Let's see.

Varun : confident  ? Okay let's challenge ?  I'll give you $ 500 if it happen as you say.

Nusha  : challenge accepted 😎.  That 500 dollars is mine. 

Varun  : ha ha 😂

Nusha eagerly waiting for that la la laa la movement.  Surprisingly it happens but in opposite way 🙃😅.  Janani run to him,  they stand very close to each other.  She looks into his eyes,  they can feel their heartbeat in their ears and their warm breath. Charan never expect this,  

Charan : j.... 

She slapped on his cheek hardly 😐.  

J : shut up, you idiot.... i never want to talk to you.  Don't show your face to me.  

He put his hand on his cheek and stood like a statue. He take few seconds to come to sense but already Janani leave that place.  

Varun ( teasingly) : 😄 look your face,  where your confidence gone now ? 

Nusha  : ok i lost.  

Varun : that's good.  You go with her too.  Let her know that we will return home tonight. 

Nusha  : yes sir 😒.

Charan : Varun,   Did she come this far to beat me ?

Varun  : god only know that dude.  

Night 🌙

J  : You haven't come home yet. You don't care about me 😠😣. Where are you charan  ? 

Suddenly she heard a knock at the door,  she adjust her dress and look herself in the mirror 🪞.  Then run faster to open the door.  
Charan could not stand steadily, so Varun helps him to balance. His position clearly shows that he drank.

Varun  : sissy,  please move.

Varun comfort Charan on the bed and left the room.

J : Is he drunk? 

Varun : he did not know it. I mean He drank in the party without his knowledge. Let him to sleep. 

J : hmm, You can stay here tonight.

Varun : me..... okay sure.  

She back to her room. Charan role here and there in his bed. And say something in blather tone. He kept saying the name Janani. 

J : why did you drank now ?

Charan : hey baby....  oops you don't like that words, right ? But i like it very much.  You are.... my baby.  Why don't you like me baby ? I truly miss you in this those days 😢. you don't miss me, but you slap me. 

J : Charan i...

Charan  : no wait,  let me to complete.  Do you know j, I have received many proposals in my past as well. I answered to them like  " oh my God what a coincidence 😅 i also love myself  ". But now only i understand That’s how much pain it hurts when someone reject 💔 us. You don't need to worry. I am going to leave all of you. I will never disturb you again.  

Charan tried to leave that place.  But Janani grabbed his hand and tried to stop him.

Charan  : what are you doing j  ? Leave my hand,  i have to go. 

J : but where  ? 

Charan : i don't know,  but....

Janani  pushed him to her side and hugged him tightly.

J : no Charan,  you can't. I’m already in a struggle, don’t bother me any more. 

Charan  : struggle  ? What struggles you j ? 

J : I'll tell you that in the morning.  But you should not leave me now and go anywhere.

Charan  : but j... 

J : suhhhhhh..... Can we sleep now?

Charan  : but i don't feel sleepy. 

J : I will tell you a story. After that you will fall asleep.

Charan : good idea. 

Charan jumped into his bed. And hugged his pillow. That beautiful face that looked like a child waiting to hear a story before going to sleep made janani laugh. 

J : okay,  tell me which type of story you want ? 

Charan  : love stories with happy ending ❤. My mom always told me stories. Do you know how ? Come here,  then only i can told you 😉.  

J : okay. 

Charan put his head on her shoulder  and wrapped her arms around her waist.

Charan : like this... 

J : Charan,  what are you doing  ? 

Charan  : just let me hold you like this. Let me hold you longer.  I badly need it now.

J : 🙄🙄☺☺☺

Charan : j.... story.... ? 

J : yaa, long long ago there was a kingdom . 

He was listening to the whole story very quietly like a child. Sometimes he says " hmm, yes , mm, ..... " 

J : finally she understood his love and said....

Charan  : you are mine ❤.

J : yes, " You are mine ♥ Charan

Searching for writer.......


Don't disappointed guys, 
Soon i reveals charan's secret love story 😉.

Stay home,  stay safe.

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