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Searching for writer..... - 25

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" when you love someone, you love the whole person, just as he or she is, and not as you would like them to be "

Charan : What happened after that? Did he accept your love ? I mean, how he realizes your love ?

J : You are more interested in my story than me. 🙄

Charan : no.... nothing like that. Its curious.....

He came back to me with little bit hesitate.

Rohinth : May I ask you something ? Because if i don’t ask now I don’t know when I will get the chance again.

J : yeah.... ?

Rohinth : Have you ever fallen in love with someone before ?

J : no... but why did you ask this now ?

Rohinth : then, can you love me j ?

J : Rohinth 😳...

Rohinth : please j, let me complete first. This has never happened before. I knew the whole information about a girl but she didn’t even know my name. It clearly explained your behavior and character. Since we became friends, I have been amazed to see you so many times. How can one be with so many good qualities.I keep saying over and over again that the one who gets you is very lucky. But today my mind tells me, I want to be that lucky. And your eyes...... oh god it's too magical ✨😍. Whenever i see your eyes directly, i just forget this whole world around me. I think that happiness and love should be available for the rest of my life. I have never fallen in love with any woman other than my mom. But all I thought about last night was just about you. I need you janani. You will never deny an opportunity seeker, will you give me a chance ?

Tears rolled down from my eyes. I never expect that moment will happen in my life. At first I thought, that day was most painful day in my life, but unexpectedly that day became most beautiful day in my life 💗.

I went two steps in front of him and slapped on his cheek. And hug him tightly. He never expect that sudden force, so he go two steps back to balance.

Rohinth : j.....😳 ?

J : please rohinth, don't leave me. It's killing me inside 💔.

Rohinth : Then always hug me like this and don’t let me go anywhere 😉.

J : hmm. I don't let you to go anywhere.

That November day, The rain that came there unannounced at the time was writing many love poems in my heart. I have never been soaked in the rain like that. On that day my legs were refusing to touch the ground and floating in the air. I can't express my feelings and happiness in words.

Whatever we do it's based on both our thoughts. Sometimes we talk to each other late in the night on the mobile. We always meet at the park behind our college and sit on the same bench 🙃. I just love listen to him as he talks very cute. He got anger for not replying and also for late replies but knowing my reason why i was calm he smiles with bit of pride that was enough for me to sleep peacefully. We are very much close to each other. We won't go to movies or bunk the college. We around the college with holding hands, in that way he confused his love towards me to the whole college.


My mobile rings at the midnight. I answered to that call with sleepy eyes.

J : hello.....

Rohinth : hey j, are you sleeping ?

J : yes, but you woke me up.

I wake up suddenly after hearing his voice.

J : Rohinth you... ? Is everything alright ? Why did you call me in this late night ?

Rohinth : i really miss you j.

J : miss you too 😘.

Rohinth : its not enough. I want to see you right now.

J : are you in your mind ? How is that possible ?

Rohinth : come to your balcony.

J : balcony ?

I went to the balcony. Rohinth was standing in that dark street. It's already 11.30, so there is no one in the street. He waves his hands towards me.

Rohinth : come downstairs.

J : now... ? No way. What to do if someone sees ?

Rohinth : I know very well that there is no one in your house.

J : smart. But I will not come.

Rohinth : oh c'mon dear, let's go out and have some fresh air. Please please please.

J : okay okay, but priya is sleeping. I can't leave her alone.

Rohinth : Then tell her to get up too.

J : are you sure ?

Rohinth : I'm waiting.

The car journey started from there and ended by going to a beautiful hill station. Priya already in half sleep.

J : wow..... mind blowing.

Rohinth : did you like it ?

J : yeah, it's really awesome sceneries. But.... why we are here now ?

Rohinth : You still don't understand I have kidnapped you😉.

J : not funny.....

Priya : guys what's happening here ?

Rohinth : don't you want to know the surprise ?

J : of course i want.

Rohinth : then, why are you waiting ? Do you not know the rule of surprises?

I closed my eyes.

J : I'm waiting. Can I open my eyes?

Rohinth : wait...

Priya : now you can.

" happy birthday Janani "

Shouted by the people who is standing front of me.

I was stunned with that sudden surprise. Even i forgot my birthday. The chocolate cake with 19 candles was placed on the table covered with pink colored cloth. I was so happy to see tham all.

J : guys you..... ?

Rohinth : wait wait.... it's already late now, let's talk after the cake cutting.

I agreed with him, and went to cut the cake, while cutting the cake, some of my friends blew up the party poppers 🥳🎉 with golden sparkle.

I blow the candles and cut a piece of cake, I raised my hands reluctantly to feed him a cake. Our friends started clapping for us.

Rohinth took that piece from my hand and make me eat it, i took that piece and make him eat too.

He hug me with cute smile 😃,

Rohinth : happy born day j, thank you for born in this earth and comforting me.

J : thank you soo much rohinth, you made my day. I have never celebrated a birthday like this before.

After that our Friends one by one started wishing me. After a small party they leave. Priya started sleeping in the car because of tiredness.

Me and rohinth both sat on the grass.
That place was filled with a soft romantic melody 💙. The sky was beautiful with a shining stars and full moon. I got lost in the moment.

Rohinth continuesly looks me without blinking his eyes.

J : why did you look at me like this ?

Rohinth : moon is so beautiful 😍.

J : yaa, but moon is there.

Rohinth : The moon is sitting next to me 🙃.

I closed my face with blush.

Rohinth : oh c'mon dear,

He put his head on my shoulder.

Rohinth : Do you know what is on my mind now ?

J : what is in your mind ?

He holds my hand with love 💘.

Rohinth : All my wish is The world should freeze at this moment. I should always be near you like this. I can't imagine my life without you. Will you stay with me until my last breath ?

My heartbeat raised to the top and my eyes get watered with joy tears. I nodded with full of joy in my heart ❤. That night was too long for us.

Searching for writer........

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