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Searching for writer.... - 26

Hello everyone 😀
I hope you all are well

" someone who really loves you
Sees what a mess you can be,
How moody you can get,
How hard you are to handle,
But still wants you in their life. "

J : i think you are not steady. Are you drunk ?

Rohinth : I will never drink alcohol. Of course i don't need it. Your two eyes are more than alcohol.

J : haha 😄 it means you are teetotalor.

Rohinth : yaa, actually My dad would drink alcohol to deal with the worries he had. My father get swore from me that not to drink.

J : He will be proud to think of you.

Rohinth : don't you ☺ ?

J : of course, me too 🙃.


Priya : Why didn't he come to college ?

J : He told me that his mother was not well.

Priya : It has been more than a week but no other information from him.

Actually Priya described my mind. It has been more than a week but he don't call me or message me. At the same time he don't answer for my calls too. His friends also don't know about him. I badly miss him at that time. But My concern is, is there anything happen wrong for him? Is he in any danger?. But I did not get answers to my question for a month.

After a month, he come to college for his final exams. But There was no regular smile on his face. It clearly shows he was in trouble. When i went in front of him. He downs his head and said, " I will meet you at the park after the exam is over. "
I nodded and he leaves.

In the park I waited for him with great confusion. In half an hour he too Came and joined. That place was very quiet. He also keep quiet for long. So i decided to start the conversation.

J : How is your mother ? I hope she is fine. Why didn't you response to my calls ? Is everything alright ?

Rohinth : yaa j , mòm is fine now and everything is alright but not me.

J : what happened to you 😳 ?

He simply said his family members seeking matches to him. Then i said i will talk to them but he refused. He don't want to break their trust. His mom came to know about our love. But she is not willing to accept me as her daughter in law. My status never matches to them.

He told me " I have been fighting for our love for this one month. But I could not persuade my mother. " He simply told me " I'm so sorry but i can't do anything 😔 and I'm not even coming back to our city. My mom wants me to take over her business. My mom's health condition is too poor now. I don't want to be a reason of destruction of my parents good name. And j..... no one can love me than you in this world 💔. But I'm truly unlucky. I don't deserve you 🤧. "

I listened to his words silently,
That was like a thousand thunderbolts landed in my head. My legs started to stumble. The tears that came from his eyes made me even more vulnerable 🥺😢. I just try to control myself and try to convince him.

I replied him " it's ok rohinth. Whatever your decision is i accept it with a smile. Don't cry I'm okay. "

None of the words I spoke that day came from my heart and only the lips were mumbling that day.

He wips his tears after hearing my words and hugs me tightly for the last time. That hug shows me That’s how much pain he feels. That's the end of my golden days.

I went to my house silently. Closed my room door and started crying. That day i cry a lot. I never try to stop him because i know he loves his mom more than anything in this world. I Don't want to separate him from his family.

At the same time I could not accept our separation either 💔. I cry like a hell but it can't kill my pains inside the heart. But I could not accept that the reason for our love breakup was our economic situation. How cheap 😒....

As soon as I was mentally ill and admitted to the hospital. After taking psychological treatment for one year i became normal. It's hard to forget him but i don't want to struggle my family for this. And i....

Tears rolled down on her cheek. Charan come close to her and hold her hands with concern 😟. She put his head on his shoulder and started crying more. His fingers runs into her hairs.

Charan : I am here to give you a shoulder when you are worried. Cry until your peace of mind is reached.

She hugs him tightly and started crying like a child 😭. She was in his arm for sometime... in that small period she can able to calm herself by listening to his heartbeat. She feel safe and comfortable.

" A small hug from a right person is a medicine to kill our pain "

Charan : Did you see him yesterday?

J : no...

Charan : what ? then.... Why did you cry like that yesterday ?

She said with a sigh as she continued to cry.

J : yesterday priya calls me and informed me that..... rohinth was no more.

Charan : what ? How did this happen?

J : car accident 😐. Drunk and driving..... but I can not believe he drove drunk.

Charan can't speak at that moment he simply try to consoled her. She freed herself from his arms and wiped away her tears.

J : I cried yesterday and I had no intention other than for the loss of my friend. Don't miss understand that.

A simple smile appeared on charan's face.

Charan : i may not be your first love, but definitely i want to be your last love.

He smirked again and simply leave that place.

J : Will he accept me again ? I have no intention of hiding the truth from him. Now in my mind there is no one but you Charan. Soon i confess this to you.


Charan continuesly argue with varun while entering into his cabin.

Charan : you don't know varun, her tears vulnerabled me so much. I think she still like him.

Varun : oh c'mon charan, Her heart was very soft. Thats why she cry for him. Think in this angle. She did not want to hide the truth. That’s why she told you everything.

Charan : It is better if your words come true. But When did you become an expert in love ?

Varun : haha 😄, it's just a simple thing.

Charan : Do not deal. I heard something about you. Over the last few days I have heard that noodles has become your most favorite food.

Varun : nothing like that charan 😅.

Charan : oh c'mon, tell me, are you serious ? In just four days ? Can you handle her ? Of course she is good but I don't know about her feelings about you varun.

Varun : seconds are enough to fall in love with someone. How long did it take you to fall in love with Janani ?

Charan : your are right. But....

Varun : do you love me ?

Charan : of course varun, i love you. But.... why did you ask this now ?

Varun : If you who love me do not trust me, how can she trust me who does not know about me ?

Charan : no varun, i trust you..... Ok leave it...


Priya : what ?

J : i don't know, i think he try to surprise me. But i love this decoration. It's so colorful 😍.

Priya : oh yaar, Why would he want to take you to a restaurant if he wants to surprise you ? I think he wants something from you😝.

J : what's wrong with you priya ? He needs nothing from me and he has everything.

Priya : you fool j, he can't buy it.

J : i.... i can't get you. What he wants from me ?

Priya : may be its love..... care..... s*x....

J : s*x ??

Searching for writer.......

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