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The Legendary Princess - 3

As we both went briskly to the main hall where our houses would be given to us as said by Mrs Margret
. My heart was beating fast I was a bit nervous. There were millions of gleaming butterflies to embellish the beauty of the hall a numerous numbers of students were present in the hall they were sitting on beautiful chair embedded with elegant gemstones. My eyes were gleaming what a beautiful scene it was! As I was drowning in my own thoughts Charles said 'there you will get choosed in your houses by your powers there are six houses Ice,Fire,Water,Air,Earth and....."
".....And?" I asked curiously " And Legendary" Whoaaa Legendary must be some kind of powerful house I thought. "Now lemme tell you about all of these houses, Ice represents one with ice power, fire with fire power,water with water ones,air with air power,earth with earth power and the legendary with all these powers, I think ur legendary one"he grins seeing by face I squint at him he laughs and says "the way you broke the stone in first attempt literally made me think you will be choosen as legendary one cause I'm one too". What he was from legendary house too! And I a legendary not possible! What if his words are true! Nononono they won't cause...... "Good morning all the students and the staff present here" I woke up from my thoughts and saw director giving speech "I hope all the students will respect the rules, follow them and be the best fairy..... " Fairy!?! Was it fairy I heard! Am I a fairy I literally couldn't believe my self and the speech continued director told us the rules and regulations about the houses stationary pets and many more! I was amazed to hear that we just had to go through a curtain and it will analyse us and give us our pets, stationary, uniform etc accordingly.
After director's speech some of the staff members gave speech and welcomed us. At last, the choosing for Houses had come I was feeling too goosey ahh I couldn't do anything about it.............
Director said cheerfully from the mic"sooo students at last it's choosing time for the houses of our new buddies all you have to do is too touch the shell the colour and the object it'll burst is your power and will be your house crystals with purple will be ice, the twigs and green colour will be earth, the the burning coals with red colour will be fire, drops with blue colour
will be water, fog with white colour will be air and the last one golden sparkle with the golden colour will be legendary one she chuckles while looking at me I'm tooo confused. Choosing comes one by one one gets water then one gets fire one gets earth then one gets air no one got the legend still as the students were getting choosed one by one I was getting more and more nervous at last it was mine chance everyone in staff including director and Charles had their glued on mine well my heart started pounding heavily as I went forward I touch the shell........... Nothing happened I closed my eyes and said you can do it maria! " And the shell bursted everybody present their were amazed shell bursted into golden sparkle with golden colour! My eyes were open I couldn't believe myself everyone clapped and cheered for me Charles and director had a wide smile on there face.......................

Sooo hello everyone hope you all like this story pls ignore mistakes 😅 hope you will enjoy the story.
Next story will be published soon🤞