The Legendary Princess - 4 books and stories free download online pdf in English

The Legendary Princess - 4

........... Far away from the college there was a creepy dark castle......
A golden gem began to glow.......
Someone shouts my majestiy gem is glowing brightly. A dark shadow comes from a door of a person. As he comes out and begins to laugh. "whahahahahahaha I have waited for you to come dear Princess whahahahahahaha" and he throws the glass he was holding in his hands and orders some guard "call him" the guards call a young looking man just of Maria's age and says "time has come now you will be the prince by destroying her whahahahahahahahahaha" the boy says" yes dad now it's my turn hahahahaha, princess the game begins........"

*In college*

I can't believe that I'm one of the legendary student!!!! I pinch myself to confirm but yeahhh I wasn't dreaming" The shell keeper said "please take a seat" captain lead me to the legends house I observed and saw that there were just few from legends one of them was Charles and I sat near him. He smiled warmly and said""I knew it that you will be in legends" I smiled back he said "okh soooooooooo you will again have a group where you one member from all the houses will be there like mine, every group has its own chamber where you will be provided with your bedrooms and there will be a common hall for 6 of the members in your group whereas in houses we have a large hall,library, point room where all the house members can come, yaaa and one more thing sports room, classes are all shared by students here soo don't get confused in this things later I will show you the stationary how it works well for that we will have to got to the shops dont worry you won't have to pay anything as its free for every student..........."

I was paying attention to his lecture when Mrs Margret came to congratulate me she said" I knew you would be in legends house I guess Charles must have given you big lecture of group and other things" she smirks at us, I don't know why he tries to hide his face, Mrs Margret says to everyone"soo soon your group will be discussed and you will get to meet your group members till you can rest and have lunch to your respective houses" Charles ask me" soooooooooo princess wanna come with this

After introduction of many other members in
house we went around college,surrounding,canteen, roof,gym etc................and at lastly we went to the uniform shop,Charles said he will be back in few minutes till I may take my uniform and stationary I was provided with a beautiful golden satin off shoulder short dress with golden stocking,heels with little red gemstones on it, a golden choker and a beautiful crown embeded with red gemstones I was

As I went outside I saw Charles watinig for me with something in his hand, it was a cute golden bracelet He said " this will look pretty on you" I said thanks but...." he grabs my hands and hangs bracelet on it" GUESSED RIGHT IT LOOKS BEAUTIFUL!!!!! come on we should take lunch now I agree as I forgot to decline his bracelet as we were walking to canteen someone just calls me from behind................................................

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