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The Legendary Princess - 6

The Legendary Princess
Sorry for being late guys……………………………
We both went near line where the announcer announces that “ Respected students, you all are requested to move in your rooms with your teams , the captains will guide you into your rooms make sure you won’t make any mischief while walking in the corridor”
Charles smile warmly says “I’ll lead u and your members to the room” I smile and give a thumbs up to him as Yhuga, Litten, Sen, Naviee join me introducing them Yhuga says “My name is Yhuga Konagasani”, Litten said “I am Litten Bhoniriwa” Sen said “I am Sen Yagasaki” ‘Naviee said “I am Naviee Tekashi” each of them was from different kind of kingdoms they had different kinds of pets with them Ohh no I forgot to buy me a pet!!!!! Well no use of that now I can’t go out maybe some other time … … … … ….
As they all introduced themselves we all made a line leaded by Charles there were endless number of stares we had to take after we walked for some time we stopped at a door named group twilight I guess that was the name of our group… … … … … …
As Charles opened the door we all entered a big hall I said wow in pleasure the room had elegant wall designs with many antique pieces, showpieces and furniture decorated with purple flowers and unique designs them
There were 5 separate rooms connected to hall with each name written over there without wasting any time I went in my room the luggage was already there, while I was unpacking my luggage Charles came from somewhere and asked “how’s the room” I reply “beautiful” “hehe I knew it “ he said I do have a surprise for u firstly close your eyes he said and now your surprise and I felt something furry and soft when I opened my eyes I saw a cute little 2 tailed cub of fox with purple color on it I was like “ wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww its soooo cuteee and fluffy and softtttt” Charles Laughed and said from now it is yours “REALLYYYYY!” he said “yuppp” I was soo happy that I kept jumping until I couldn’t breathe and fell on soft bed it was almost evening so he said I should head off to my room or others might think something other I said him goodnight and he left……….
After unpacking my things and keeping them on their places I went to the hall to see my other party members they were already sitting and telling each other about themselves as I went to join them they greeted me with a smile Yhuga said she was from casseltridon, Litten from shalliregen, Naviee from darkseton, sen from yanteldi we all had a great time in knowing each other everyone was a princess from royal family when they asked me I said I was from a normal family………
They didn’t ‘t believed me until I saw them some pics of my mom and dad they said it was strange for any student of here too be from normal family when I asked them they………………………………………………………………………………….
Sorry for not uploading the story from many days
Because I did had my exams and many other things T.T

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