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The Legendary Princess - 2

Hey guys hope you all will enjoy my story........
This is second chapter of the lengendary princess if u haven't read first chapters go and read it now!!!

We reach the medical center, The man searched the doctor of but he was no where to be found the man said"well...... Doctor is no where to be found great thing that I know some medical magic"by hearing the his words I get more confused. The man leans to sit down to my surprise he chant some words and my wounds get healed I almost froze for sometime realizing my wounds really got healed. "I guess you are not from here are you new here? " He ask I nod my head for saying 'yes'. "Oh sorry I am most forgot to introduce myself I'm Charles Venriten what about you miss? "Being confused how he healed me I said" I– I am Maria Sugalite" "ohh such a sweet voice and name of yours" he said. Well that almost made me blush, "oh so were you choosen in the exam?" He asks with a warm smile "yup" I said as I couldn't stop thinking of his warm smile"well so lemme introduce you each and every corner of the college, well but firstly we will have to meet the director of school come with me she will explain you everything" I say Ok as I get up. I followed him through the corridor and then the never ending stairway haha I would love to say them as they weren't ending
Even how much I walked. After sometime I reached to the director's office Margret Willinson was written on the name plate as I saw the door, Charles knocked the door and asked 'may I come in' A gental female voice came through the door " come in". He said smiling "let's go " As he went in I peeked before coming in. It was a large beautiful room with many artifacts, books, frames and flowers and a beautiful table with a chair in it,two chairs ifront of it and couple of chairs beside some distance were there and an elgantly dressed lady was sitting on the chair I may say she's the most beautiful lady I have ever seen because she was just like the anime I watched on television, I was dazzled by the beauty of room I was interrupted by the finger poking me on my shoulder I shifted my vision and saw Charles asking me to come ahhhh I was immobilized by the view of the room I guess. I walked into the room Iwas a bit nervous to meet the director as our eyes met she greeted me with a smile and said "oh you are Maria Sugalite welcome to our college hope you will make many friends here improve your skills of Magic" I got puzzled how can I have any kind of Magic in me I said"Miss Marget I think you have got an wrong person because I don't have any kind magic inside me" she says " well your hair purple colour describes you have magic you will soon discover your past here if the question is about your magic" saying that she threw a stone on me" ahhhhhhhh" I wanted to doge it but wait something's happening to me whoaaaaaa light came out of my hands and destroyed the stone into pieces......... I was shocked and freezed, Charles was amazed he said "whoaaaa what an amazing power not even miss Margret was able to break that stone" Miss Margret said" this is your power" ok now both of you should get into assembly for selections of miss Maria's house big Wick assembly is about to begin" I was still shocked that I had powers.......
Suddenly Charles grab my hand and says we need to go to joint assembly or else we will be late I agree and follow him

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