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Let's go to the city of Nid

Let's see the city of dreams


Moon looking at Husnana

Got mischief today

moon looking for love

I've got a prank today


To be faithful for a lifetime

ll need a lot of patience


Morning tea doesn't give that much freshness.

as much as their good morning

fills you with freshness


Will remember these moments

Will remember the deceit for life

Catch it in my fist

today is tomorrow will be remembered

love moments will pass

Tomorrow the bekal will be remembered


The peace of soul is over

the life of love has been consumed


Tears are pouring out of my eyes

Words are spilling out of words

of friendship joined by souls

Tears are pouring out of memories

I took refuge in love

Words are spilling from promises

Rain wet moonlight

Tears are spilling from nights


drank the heat of separation.

Words are spilling out of sighs


There is no reason to drink tea.

There is no reason to meet a friend


Those who love forever died

Those who love to go through ll


Every moment spent in love is memorable.

That moment is helpful for living a long life.


Births are a combination of old hearts.

See, our meeting is a game of luck.

We are tied in a unique relationship of soul to soul.

The pair made by God is our shell.


It's hard to hide the love in the eyes

It's hard to express love with lips

There is a bright bright glow.

It's hard to bend my eyes

Whoever is in his own house

It is difficult to call on the whole common roof.

Beautifully kept in the moment.

It is difficult to forget the memories from the heart.

Inadvertently inflicted a murderous injury.

Today it is difficult to celebrate a rude friend.


The boat caught in the storm found support.

Today I got the edge after a long time.

In the wet moonlit nights of Sharad Poonam

I'll find a star lost in the light


says without saying

The language of silence is strange


who do not understand even by explaining

there is effective silence


Life is nothing but dreams

Life will be nothing except loved ones

Falls again and again, then gets up and walks.

Life will be nothing but wounds

Changes moment by moment, shows new forms.

Life will be nothing but shock

Every moment she keeps on changing.

Life will be nothing except rituals

It took time to explain the heart to the mind.

I'll get nothing but life

Life is nothing but accidents.


love us

dear you call them

by heart

why do you flinch again and again


go on your own

trust in god

I'll get what's mine

take a break from heart


do you love me

love me like me

I had kept my heart on the palm,

Why do you hit your heart every time?

Why do you always keep your eyes down?

Do you ever close your eyes?

If you have friendship from heart then why not?

Do you say man in front of the world?

regardless of circumstance

Do you write my name in palm?


Got pain like injured

madly in love

Hide the pain in papers

I have loved like a poet

Dissolve salinity in the chest

I have loved the ocean

I don't know the result of love

I have loved innocent

with the beat of the rhythm

I have loved Payal

no shelter and no indifference

I have loved Saajan

Will remember for ages

love like a rectangle


Bring it to your tongue in your heart.

Sometimes I'll stay in the heart of the heart

Some of the world, some of the fear of denial.

The desire to live will die


If it happened, you forgive me.

Do justice to what you accept.

If I am ignorant of the rituals of love

I'll clear the grudges from my heart

Now the hands of emotion become strong.

dare to turn against the situation

I have already suffered the worst of the world.

If possible, I'll remove the difficulties

The customs of love are unique.

Graph your wishes