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I have to settle in memories alone

I'll have to meet you all alone


I have to fly in the open sky today

I'll hug alone





The feeling that I could not write

Will understand that untold word


I wish you increased the yearning for meeting.

I'll come running close without calling


The crow has been talking for a long time.

I wish qasid would bring his message


I live waiting for this moment

He will stand in the way and spread his arms.


Be happy every day

Today I will be in my own lap





The evening of autumn is very beautiful.

I'll have a blooming youth in the lovely season


There is going to be a confluence of two souls.

Best sign of unrequited love


I used to yearn for meeting.

The restlessness of the heart is easy


How did the unfinished dream come true?

Listen untold story is untold


The heartless may find some peace.

The rituals of love must be performed





write a new pen, a new pen

Today I will write new morning new evening


What should I write in your love?

write a new name of love


That's the union of two souls

The matter is special but I will write common


New words, new beginnings and ideas.

I am writing the beginning of a new life




There is a tinge of laughter in my heart.

There is a burning of pain in love




Today I have to talk to God.

Then every sun has to be done in Deedar-e-Surat.


I wish I could be seen once

I'll have to do it right here.



The evening of autumn is very beautiful.

I'll have a blooming youth in the lovely season





Tied in a unique love bond

I'll bow before intoxicating love


Weird leaking has hindered

Moments have stopped since births.


It is the union of two souls.

Heart to heart are connected after ages.


After waiting for centuries

The doors are open with tears


looking at the lovely eyes

Then I'm intoxicated with jam




It doesn't matter if you are not there

Even today the color of mehendi is going up.




When the hour of time came

I fought again with the fate line


will fly high today

Will break the handcuffs of the times


What did I get from them in dreams?

I'll fight for this happiness


Without rain my eyes rained

Something has happened big.


get on with the race

I am standing with my arms outstretched


Old age came in full youth.

I'll carry a stick in my hand

in the first gift of love

The ring is studded with sapphire




Fill your hearts with enthusiasm and excitement.

get up from the bed it's a cold morning


Shabnam's drops are raining from the sky.

Take a look at the beautiful nature

Wake up, the cold morning has come


The day is fed by a mild cold.

Madbhari Rutu is spilling jam.

Come out, it's a cold morning





A stranger's face looks like my own

I feel like a dream seen in broad daylight.




Why are your eyes on the road?

Why are your eyes wet from distance?




He has turned away from the promises, there is no shame.

He deviated from the way, no one will feel sorry


dusk dusk in the gathering of friends

No one will feel sorry for drinking jam


I used to throw my heart.

There is no shame in the hands of the heart


Never came

He slipped away from the words, no one will feel sorry


Be happy and take care of yourself.

There is no shame left by dreams




They must have remembered

His eyes would have cried




who is spreading rumours

Why is this city burning?


calling to stay close

the heart is shaking


in the courtyard of my own house

I am sleeping in my lap


Give heat to the mind in broad daylight.

I'm swinging in dreams




I regret trusting people here.

Heartfelt regrets people will be here


Passing through the rocky alley of love

People regret losing their lives here


People regret showing the axis




Don't give up, keep walking and the rest

get out of the maze and the rest


After sometime the morning will bring light.

Have to burn with the rest of the night and ll


I caressed the dreams of the ocean a lot.

see the ocean toss and the rest


Seeing the face like the moon full of life

Today the moonlight has to bloom and the rest will


Piya Milan has happened after many ages.

Have fun on the occasion of happiness and the rest will




If you love you but don't spend it

you persecute but will not persecute you


Since evening in a game of eye-catching

He is angry, yet why won't I celebrate?




Keep laying flowers in the path

keep decorating the day happily


show me the way to live

I'll keep you awake with the lamp of hope


Live happily - let live

Keep decorating the moment with happiness.


There is a shadow in the thick cloud

Keep lighting up the arrows


A shame is yours too

I'll keep her shining with brilliance




Be the smile on everyone's lips in the new year.

Be the sound of happiness for yourself and your loved ones.


Be happy every evening of life.

You will rustle in life with succulent happiness.


Forgetting the distinction of small elders, I am in the world.

In the day of compulsion I'll be the tremor of the night


Don't think what you will get by giving something to someone.