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Mystery Spots On Earth

Mystery Spots On Earth

Our beautiful planet , the earth , where we have been living for thousands of years is full of mysteries some of which seem to remain unsolved .We know there is no gravity in space or very little gravity on the moon which is our planet’s satellite . There are some places on our planet itself where you can’t feel gravity or gravity is far less than normal . Here are some places -

1 . The Magnetic Hill , Ladakh - In our own country there is a place in Ladakh where laws of gravity are defied . On the Leh - Kargil - Baltik highway there is a part of the hill where cars pull uphill . If you park your car in neutral with the engine off , it will pull itself uphill . It is also heard that planes flying over this region have to increase their altitude. Some call it magic , some call it magnetic effect and some call it illusion too . Whatever it may be, this seems to be a mystery .

2 . Reverse Waterfall - As we know waterfalls flow downwards but there is a waterfall which flows in the reverse direction - upwards . That’s why it's called Reverse waterfall. It is situated in Faroe islands , a group of islands in the north Atlantic Ocean between Iceland and Scotland . This is a self-governed administrative area of the Danish kingdom . Here this waterfall defies the law of gravity . The Reverse waterfall seems to flow upwards . In fact the waterfall goes upside down also when strong gusts of wind blow against the flow of the fall .This is an optical illusion thus created that might blow our mind if we see it for the first time .

3. The Golden Boulder , Myanmar - There is a Kyaiktiyo Pagoda in Myanmar which is considered to be one of the most sacred places of Budhists . This is a 24 feet tall Pagoda but people are most attracted towards the huge rock . This gigantic rock rests on the edge of a cliff with its bigger part hanging in open air . It seems it can fall any moment due to gravity but it has been lying there for more than the past 2500 years. As the legend goes, Budhists believe the rock rests on the hair of Budha .

4 . Hoover Dam , Nevada , the USA - This huge dam is built on the border of two states of the - Arizona and Nevada . It is just 30 miles southwest of Las Vegas , Nevada , the entertainment capital of the world. But more interesting and surprising is that here also the law of gravity seems to be defied. If you happen to be there and pour a bottle of water over the dam , it will flow upwards. The reason behind this phenomenon is a very strong draft created by the huge structure of the dam as a result of which the wind carries the water upwards instead of downward .

5. The Mystery Spot of Santa Cruz , the USA - In America’s state of California , there is a spot known as Mystery spot situated at Santa Cruz . Here is one of the biggest anomalies you will see if you happen to visit there . This spot was discovered in 1939 . Within the marked Mystery area you will be astonished to see that the law of gravity is not honoured here . You can see a Mystery Shack that seems to be falling over . People walk here in a tilted position and the things seem to roll uphill .

Wonders of Antarctica
Antarctica , the wonderland - Antarctica is a continent full of ice and water situated at the south pole of the earth . You can see ice and water everywhere but yet it is the driest place on our planet earth . As a matter of fact Antarctica is an icy desert . It gets very little rain throughout the year , that too on rare occasions . When it rains here , it is actually snow which does not melt into water and gets accumulated as ice sheets for many years . Moreover this continent has only two seasons - 6 months summer and 6 months winter . Winter is very dark as the sun does not rise and in summer it does not set .