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The Angel Inside - Part 16 smelling jealousy..

Jay's POV
Standing near the door frame of my room, my beautiful memories in the back of my mind. All the times I spend in here. Sighing I pushed the door after twisting the knob . I looked around the room, things were the same, my favorite portrait hanging on the wall right near my bed, my books, everything! Wait.. but..MY MODELS!?

My skeleton models were missing! I looked around the room finding all the places, there I heard a sudden voice behind me..

Candice: finding your models?

I turned around looking at Candice who stood leaning against the door frame as her arms crossed her chest while she had a sly smirk on her face. I gave her a questioning yet threatening look. This girl never fails to mess with my things!

Me: where are they?

Candice: in the study-

Before she could complete her sentence I walked towards the study room brushing past her.

I opened the door , the shelves around the room came into the view as I entered. My eyes went to the study table. My 3 models were seated on the chairs sitting in different posture. As their finger bones are kept clutching onto a cup. 3 of them had different other props around then. One weared a hat ,other had shades, and the 3rd wore a jacket. It looked like the three of them were having a tea party.

Candice: I think it's perfect for Halloween decorations!

She said in a teasing tone.

I shot her a glare. As she just giggled.

Me: I want them back to the place!

I said in a strict tone.

Candice: ok fine I'll replace it.!

She said with a pout , showing me puppy eyes. HER ULTIMATE WEAPON!! I started repeating in my head not to melt. She was a master in convincing like this. Just showing puppy eyes and done, her wishes are granted. No no! Don't fall! Don't fall! DO NOT FALL FOR HER TRICKS!

It didn't work, she continued but now she gripped on my arm shaking it like a kid as I let her be ,continuing to stare at her face with a stern look. I repeated in my head not to fall, but I melted.....Ugh! FALL! Her puppy eyes and that cute pout could melt anyone...
She would always do this!

Me: fine keep them here they look good!

She squealed like a kid ,violently shaking my arm in happiness as I ruffled her hair by my other hand. She is always my cute kid in the end of the day.

We both went down as the sound of laughing and giggling caught our ears. It came from the kitchen. We moved there to find mom, Amy and Max talking and making lunch. Max and Amy were were chopping the veggies while mom prepared for cooking. I couldn't stand having Amy near Max. Was it his new tactics to make Amy on his side like he did to my parents?. No wonder why people trust him more than me even my own parents trust him more than me. They were too close.

I don't know if they really were too close or is it my jealousy speaking right now? I never had any joyful moments with Amy. I look at the two of them busy in their own things and Max cracked a joke again causing Amy to smile ,she never smiled at me like that. He continued complimenting her chopping skills.

Amy chopped the veggies at a fast yet firm pace. Any distraction or even a second late and she would lose her finger. But she was doing it skillfully. Candice and mom watched her in awe.

Max: wow! You do it like a professional! You know ninja!

He added his not so funny comment but all of them laughed. What's so funny?

Max: by any chance are you a professional chef! Looking at your chopping I can bet your cooking would be amazing!

Amy gave a tight lipped smile.

Amy: I ain't a fan of cooking! But necessity is the mother of practice and invention!

Max nodded and smiled.

She was being all polite and cheerful with Max. Max continued to flirt and pull on his silly jokes while Amy smiled and mom chuckled. I had to get the thing in my head that how much ever I try, in the end she's gonna leave me. We will be out on our own ways. But I don't know why this hurts...

I broke out of my trance as mom asked me to help her. We continued to help mom but all the time Max was near her and she didn't spoke a word to me. It felt like I was nothing to her. It's actually true anyways. I decided to shrug off this feeling.


We were all seated around the dining table having lunch. Mom, dad and Candice went seated on the opposite side of me, Amy and Max.

Amy was seated between me and Max. And I didn't knew why Max continued flirting with Amy. It didn't bothered to anyone at the table at all except me. Max started to speak about a silly experience causing everyone to laugh..of course except me!

What has gotten into him? He continued flirting and complimenting her as if she was his girlfriend. Amy kept a polite smile. He continued how Amy is beautiful inside out, she has a model figure, perfect height, beautiful features,etc. He was talking as if he had known her for years. The women he barely knew...! But Amy's face had no sign of discomfort, she kept smiling and nodding. I realized it was one of Max's ability. He had a unique charm to flirt and talk frankly around without making people feel uncomfortable.

There was always a huge difference between me and Max. He was all the bold, cool, outgoing, extrovert. While I always liked to stay in my own world. I never bothered anyone neither I wanted anyone to bother me. But it never happened..I was always bullied for not being so cool like others. But Max was always there to save me, not until he broke his friendship with me.

I kept my eyes on the food silently eating as I could hear Max talking again. What has gotten into this guy , he never talked this much before! It was starting to sound irritating to me.

But then Candice started talking.

Candice: well what's your work sis?

Amy: I work in a company.

Amy continued eating.

Candice: which one?

Amy: Ace.

Candice eyes widened in excitement.

Candice: me too. But how come I didn't saw you there?

She mumbled being confused.

Amy halted as she looked up at Candice.

Amy: umm maybe different departments..

Candice nodded.

For a while the table went silent as we were having lunch but my dear friend wants to poke his nose everytime.

Max: Amy you are so beautiful, you can't be single whom did you dated before?

I was absolutely done...

Me: Max you're making my wife uncomfortable!

I said in a blunt tone and tried my best not to sound rude.

Max: I don't think so ...

He smirked at me.

Max: are you jealous?

He had a wicked smile which I wanted to rub it off his face. Yet I controlled.

Me: nah! Just being caring!

Max: Don't worry! Come on Amy I want to know ... God if I knew you before we would be dating now.

He said as if I was invisible here. I wanted to punch his face pretty bad.

Is this guy serious!? He's probably doing this on purpose! I thought this time Amy's patience is going to come to an end but it didn't.! I don't know why but deep down in my heart I kept wishing Amy to deny that she was in a relationship before!

Amy just had a formal smile but I knew, she was thinking something.

Amy: Ash..

Max eyes widened.

Max: you mean that CEO of Ace!?

Amy just nodded and continued eating.

Hearing this everyone was taken aback and Candice chocked on her food as she grabbed a glass of water, hitting her chest to swallow the food as mom rubbed her back.

I knew she was shocked. She is a crazy fan of Ash , and just to get his one glimpse was the reason, she joined the company. And mom and dad had no idea about it but I knew! You know bro-sis secrets! And guess what?, getting to know her sister in law was his idol's ex-girlfriend is more of an heart attack for her.

I realized why Amy needed to hide from the media. Of course she was Ash's girlfriend before and that man always carries out his buissness in secracy. Hence she has that high reputation! I concluded my theory mentally.

I could feel my insides absolutely burning right now. Tons of questions running across my mind. Jeez, then why did she even marry me if she had a freaking rich boyfriend?. I took a wild guess , maybe she didn't wanted to break the relationship between her and my father's companies. Cause obviously I was my father's son , she couldn't deny marrying me! Could she?!

There was an eerie silence across the table. A layer of thick tension in the air. I could feel Candice glaring daggers at Amy. But Amy stood unbothered.

Dad and Mom took it casually. As if it wasn't a big deal. They both never judged anyone but just accepted who they were.

Dad: that young man , he is the one who modelled years ago for my company.. I really appreciate he is talented.

Amy kept her formal smile..

Dad complimented to shed away the akward tension as Max joined in. And the rest of the lunch went smoothly....


The day went by casually talking and chatting . Max left after having lunch. Candice tried to shrug off Ashs topic but at the same time she was being akward with Amy. While I was busy with my book shelf and paintings.

It was night as we went to our rooms after dinner. I went to my bedroom, only to find Amy seated on the bed reading an science encyclopedia. It was actually for kids. It was old and dad had gifted me this on my 6th birthday. It was a thick cardboard book which looked stuffy but the pictures and it's 3d designs made it look attractive. It was a book of 200 - 300 pages with numerous science facts. They weren't some long paragraphs in the book but a lot of pictures with a bulletin of facts. Short and interesting. That was the first thing that made me love science. Though I don't read it now but it refreshes my memories often.

I wanted to laugh but I didn't cause she was to engrossed in the book. She either looked cute.

Her legs crossed as the book rested on her lap. Her elbows resting on her knees and her hands holded her face. While her eyes gazed the book as she traced the words on the book. She was wearing a light pink shirt and pyjamas. Her front head hairs tied into a cute ponytail as it rested on the side of her face while her rest of the hairs locks were freely laying over her shoulders. I was amused to see Amy wearing something girly for the first time. But I knew that those clothes belonged to my sister. No wonder why the pyjama is short on Amy. Cause she is tall , almost same height as mine.

I took steps near the bed. She heard my footsteps as she raised her head her eyes meeting mine.

I smiled.

Me: I used to read that when I was a kid.

She cocked a brow.

Amy: there was no other book on the shelf thinner than this. This is interesting.

I chuckled realizing she wasn't a fan of books. I looked at my shelf , obviously as a science student all the books I had , had pages more than 2000. And looking at the broad thickness and length of the book, people tend to run away at first place. Amy was one of them..

I looked back at Amy I realized we had to sleep in the same room! I looked at Amy with hesitation, even though she was opening up to my family a bit by bit, but talking to her always made me nervous!

Me: well you can sleep here and I'll sleep in the other room.

And by other room I had no option but my study room. Cause the spare rooms were only cleaned when a guest arrived.

She raised her head looking at me.

Amy: well the bed is big enough to easily fit two people and it's your room. But if you wish to pain your spine ,the study room's table is yours!

She said bluntly. She's so straight forward. I didn't even mention to her about study room.

Me: umm... wouldn't you be uncomfortable?.

She looked at me with a done face.

Amy: your wish! Good night!

She looked away , placing the book on the shelf near the bed as she drawed the quilt over her, lying on the bed.

I sighed.

Amy: Doctor, I can't be cruel to make you sleep in the other room! And if you want to make mom and dad suspicious, choice is yours!

She said still closing her eyes.She was right at this point. I sighed agreeing with her point. She slept on the right side while I went to the left. Switching off the lights of the table lamp near her, I layed on the bed.

Suddenly I heard a click and the lamp lights were turned on. I looked at Amy.

Amy: Keep it on, I can't sleep!

Me: Keep it off , I can't sleep!

I said as I turned off the table lamp .

Amy: on!

She clicked the button on.

Me: off!

Amy: on!.

Me: off!

Amy: on!

Me: off!

We both argued and glared at each other.

Amy: turn your back on me!

Me: good idea!

I turned around backfacing her , trying hard to sleep.

After 10 minutes I was still awake. I slowly peeked at Amy. She was fast asleep. The light of the table lamp falling on her face. I wondered what a weirdo she was! Who the hell sleeps with the lights on. I couldn't sleep, maybe because I don't sleep with lights on? Or maybe today I wasn't alone in this bed. That's why? I stared at Amy looking at the details of her facial features. She looked quite peaceful while sleeping. A small smile crept on my face. I rested my head on the palm of my hand as my elbow poked my pillow. She looked really peaceful but who knew she would be a cold devil when awake.

Minutes passed, I realized I was staring at her like a pshyco. I looked away as the realization dawned on me. I laid beside her while her back was facing me. I glanced her her short but beautiful hairs. Her purple highlights standing out from her black locks of hair. I had a sudden urge to touch it. I debated myself. A small touch won't do any harm? Would it?

At this point I was acting as if she was a fragile glass doll who would be destructed by my touch. I slowly raised my fingers , bringing it to her hairs. I slowly caressed it by the tip of my finger. Her hairs were soft and it didn't fail to flutter my heart. I didn't knew, just a small touch could leave that effect on me.

I continued to caress her hairs. Call me a freak , but I was loving it. I realized that an hour had passed by ,it was 1 in the night. How long was I doing this? I smacked my temple , scolding myself mentally to sleep now. I felt her shuffling in the bed I immediately laid down , shutting my eyes close. I felt her movement stop. I peeked by an eye ,she was in deep sleep. Her once backfacing figure was now facing the ceiling. I could see her side profile. What was I even doing?

I forced myself to sleep but only found myself staring at her. I kept on looking at her with a sly smile on my face and I didn't knew when I fell into deep slumber.

Morning came, as the bright sunshine falled on my face through the window, irritating my eyes. I moved a bit keeping my eyes closed. I felt something soft near my cheek. Maybe it was my pillow! I holded my pillow tight as I burried my face in it trying to hide from the penetrating sun rays. But wait a minute it doesn't smell like this. I tried to feel my pillow by my hand but it was stuck somewhere. I finally decided to wake up.

I squeezed open my eyes and my eyes widened and heart dropped, only to see Amy sleeping close beside me. Her back touching to my chest. And my arm wrapped around her waist while my fingers interwined with hers. When did this happen?! And I was burying my face on her neck till now. Shit!

I panicked. Seems like she was still asleep. I realized, I have the habbit of hugging pillows, no wonder Amy was in my arms. But what if she wakes up. She'll think of me as a freak. Or a pervert! That I invaded her personal space.! My mind screamed! I panicked even more.

I had to get my arms off her. But I couldn't our fingers were still interwined. And her grip was tight on me. I wriggled trying to shake her fingers off trying my best not to wake her up. Minutes of trying but no avail. Being frustrated I snatched off my fingers and removed my arms off her instantly turning away and pushing myself away from her to maintain distance.

But this instant turn , turned into instant regret. Cause in the hurry of separating myself from her I tumbled off the bed , causing a loud thud echoing the room and a erupting pain on the side of my butt as I falled flat on the floor. I winced in pain as I slowly sit up and looked up to the bed. Amy was straight awake sitting on the bed, her hairs messy , but her eyes still closed as she was half asleep.

She rubbed her eye as she peeked around finally finding me on the floor. Looking at me her another eye fluttered open as she rubbed both her eyes to get a clear view at my fallen state. She looked at me with a questioning look.

Amy: what are you doing down there?

She said in a deep sleepy voice.

I looked at her in disbelief it was obvious I had fallen off the bed and here this dumbo is questioning me.

Me: I was checking if the gravity worked or not.!

I said sarcastically and I knew she sensed it.

Amy: why from bed ? try the window instead!

I was speechless. Who was I even messing with. After all she is Amy Conor we are talking about. Obviously she is a Savage woman.

She ruffled her messy hair as she pushed them back. She stretched her arms in the air as she arched her back causing, not her size shirt to lift showing her bare waist. I quickly turned my gazed away. I didn't wanted to make it akward so I looked at her again. She looked at me as if I was some alien.

Amy: by the way.. morning! And yeah you can get out of the room I have to freshen up! And I might borrow your clothes doctor, your sister's size is short for me.

Exactly! I exclaimed mentally.

I nodded and quickly left the room, not to make it akward any further.


I stood in the garden having coffee while Amy was in the room.

I was sitting alone with my plants around as I was talking to them and my mind wondered.

A realization hit me like a tons of bricks. I didn't got any nightmare! None of my past hunted me in my dreams. Instead I felt fresh today. I slept well without any fears. I felt relaxed . Am I recovering? Maybe..I am!