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Positive Thinking

Sheetal was worriedly pacing up and down in her living room. Mohan was peacefully sitting on the couch reading a newspaper, completely unaffected. Sheetal was all worked up. Her son, Shardul should have been home almost two hours ago. Why was he late? Why was his phone switched off? She was irritated to see Mohan sitting so carefree. "Mohan! Aren't you worried? Do something."

Mohan peered up from the newspaper and looked at his anxious wife. He replied calmly, "Sheetal, Shardul is a matured young man. He must be busy or he must have gone out with his friends. It's a weekend."
She came and plopped on the couch next to him and grumbled again.
"What if something has happened to him? What if he's met with an accident? What if his mobile got lost?"

Now Mohan was piqued.
"Why are you thinking negatively? Delay doesn't mean that he is late because of all the wrong reasons. Think that maybe something good has happened with him."

How many of us think like Mohan? And how many of us get all worked up negatively, like Sheetal?

You'll be surprised to know that 90% of what we are or what happens with us is because of our thought process. I think even God knew the importance of the brain and that's exactly why it is placed right on top and not in any other part of the body.

Our thinking can make or break us. It's one kind of a magnetic pull which is within our body. And every disease under the sun is somewhere along the line related to what you think and how you react to different situations and circumstances.

Let us say, there are five people sitting in a room and suddenly they see a fire blazing in the corner. Do you think all five will react and respond similarly? One might panic and start screaming. Another might leap to go extinguish it. Some might just get up and walk away. Yet another might call for help. And the fifth one might still be wondering what to do.

The fire is the same for all five of them. It is the reaction that makes the difference.

Positive thinking, what exactly does it mean? It means to expect good and favourable results in any situation. It means to create thoughts that produce positive energy in you. And believe me it is directly related to the law of attraction. You think positively and all good will happen with you. You think negatively and be sure to get the same results.

The biggest benefits of positive thinking: it keeps your body disease free and keeps you looking younger, filled with energy. It definitely adds years to your life. And by the way, who doesn't want all this?

If you haven't thought on these lines till now, don't stress. Start from today. It's never too late. As long as there is life, there is time. Google is filled with how to achieve positive thinking.

Nonetheless, three ideas that I find the most favourable are the following:
1. Try to concentrate on the good in others and things around you. There are always two sides of a coin, howbeit, our focus should be on the nicer side, only then will we be able to see it in a positive light.
An anecdote: When their plan to go shopping was cancelled, both friends reacted differently. Maya grumbled and sulked, while Payal thought of utilising the free time to complete her office project.

2. Practice gratitude. Be thankful for all that God has blessed you with. Trust me it's immense, it's only because we've taken so many things for granted, that we don't know its value.
An anecdote: Suresh had a habit of thanking all those who helped him in any small way. In fact he thanked the rickshaw driver also, when he dropped him home. This habit improved his relationships with friends and family, and also created positive vibes around him.

3. Be open to fun and comedy. Involve humour in your life, it's a great stress buster. Don't be serious all the time, and live life on the lighter side.
An anecdote: Sneha wasn't impressed by the silly jokes of her husband, but to please him, she plastered a smile on her face. Gradually, she began to take it easy and started looking from his perspective. Now they laugh together and sometimes, Sneha catches herself commenting something foolish as well.

Don't expect miracles overnight. Stop finding faults in yourself and in others. Slowly, but steadily move towards looking for something good in everything. The peace and happiness will seep in your life gradually. You will not only see the change, but feel it within you. In your heart and in your health.

Welcome each new day with a sunshine smile and most certainly, life will smile back at you.

Shamim Merchant, Mumbai

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