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The Angel Inside - Part 17 Sweet memories

Jay's POV

I was really happy today and stayed in the backyard's garden near my plants. I slightly caressed my finger tips on the roses and lilies as the strong breeze made them wave in a rythm. Tracing and touching those plants always made me calm. I decided to stood up and get back in the house . As I turned around ,I got startled to see Amy standing right behind me.

I eventually lost my balance causing myself to stumble backwards but Amy pulled me forward, making me land on her. I realized she was holding me by my waist and I was completely all over her ,I quickly ripped myself off of her maintaining a safe distance between us. I looked at her while frowning .

Me: you almost gave me a heart attack..

Amy: well you could operate yourself!

I shot her a glare while she had a smirk on her face.

Amy: your plants are indeed beautiful..

She changed the topic right away.

Amy: well mom asked me to call you, we're going to the park for a little picnic..

She said and left. I gazed her back as she walked away. I unknowingly noticed how cute she looked in my clothes. A yellow hoodie and pants. She looked effortlessly pretty. It was my first time seeing her in a light aesthetic. A smile crept on my face. What was I thinking? I followed her inside the house.


It was sunny, cold breeze hitting my face. It was me and Amy , walking around the park, forcefully thrown away by mom,dad and Candice to spend some alone "couple" time . I remembered the look on their faces screamed like 'go! boy, you got this! Make the girl yours!'

What should I even do? Should I perform some romantic drama scene?! I sighed at my hilarious imagination. I decided to excuse my train of thoughts and peek a glance at Amy. She didn't even looked at me!

None of us spoke a word. Amy was awfully quiet as always. I looked around trying to act casual but I felt akward. We walked along with each other not knowing what to do. She was quiet and least bothered about my presence while I was the totally the opposite.

After a while of walking us together around the park, I spotted my favourite tree. My sweet memories were still plastered on my mind. I smiled. I always played here with Grandma and Max on weekends. My sweet childhood memories kept flashing infront of my eyes. Everything was so perfect.! And things here are same as before...

I soon broke out of trance when Amy shouted. A ball was thrown towards me and about to smash my face. I shutted my eyes tight ready to face the impact but didn't feel anything. I opened my eyes just to see Amy clasping the ball with one hand just an inch away from my face. She threw the ball back to the teenagers who were playing basketball before. One of them came forward.

I released a breath of relief.

X: I'm really sorry, I mistakenly threw the ball and wasn't sure about the direction of my teammate! I'm so sorry.

Me: it's okay! I'm fine!

Amy: of course! Why is his bodyguard here for?

She said with a smile , well note the sarcasm. But those kids seemed to be buying her words not knowing the actual punch of mockery she threw on my disastrous habit of daydreaming.

I looked shooting her a glare, my eyes screaming'what the heck?' at her. She gave a sly smirk and just switched back to smile before being noticed.

Another one of them spoke to Amy.

X: you're so cool!

She gave a plain smile.

Amy: i know.

Look at the confidence!

X: well if you don't mind, wanna join us?

The other kid said in excitement.

Amy: sure!

She left before whispering near my ear.

Amy: seems like I'm your saviour for the day.

I followed behind her and soon we all started playing basketball. Minutes had passed and we were all immersed in playing. I was in the opposite team against Amy's. She played like a pro. Her basketball skills are way better than me. She didn't let me snatch the ball from her even once. Her eyes showed determination to win. It was just a game! Why is she so serious? I decided to distract her while playing.

Me: why so serious?!

I whined at her like a 5 year old kid pleading for candy. I didn't knew though why was I acting cute to her?

Amy: oh well that voice won't work on me! Sweetheart!

She said as she snatched the ball from me and goaled. Again!!!

It was a tough competition that included some teasing and bickering. But nothing worked on her.
And at the end Amy's team won. She had a satisfied look on her face while the boys were in awe by her moves and strategies. I sighed. I was never into gaming.

At the end it was me being the grumpy kid on losing the game while my teammates didn't mind losing to Amy. It was a game just for fun to them. While for Amy it was a new topic for her mockery on me. I huffed bidding goodbyes to the boys leaving as Amy tailed behind me. We both were about to move forward but mom dad and Candice were already there. Candice had a displeased look. Her eyes screaming 'seriously, this is what I send you for?' I looked at her lifting my shoulders, shrugging off at her with a ' not my fault look?' .

Between this ongoing telepathy between me and her, dad decided to speak.

Dad: seems like you guys enjoyed a lot. Let's go home and freshen up.

He smiled and walked off with mom and Candice before handing 2 water bottles to each of us. I and Amy followed them behind, walking along.

We both were sweaty. I ruffled my bangs trying to get rid of the wetness. If I didn't get changed I will stink. While for Amy she sweated more than me. I glanced at her while she didn't mind me and was looking forward. Her sleeves still pulled up , her popped up veins in the hand were clearly visible. Her hoody soaking in sweat as it sticked to her body showing off her curves.
Her loose hairs were all dripping with sweat as she pushed her hairs back revealing her perfectly sculpted jawline and neck all sweaty. Her face glistening against the sunlight. Not gonna lie, I was finding her attractive. She looked like a Greek goddess.
What am I thinking?

But still she looked like as if someone had splashed a bucket of water on her. I chuckled at my own joke driving her attention on me. She sipped on her water bottle and looked at me.

Amy: what?

She looked at me as if she sensed I was laughing at her. I decided to tease her.

Me: you look like a drenched frightened cat dipped in water.

She glared at me offended.

Amy: you look like a oil soaked matchstick!

She snapped at me.

Me: I ain't that thin.

Amy: says the one who couldn't even snatch a ball from me.

She smirk in victory.

Me: well honestly your fashion sense sucks!

I said childishly nagging at her. She looked at me surprised with a sudden change of topics but then she had a wicked smirk on her face.

Amy: I look cool in anything I wear! And anything that I wear becomes fashion!

Me: overconfident!

Amy: same to you!

She said splashing little bit of water on my face and smirked. Well I did the same too. We were playing and laughing at each other not minding the people around at all. It was the first time she was genuinely smiling and laughing at me.

Our bickering went on. We both were now drenched in sweat and water laughing and bickering like maniacs. People around us made weird faces but we didn't care any less about it, until we reached home and Candice screamed at us.

Candice: enough both of you!

Mom: you guys are fighting like kids, who would believe you guys are married.

We both glared at each other before blaming.

"He/ She started!"

Mom: fine! First freshen up!

Candice: you both stink!

She made a disgusted face. As I and Amy left upstairs to change.

Mom and Candice sighed in defeat.

We reached the room freshening up as I changed into a pair of fresh light blue shirt and pant. While Amy had wore one of my white shirt and pants. She didn't really mind about her clothing. Maybe she just didn't care. I smiled that today somehow the ice between us seems to be melting.

It was evening now Amy and I decided to leave for home after dinner. Cause of course after every chilling Sunday there's always a ruining Monday. Mom refused to the idea of us leaving at night but somehow I convinced her. Amy had a straight look while Dad also agreed with mom . But atlast they agreed. I had to check many reports and I knew the next day would be hetic like always.


Amy and I were now in the car . Amy looked out of the window a small smile never leaving her face. She seemed happy and I think she wasn't willing to leave mom , Candice and dad but yet she didn't speak a word. I took a glimpse of her as I continued driving holding the steering wheel. It was quite peaceful.

It was just few minutes of driving and Amy had a tensed look on her face. She glanced at the rear view mirror and turned around at the back of the car. She looked at me.

Amy: we are being followed..

A frown appeared on my face. I glanced at the rear view mirror and saw a black car following behind. I decided not to panic.

Me: maybe they have the same route.

Amy: we are being followed for the past 5 minutes.

She snapped. I freaked at the moment as I could feel my heart beating faster.

Me: Should I rush the car?!

Amy: no , act casual , like we don't know about it but don't take it to the home.

I changed the route that led to the home and started driving to the opposite road, keeping a normal speed. I noticed that the road was all deserted , not a single human being around. I had many late night shifts but the roads never happened to be this deserted at the time. It felt creepy. It was all silent,I looked at the mirror and the car was still following us.

Me: what now?

I looked at Amy who just had a poker face. She sighed at my question. She held her phone calling for help but soon kept it aside hopelessly.

Amy: it's a trap. They knew we would do something like this that's why the whole route has been deserted and there's no network to call for help.

My eyes widened and I looked at her. She however calmly responded me but her eyes showed different ,they were filled with anger and fury as if she'll kill someone at the moment. It was the same when she had knocked out Cody.

Me: what?

And there was a sudden clash as we jerked at the impact. The same car had clash on my side, it's speed increased. Someone hitted the window on Amy's side as the glass of the window broke into pieces. Amy crouched down to shield herself whereas I held my arm up shielding my face as my other hand tightly clutcted on the steering wheel. This was getting violent. I looked at her side of the window,there was another car which had smashed the window by a baseball bat. I decided to make a move.

I speeded up my car. As the two cars followed behind. Amy sat back up as she turned behind and took a glance at the two cars.

Amy: speed up Doctor!

I again stepped on the gas pedal , increasing the car's speed. It was all dark no sign of life around. It was just us and the two ghostly car running for our blood.

It looked like a chasing scene in an action movie just the difference is , we are performing a real one! Great!

Me: what do they even want from us? Why don't we just stop and ask them?.

Amy: Doctor have you lost it!?

Me: I'm stopping the car!

Amy: don't you dare.!

Her voice was scary.

Me: I won't break the traffic rules we have a signal ahead!

Amy: have you lost it? For hell sake were gonna be kidnapped.!

She said annoyed.

I tried pressing the break but she made me dodge it. Between all this ruckus one of black car shot the tires causing us to loose balance. But somehow I pushed the break giving a sharp turn as the tires screeched against the road making it tilt halfway causing us to jerk because of the impact. The car finally came to an hault right when the signals were red. I didn't break the rule. But seems like I'm gonna pay a big price for it!

Some men came out of the two black cars. They were 5-6 people. One had a baseball bat, other had a gun , they both took predator steps towards our car.

One who had the baseball bat banged the front glass of the car as Amy and I crouched down shielding ourselves. But he didn't stop and continued to bang off each and every part of the car. The other took me at the gunpoint as he pulled the car door and dragged me out . The third man came and dragged Amy out at the same time pointing a knife on her.

And before I could even ask what they even wanted I felt a cold metal pierced on my neck . I realized they seadated me with a syringe. I trying wriggling and kicking against their tight grips but I couldn't fight and everything turned black...

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