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Sundar Pichai is one of the most popular name which whole things are joint with him. His popularity is everywhere in the whole world. Most of the person know him very well. He search many technological as well as electronic items for human purpose. Today human living life become very easy due to Pichai. I much appreciate to him. We try to know him deeply about their invention which is very interesting and most important for us.
Mr.Sundar Pichai was born at Madras on 10th June 1972. His father's name is Regunatha Pichai and mother's name is Laxmi Pichai. He was coming from middle class family. He had no facility to study luxurious life. He lived in one room with his family. Due to lake of money he didn't get much luxurious things in which he is much pay attention when he moved to the use he did not have money for fight. So, at that moment his dad, saved their one year salary and help to Sundar. Means it was critical condition for Sundar Pichai.
Now, we talk about education of Pichai. He was clever during his childhood. He has much interest in reading, studing and to do something new. He complited his B.Tech from I.I.T. at Kharagpur University. M.S. degree from Stanford and M.B.A. from Wharton School at University of Pensivalia. After completed his study he joined his service in Mekinsey & Co as a Material Engg in the year 2004. In the year 2008 Google crome. Brouser was launched & in the year 2015 he became CEO of Google.
Pichai Sundarrajan, we better know as Sundar Pichai, who is an Indian-American Business Executive. He is the CEO of Alphabet inc. and subsidary Google.
The question arise in our mind how Pichai became CEO of Google ?
They have much interest in new invention by new technology and electronic items. When he went to USA for further study he gave good performance in study and many activities. Then he got job in one organization and invent new then he got a job in the google as a google toolbar. He got offer in microsoft company as a CEO, but his boss refuse him to go anywhere and offer to give double salary than microsoft company. His journey from IIT Kharagpur to google CEO is really incredible.
There are numbers of application which run by google, searching google, lence, map, google mic., google crome etc. Today we use above all applications in our daily life. So how can invent it is interesting stories behind it.
At once in the USA one family invite to Sundar's family for dinner. During that time Sundar was busy in one important meeting. So his wife went alone. After meeting Sundar were ready to go there but he forget the way, so he think in his mind about map application. He prepared one team for search and he success in his aim. Today whole world use this application.
Second, how to search gòogle lens?
At once he was sitting in their garden, his daughter bring one flower from garden and asked her daddy about name of flower. Pichai did not know the flower's name. She was frustrated. Pichai think many people of the world are unknown about new things. He start to search in google scan. Today whole information available in google. If we do not speak or know language of other country google micro application is very helpful for us.So this is the main contribution of Sundar Pichai.
Today whole world get all information by google applications in the mobile network, computer network and other electronic software. We are thankful to Sundar Pichai.
The difference between him and us that he works for google and we do google for work.
He tells us If life don't react always respond wear your failure as s body of honour.

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