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Merry Christmas Mick

A girl name Mick living in a lahaska working there in small bakery. More than three and half years she is working here; chrystiane who is her boss and now here good friend also both of them runs the bakery themself. A day before Christmas; Mick as usually working in bakery and making cakes and cup cakes and finishing her order as soon as possible because next day is the Christmas morning. On that day, Chrystiane went to celebrate Christmas with her family ; so on absence of her boss mick has to run and finish the order. Before the evening mick had finished her order.
At evening a Santa arrived at her bakery, she though its Christmas time so may be santa want to buy cake for the Christmas. Santa said ,"hello mick".mick really get shocked at that time she asked him how did you knew may name? Oh child mick, I am santa I know everyone in these world. After sometime , mick thought that it is small town so someone may had definitely told santa my name. Santa ask mick ,"tell me what you want on the Christmas occasions".Mick with a smile further add," I don't want anything santa, I am happy with what I have .I don't want anything from you. Santa said "ok child, but I still want to give you 2 wish. So tell me, anything from this whole world it will be there infront of you dear.
Now mick thought that may be santa is just joking and making her mood cheer up. Because whole day she worked on her order. Mick now lost in her thought.
After sometime mick looked at santa and told him," if you were a real santa I would wish to show me what my parents think about me". Then santa said 'your wish is granted dear' now close your eyes and see.
After closing eyes mick see her parents and her family all of them where happy. Everyone is having fun and all are preparing for Christmas. After sometime see looked at the family photo and she become happy. now she got all her answers which she wants. Mick say to herself," is these real ? How I am able to see my family ? What that santa is real Santa ? Mick without thinking a minute she say I want my second wish santa , I want to be at my place where I was. Then she heard that,"ok mick your wish is granted".
Mick now open her eyes asked santa you are a real santa? I am really sorry at first I didn't believe you. Santa then smiled at her at said ; 'Mick you don't have be sorry. You know child what you are? Who is ready to live the life though it is small but you are ready to survive in these world with spreading the happiness around you , and without you these bakery is nothing. Because you found what you are mick. I had given you 2 wish but you didn't wish of any luxurious or any precious things. The day you left the home to find yourself what you are at that time your parents were angry at you but you also now know that they loves you because if they wouldn't then they would have removed your photo from the family photo. Now tell me mick is these true what I said '.
Mick says (with tears in her eyes),"you are right santa , my parents loves me and i really now don't want to know what my parents think about me because I know they loves me and still cares for me and now I am free from that guilt that I made my parents angry and hurts them. Because I wanted to learn by my own to survive and today I am really happy that what I am doing in my life. And santa you really made my day special. Thank you Santa .
Santa then said "you deserve this mick". So child your order is delivered at its place and now I am going mick, Christmas is started . And now santa is leaving from bakery. At the end santa says 'Merry Christmas Mick'.
Mick also smiled and says 'Merry Christmas.'