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Mrs.Mala and Mrs. Mina were watching a hindi movie " Prem Rog" and crying after seeing sorrows and sufferings of widow ... Sighed....Oh! helpless female... after husband's death.They were talking about rights of women and that society should not behave rudely with any widow and also that widow also has a rights to live her life freely.After watching movie they went to buy vegetables at small shop nearest to their society. There they saw a Renuka..Who has lost her husband only a few months ago.She has made her mind strong for her little child as she knew if she can't manage herself then how will she take care of her child. So she started to live her life joyfully.When Mrs Mala and Mrs.Mina saw her at vegetable shop, wearing a beautiful cotton sari and with little smiley face while playing with her child, they started gossiping about Temukan...How shameless lady is she...Her husband has passed away and she is enjoying her life.etc.When Renuka heard this...She immediately left the shop with her son .She was thinking about law thoughts of their women.I m aslo asking ... Isn't it true? We saw sympathy to unrealistic characters in movies and serials and when time comes to saw that sympathy to real characters in society why can't we?

Should Renuka stop to live her life after hearing that women's nonsense talking? Here are two options she had.. Which one was best for her?

Option 1:
Renuka thought very much about it after returning home.After deep thinking she came to decision that she has to live with her entire focus on her son's life.She started a job of clerk in finance company.Gradually because of her skill and hard work she got promotion as a project manager .In her office there was a sincer man named Rohani who was a divorcee and had a little daughter . Renuka and Rohan both were mature.They decided to marry with eachother so that their children can also get a love of both mother and father and they also can live peacefully in company of eachother.Now a days they are married and their children a girl and daughter achieving good score in exam and also in co curricular activities.They are living a happy family life.

Option 2:
Renuka though very much about it after returning home.After deep thinking she came to a decision that she had not right to live her life happily and freely as she was a widower.She imprisoned herself in her home and her life was dependent on very law pension.She could not invest much for her son's education or for other activities..Her son's life was also became miserable from home to school only. Seeing her mother's grief he also became sad many times and couldn't study properly.Society never came forward for their help. Both mother and son struggle a lot to have good position in society but they couldn't help themselves.They always lived in fear what would society say.Now a days they both r living a life full of sadness and fear of society.

Think about it ..Which would be the best option for them?