Customer is the King. books and stories free download online pdf in English

Customers are the king.

It is a stated fact that ," Customers are the King."
They are the one to let business flourish or decline. Businessman , Traders ,Retailers ,Hawkers or Suppliers all plan and make strategies to win the hearts and minds of the customers. Strategic movements , terms and conditions change to suit the whims and fancies of Elete customers.
That's why they are considered to be the king and dominate the market scenerio.

You come across a variety of methodologies to attract the customers.
A shoe shiner sitting in the railway platform and attracting his customers.
A vegetable man moving in the colonies with his vegetable cart and selling vegetables.
Hawkers sitting at the beach side and offering snacks and charts.
At colleges how students campaign to win the students to their side to cast vote for president.
How politicians convince, people to cast their votes to their parties.
All in their own way try to attract the so called customers for the advantage.
During the process of attracting their customers they overlook the limitations of their commitments and land in disasters and ackward situations.
Life of employees are taken into risk in fulfilling the commitments.
Bergers/ piza delivery boy's life is at risk in serving hot piza or Berger within half an hour, to the customers.( Commitment made by vendor ). Delivery boy forgets the speedlimits and rides his two wheeler at high speed , risking his life and risking the lives of other pedestrians. Sometimes he over looks the traffic lights and lands with broken legs or arms. Who is to be blamed?
We the properietors , vendors ,suppliers or the delivery boy or the customers.

.winning the customers for a short term gain is always damaging the long term goals and sustainability.winning with Qualititive promises and timely services lead to permanent customers. We all look forward to permanent and stable customers rather than fluctuating customers where future goal or course of action plan cannot be formulated.

The success or failure of business depends on customers. Enterpreneurs who treat their customers as king or theIr most priced asset in the enterprise , with their genuine commitments , have higher returns than their competiters who puts little to the value of the customers.
Enterpreneurs who do not put the lives of their employees at risk in fulfilling impossible commitments flourish more in the long run

" Customer is the King" is an old saying which we as service provider try to encash with the upcoming latest technologies branding our products or services as premium one. In this situation of business success race customers become the king.

A positive/ Healthy way of looking at this competition as initiative towards improving quality ,
Cost factor , safety ,health and longevity will not only attract customers , Elite customers but have their life long support in future which will stabilize the sustainability and growth of the business.

We may come across a variety of customers like window shoppers, wandering customers , need based customers but Loyal customers make up the bedrock of any business and truly they are the king of customers. Our goal should be to win the hearts of Loyal customers.