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Unforgettable Memories

Do you know sometimes you recall something suddenly and you will forget that in a while? Sometimes you try to forget something, but that memory never fades away from your life and that becomes an unforgettable memory. Some memories are bad and some memories are good. But what if you see dream and that becomes your never ending dream and you always try to achieve that dream and for that dream you always work hard to achieve it and to change your dream into reality? How far will you go to achieve your dream?

Krishika, a young girl of mid nineteen living in Mumbai with her family. She was a student of B.Tech ECE branch. Everyone knew about her that she was extraordinary from her childhood. She was full of enthusiasm. She was always ready to fly high in the sky. Not a single was tough for her. Apart from study she was excel in all works from home to school,college in sports, dance, singing and all.

Everyone in her family and teachers loved her a lot. She always wished to pursue her dreams and always trying hard to change her dreams into reality.

Her father and brother was engineer. So they also tried to make her engineer. So, she took mathematics and started working hard to be an engineer. After completion of 12th, she got admission to a college in Mumbai and started her new journey from college.

She was studying; she was working hard. She also got good rank in her college. In this way, she completed her one year in engineering.

One day she was sleeping in her room in the night. It was the rainy season, and it was raining continuously for two days. All school, colleges were closed due to severe rain. So, she was also living in her home.

Yes, that day she went on the bed but she couldn't sleep due to continuous thundering. She tried to sleep but she couldn't due to thunder.

Anyway, she fell asleep but unfortunately she could sleep for some hours. Suddenly, the thundering started very loudly, and she lost her sleep. But before she lost her sleep, she saw a dream. And that dream was a girl was weeping in front of her and she begged help from her. As she was helpless and some goons were trying to kill her. First, they snatched her everything and killed her father and after that they tried to kill her. She saw, she was sitting on a chair in the court and she was hearing problems of people came there. That girl, whose name was Ananya, was also one of them.

One by one she was hearing problems of all and taking strict decisions and giving order to the respective peoples to take action. After few now it was the chance of Ananya. She was continuously weeping and when she met her, her trembling voice increased more and tears rolled down from her eyes. She heard her problems very carefully and took necessary action instantly. She kept her at home for a few days to change her mood as she tried to kill herself just to save herself from that goon. But she was saved by Krishika. Now she was very happy and always gave credit to Krishika for her reborn life.

Suddenly, she lost her dream, and she woke up due to the loud sound of thundering. She sat on the bed and started thinking about her last dream. She was unable to recall her dream, but she got conscious and reminded her brain of her dream and she felt everything in front of her eyes but not in reality. Only she was feeling everything and seeing everything in her eyes.

But she couldn't think about it's a dream or anything and it has anything meaning in her life. It will change or not. It will affect her future because we know dream is dream and that dream which we see in sleep is off course a dream but what if that dream will be unforgettable and we move forward to change that dream into reality then it's something extraordinary.

From that day, she started living in her dreams. She always thought only about her dreams. She tried to forget that, only thinking that it was a dream, not a reality, but she couldn't. She was floating in her dreams. She wished to change herself, but that dream became unforgettable. She started searching everything about that dream, but she found nothing about it.

But one day she decided to change her destiny, and she decided to leave her engineering just to pursue her unforgettable dream. She left her college and started studying hard. She left her college and one day she informed her parents about her dream. Everyone scolded her and, the most, her father. He never thought about her that she will do like this. She will take action without informing him. Her father was very sad, but he couldn't do anything. Even she has not completed her engineering degree and she left her college in the mid. She had no idea what she had to do and what not. But she has not turned back. Now she was living in her room all the day and night and started working hard to crack her law entrance examination. She knew it's not easy for her. Even she was not getting any support from her family for her decision. But she never looked back.

"If you try to achieve something in your life, then nothing is impossible in your life if you work hard to achieve what you want in your life. Nothing can change your dream. Nothing can hurt you more if you wish to pursue your unforgettable dream."

After continuous and consistent effort of year, she sat in the entrance examination. Even after her examination, she was not relaxed. She knew that she will crack her examination and she will get a seat. So, after examination she started studying books related to law. She engrossed herself in books. She was not studying like that in her engineering time. But now everything was changed suddenly. Everyone was surprised after seeing her changes, but no one tried to ask her anything about it.

After two months, her result was out. She was expecting that she will get a college but when she saw her result, she couldn’t believe on her eyes. She topped in her examination and got a seat in NLU, Delhi.

After seeing her result, her father and family were very happy. They were feeling bad for their last activities and irresponsible behaviour with her after seeing her decision. But now they can’t do anything. That was past and they couldn’t change that Finally, she took admission there and moved to Delhi. It was of five years course and she has to live there for five years. Her mother was not ready to leave her, but she couldn't do anything. Finally, she got permission from her mother anyway to live there. She left her home and started living in her college hostel. It was her first time when she was living away from her home. Even she was living in a hostel. In early days, she was facing a lot of problems there in adjusting there but finally she adjusted herself there. As she knew that it was a matter of five years after that she will leave this place. So, she was enjoying her life in her busy schedule along with study and friends. She was doing best in her study; it was confirmed by her weekly and monthly examination. Now her semester was about to end and it was a time of her semester final examination. Everyone was busy in preparation for examination and she was too. Their daily routine was changed due to examination. Finally, that day also came, and it was her first examination. She prepared very well for examination but she was afraid too and she was nervous after thinking about question paper. Exam started and was trying hard to get maximum marks, so she was too. Finally, one by one exam ended, and it was a time of semester break. All students were very excited to go to home and Krishika was also very excited. Her mother was waiting for her arrival. She took flight and reached to her home. Everyone welcomed her. She enjoyed a lot at home. In this way how one month passed she didn't know and it was time for separation from home. Again she returned to college and from next day her class of second was about to start. But before this result was also published. All students ran towards the college notice board. Krishika also went there. Her heart was beating faster. But before she reached there, her friends started clapping for her. When she came to know about her result that she topped in her class. She was on cloud nine. She couldn’t believe on herself. She informed suddenly to her parents about her result. Everyone was happy to see her in such conditions. She was doing best in her field.

In this way she completed her degree and how five years in her college, she even didn’t know. When it was about to complete her final year. At that she got placed in a multinational company for a legal advisor. But her dream was something different. She was not very fond of money. But she always loved to do only what her heart desires. She was never interested in working in a private firm. She knew that here she can get more money but she can’t do anything for her society. And she changed her course only due to change her society. So, if she will take this opportunity to join that firm, then she can’t pursue her unforgettable dream. Finally, she rejected that job and again stay some months there for UPSC examination. She cracked that examination too and got a chance to work in a court. She started her journey from Mumbai High Court as a Lawyer. She took several cases and efficiently she completed several cases in few days. But all these were not so easy as anyone could think. She had to face a lot of difficulties. She got several attentions to close case and to take action in that side, which was completely wrong, but she didn’t. As she was bound by her own rules and she couldn’t do all that with the help of money. Several times everyone tried to defame her, but no one could do anything. Even her mates were jealousy with her but she never looked back, what others said and what others did?

She was doing her best in her field. She was fearless. She was careless about people’s thoughts. She knew that she came here only to achieve her unforgettable dream, not to see what others do with her.

In this way, she completed her journey of two years, but still she was trying to find her unforgettable dream and was trying to change that in reality.

One day she got news of her promotion and she became session judge of that court. Everyone was happy after hearing this news, but she was not. She was still trying to find her dreams. It seems like she was living only for her dreams. In this way, she started her journey as a judge. She took her position and started working on her goals. She was of helping nature.

She always helped to needy people. It was from her childhood. One day she was sleeping in her home. It was 12 O’clock at night. Suddenly she saw the same dream at night. Again, in the next moment, she woke up from her sleep as well as from her dream. When she woke up, she was full of sweat. She was unable to think about her dream. She was trying hard to think about it, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t realise why she saw the same dream again. What’s the matter? One time only due to dream she changed her mood, and she was attracted towards this passion for law. But now what will be? After that, she couldn’t sleep the whole night.

Anyway, she ended the whole night without sleeping. In the morning she left her room and moved towards the garden for a walk. But today her mood was different. She was thinking about the last night's dream. After walk she moved towards home and on time, she reached to her duty.

Work and hearings of the case started in the court. She was hearing cases of all. Suddenly she saw a girl ran towards the door and she entered inside the court. She again ran towards her and begged for her life in front of her. Krishika’s heart skipped for a second and next time started beating faster. She started recalling her last night's dream. Now she was serious. She started believing in her dream as soon as she was listening her story when she was narrating in front of her. She was listening silently everything about her problems. Then she saw few people ran in the corridor of court. Some police were running towards them and suddenly one fell inside the courtyard when he was running to protect himself from police. Finally he was caught by police and they arrested him and they presented him in front of Krishika. He pleaded in front of him. But before he could say, she already got information about Ananya. But she was not in a hurry. She took her time to check all things from both the sides. Till that time she ordered them to keep him in the cell. And she also kept Ananya under her supervision. It took fifteen days to complete all necessary investigation about her case and finally she came to know about the mistake was done by the goons. She ordered to arrest all of them after giving final notice to Police.

That day she saw a beautiful smile on Ananaya’s face and that smile and happiness was more about Krishika than her. She saved a girl just through her unforgettable dream. She was proud of herself that to fulfill her work and dream. She crossed a long journey of several years and finally she came here. Her unforgettable dream came true today and dream changed into reality.

That day she concluded that dream is not the thing that you saw in sleep, a dream is the thing that didn’t let you sleep and you always try to achieve your dream and to change it into reality.

If you saw dream then you must have the capability to pursue your dream. Yes, it takes patience, persistence and perspiration to make it unbeatable and to transform a dream into reality, but if you think in a positive direction, you engrossed yourself in it to change the perspective of your life, then you will surely do it at any cost. Sometimes some dream may change into reality if you work hard to get it. And some unforgettable things will never let you to move from itself. It will pull you towards itself to achieve it.