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Let's go back to childhood once again.

Every moment, every moment, I find a breath of peace.


Life stopped, the breath kept on going.

I'll keep sewing with the thread of hope

Wishes kept coming out everyday.

You will keep melting all night long

Seeing the world keep burning in my heart

Still suffocating from pain, I'll continue to grow


How to sing a song written by someone else?

How can I make my own mind happy in the spring?


No less favors are seen in the eyes of the people

We will see the commandos on the target

facing, take the blow on the chest.

Standing awake, I'll see the rocks

The way the wind has taken you

Once you too will see Badbano

Be it life or listen to the kite.

look at the skies before flying

Believe that the breath smells with fragrance.

Paper flowers are there, look at the vases



Slowly the conversation progressed forward.

As the night of meeting with PU progressed on u



Every happiness comes like a stranger

Life has also been received like Tishnagi.


Come, don't let the evening slip away

The weather will not go anywhere for love

Sajdhaj's sitting is for Saawariya.

Laughing in waiting will not melt somewhere

Years spent in fulfilling the purpose

Don't be deceived of meeting.

first you keep saying first then l

Here the speed time will not change anywhere.


The laughter that was sleeping, he woke up again.

Some stranger came and punished my life

I wished to meet in dreams.

My life will be like fragrant roses


Let's go across the moon today, my heart

In this world I won't have a moment of heart

There will be a lot of Ruswais only.

Wrong time, don't drop a heart


You have been with me since birth.

Humsafar's hand in hand


let him say what he says

let the flow of time flow

We have come to cherish dearly.

let's show love

For the sake of God, I should rest in peace.

Let me fill my heart today

Happy moonlit nights

I will live in beautiful dreams

of love passionately

I'll let kajal spring from my eyes


What's the matter that he's starting to steal his eyes now?

They have started hiding themselves from themselves.

What did the heartbeat say?

I have started wooing the heart with gestures

The heart is hurt, why is the brain tied?

I have started robbing expensive wealth with love.



In what confusion are people living?

Then why are people taking sips of gum?

One day is overshadowing the other.

People are getting soulful with the thread of hoslo

step by step with time

People are also facing the situation

I have faced great difficulties yesterday.

What fear are people living in?

Still holding on to hope

As time is passing by, people will



You were the only one, and you have come.

You were mentioned, and you have come

Why did the strong wind blow for a while?

Only you were worried, and you will come

Seeing the tea shop in the cold weather

I remembered you, and you have come

Seeing me tremble, I wore it for years.

Your name has come, and you have come

Written in memory of happy moments

Your letter has come, and you will come



If love is a sin then the crime is right

We have also become adept at committing sins.

I knew that love is one sided, Miri.

I will also be able to fill my heart with sorrow.

Dil throw heart e nadaan se dil laga hai.

I'll come out skilled even in dying infidelity

I knew I would have to deal with infidelities.

I'll be able to live up to expectations.

Sakhi love has spread the net of chess.

I will also be skilled in peace-e-channe harne



fill your heart with passion

free yourself

Breaking the shackles of discrimination

Today I will take away the peace of enemies

freeing thoughts from captivity

fill the fire with happiness

Years old wishes are being fulfilled.

After the issues, the distance is getting shorter.

Magical fodder has come to the fore.

Due to happiness, the condition is getting worse.



Hugging is increasing yearning

I'm looking forward to seeing


time keeps changing

heart keeps on pounding

In the gathering of Husnana

the jam keeps on spilling

In the treasure trove of sweet memories

The moment keeps blaring

time to meet piya

keeps moving like sand

hidden from myself

the dream keeps on beating



reign in the hearts of the people

who is always soft-tempered

Make yourself unhappy with your own desires.

Then the orders of loved ones make you sad

must believe in yourself

Too much pride makes you sad

don't want to cheat anyone but

Means where I believe make you sad


I feel my tears make you sad.

Command on right thinking will make you sad



I kept looking at the face shining like Kohinoor.

He said untold things in his eyes.



Where have we understood the meaning of freedom?

Where have we been able to get out of the shackles of thoughts?

They are surrounded by discrimination, partisanism, feudalism.

Where small and useless thoughts have been able to change