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follow the style of love

I'll give you the same support throughout my life

talked about going and l

Why did my Naina get wet?

If you don't get it on the same day

Raina will not bite.

Took a little thing on my heart

I keep feeling sad

Bah is ready to

Always ll army of tears





kill in silence

I'll walk the same deep walk

Those who walk the path of truth

I'll never be afraid of God

to fly high

I'll see you living the dream

Dense darkness still lives

The lamps of hope are lit

to speak about the address

Friends find the right time

He is different from the people of the world.

who fills the heart




No one is the witness of my love except you.

Now no one cares about me except you.

When you come, I am in love.

The reason for the sparkle in the eyes is no one except you.

A strange restlessness surrounded the heart.

There is no existence of happiness in the heart except you.

You have just agreed in the hearts and minds.

No one except you will be on the first number

Let's spend the rest of life together

My wish is that there is no one except you.




One stormy night he came

He brought the whirlwind of memories.

The moments when we started to meet

Then the soul found peace.



tonight is stormy

life has to come

I'll have fun for the rest of my life

Moments have decided again

will not take any debt

every breath is worth it

kiss on the palm

is the last sign

Loved for centuries

Chakori is crazy

bind my mind

I'll obey the heart



Have to fly with a mad kite in the high sky.

To live with colorful birds will be in the high sky




Don't know in which mirage people are living.

Everyday Harlamha is drinking poison, I don't know

One moment is overshadowing the other.

I don't know if I am living my life with cotton

Ultimately life is death.

There are so many people I don't know

I have no name in the world of the wise.

You won't be infamous for talking about your wisdom.

I care about my loved ones more than myself

Listen, God's servant has no place here.

Now in the life of liar and foolish people.

When telling the truth, I never think about the end

I have to walk in step with the world but

Won't be in a fight with myself

A few moments of happiness may go a long way and

You are going to live, I will not pull the reins



be proud of yourself

I want all my desires to be fulfilled.

I walk around the house wearing masks.

Get to know your loved ones

work so much on the bus

I wish God would be kind

I have given up hope from my loved ones.

I'll be appreciative now

We live for four moments happily.

Let the angels decree

love like crazy

I'll be dear to you

let the rain of happiness rain

Somewhere the breath will be dishonest



Who has come to offer flowers to my grave?

Here too no one will let you sleep peacefully.


look at the heart

Surrey - you'll see the common badamne


The procession of memories haunts me

sleep flies out of my eyes

through the city of dreams

The mirror will show itself

To those who do not come from time to time.

Brings you into dreams

Shedding tears of tears

When she goes, she finds peace

lovingly sajna ki

I blush to see the picture




Don't ignore the one who steals the eyes

Don't ignore the one who gets rid of the hand

Sakhi happened somewhere in her senses in the gathering.

Don't ignore the person who turns the talk

faced a million hardships that made him

Don't ignore the one who plays with you

Awakening hope in my heart, I walked away silently.

Don't ignore the one who forgets the name

Broke the promise to be together till the end.

Don't ignore the one who turns the road



Living on velvet memories

I am drinking jam from my eyes in the gathering.



is in my eye

I'll talk about it

there is moon in the night

there is a secret in my memory

special in heart

There is a fresh on the head

jam in hand

the name is on the lips


Happiness is spilling out of my eyes

I will express myself in things

Deedar's penance increased in this way.

promised to meet in the nights

sweet love meeting

I have cherished the moments in the memories.


step is angry

Sanam is angry

know the paper

pen is angry

listen for many days

swear is angry

talk to you

So I'll be less angry


beautiful gift on chauth day

Mahtab has been sent in gifts

show me love me like me

I will show you so much death like me

Hear I have been waiting for centuries.

I'll show you a lot of happiness

Today we have placed a bet on my heart.

I will show myself fighting with God


I spent my whole life as a bookworm.

I'll read some books


The year slid like sand

The year ll slip by with the moment

heart wrenching death

The year was spilled by the pandemic

You are the shadow of nature.

drowned in fear