Charity and Donation can be Harmful Sometimes. in English Short Stories by Manik Sinha books and stories PDF | Charity and Donation can be Harmful Sometimes.

Charity and Donation can be Harmful Sometimes.

People donate material,gifts and money to fulfill the perceived pressing need but this type of donations do more harm than good. People’s good intentions are meant to help but without realising that they are discouraging them to work which leads to creation of dependency . Helping the needy,phycally handicapped or mentally retarded people is needed and is beneficial to the recipient and the society. Happiness derived from such deed is not comparable. Doing good deed to someone deserving pays back in long run. Their blessings and smiles take your life ahead .

When villages are given thousands of donations and donated gifts, it takes away the erge of people to work. They tend to sit and while away time doing nothing. This makes them incompetent and lethargic . Kills the power to think,and do something useful and gainful . They become like a parasite for the community and deprive the genuine and needy persons.
Helping the blind people is good.but helping the person pretending to be blind is harmful and dangerous. Children begging on the streets , attract the people's sympathy and emotional aspects. This also has become business strategy for making money. Due this kidnapping of children have increased and deprive such innocent children from their fundamental rights for the vested gain for some cruel persons.
If giving money to such children could solve the national poverty then our poverty level wouldn't have been so high.Giving money meanse giving money to the ganster.This should be discharged.If emotionally blackmailed buy food ,snacks ,icecream for them.Remember you'll fell better and happier seeing them.

Stop donating clothes to organizations and agencies that end up selling them to buyers .
Ensure that you are there to distribute the basic needs to them rather giving the rejects of the house.A better way of cleaning the house.
Donate new clothes to the deprived ones.Remember that they are also a child of som unfortunate parents who cannot afford to support their livelihood. Your support can fulfill their dreams and make their life happier.
Always take precautions to ensure that the needy are helped . Donating to the wrong persons can make them lazy , dependable ,criminal , and Cultivation of wrong habits. The crave for begging can lead to distortion of mental peace , and fear for life torcher by the gang leaders. This may lead to vommitingy crimes and developing undesirable habits.
Visiting old-age homes and spending some time with those who have been deprived of good homes will give peace of mind, divertion from daily life , and doing something that will enlighten the happiness long lost from them.
In reality with all our good intentions to help others , unconsciously land up helping the ones that don't deserve.Nurturing the wrong plant will make you guilty of developing the wrong persons who turn out to be a burden, liability and problem for the society and nation.
Charity is a good thought and perception of good social work . But helping the needy and genuine deprived people would be effective social work that will help the persons below the poverty line and nation .

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