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Love Since Childhood - Part 5

Next day in the morning, Hira left for College, on the way at intersection waited for Geet but she didn't come.

Hira getting disappointed, proceeded towards the college.

He was feeling bored in the college without Geet.

Everyone was asking him, " hey why are you looking upset today?"

Hira was just smiling looking at his friends instead answering them.

At the same time he was worried too about Geet.

All of friends were having fun sitting together in the college yard.

Everyone were looking in the mood of having fun.

But nobody knew of what happened yesterday night.

Meantime some one of them said funnily, "because of Geet hasn't come collage today that's why Hira looking sad, isn't Hira?"

To this all of them began laughing loudly.

Hira was smiling too, sitting over the grass in the college's meadow with friends having fun.

He was unable to pay attention to anything else except getting lost in the thinking of Geet.

All of sudden Jaggu looking violent, appeared from somewhere with some boys.
Tony was with him too.
Hira understood their intentions.

As soon as they came close to Hira, Jaggu pushed Hira, hitting over his chat.

Hira fell down over the grass.
Hira standing up " hey Jaggu if there's anything wrong with you, we can have dialogues on the table with our familes to resolve the matter.

Its not the right place and time to fight over some misconceptions.

Hira didn't want to stretch this matter further so he made attempts to negotiate with Jaggu.

But Jaggu was so aggressive, calling him cowards hit a punch again over Hira's face this time.

Hira also got violent.
Retaliating, he clenched his fist and stroke on Jaggu's jaw heavily.

Just then the hooligans who came with Jaggu pounced on Hira and started assaulting him badly.

They were five and Hira was alone, meantime some classmates along with college guards hurried to interven into the fight.

They dispersed the hooligans, chasing them out of the college.

Hira laying down on the ground, was groanig with pain.
Classmates made him stand up, there was scratch of claw on his face and few injuries over his body.

His shirt got ripped also during the clash.
Jacky took him to the doctor, got him first aid.

Anyhow Hira arrived at home.
Seeing him in such condition Mummy started crying at first sight, everyone got shocked and worried.

Nobody was able to understand the matter, by then Hira's elder brother Galla and younger brother Rinku also come out of their own room, hearing noise in the hall.

Looking at Hira's condition they became panic too.

Papa was not at home,he went to office.
Mom kept on crying.
All of them were asking Hira about the matter.

Hira was refraining to reveal the exact reason, not telling everything clearly.

Just then Jacky entered into the house.
As soon as he reached to them, " hey Jacky tell me clearly about what has happened to Hira.
You must be knowing because you were with him in the college?" Galla asked anxiously.

Seeing towards Hira, Jacky recounted the ordeal hesitantly.

"Listening the name of Jaggu and Tony, hey Rinku come on hurry up let's go, it's time to teach them lesson, " Galla said furiously.

Just then one of their neighbor came and told them about the location where Jaggu and Tony were present at.

Rinku went back to his room rapidly and brought out a hockey and some stick, stump.

Next they both brother set out.
Mom kept on trying to stop them but she was failed to stop.
Seeing brothers aggression Hira also couldn't resist himself to join brothers.

Eventually Hira went out with brothers.

On other side Jaggu and Tony were enjoying party along with those hooligans, goons sitting in a restaurants in the market.

As soon as these three brothers reached at the restaurant holding hockey, stick and stump in their hands.

Jaggu and his company got terrified looking at these brothers. "Hey brothers, do not hit them inside of this restaurant, let's take them out of the restaurant, " Galla said instructing his brothers.

Saying this Galla headed towards them and held Jaggu's collar, took him out of the eatery pulling Jaggu's collar, while on the other side Hira caught Tony.

As soon as they all come out of the restaurant these brothers started beating Jaggu and his companians.

Galla and Rinku were so angry beating too hardly those hooligans and their master Jaggu with hockey and sticks.

Here other side Hira targeted only Tony.
He kept on beating him with his stump until Tony fell down over the road.

The whole crowd in the market was watching the action scene live.

Jaggu and his hooligans along with Tony were writhing due to pain.

Someone of them was holding head, some of them had been holding legs, hands, each one of them were crying because of being beaten badly.

"How dare you all to touch my brother," Galla was still yelling over them.

Noticing their plights Hira called his brothers " hey brothers stop, stop its enough now ".

Just then a vehicle of police whistling its horn arrived on the spot. Police detained all of them and took them to police station.

All injured guys along with hooligans were sent to hospital for first aid.

There was a wound on Jaggu's forehead. His head got bandaged.

He had some injuries over his waste and back too.

Tony's left hand got fractured, he had bandaged, plastered on his hand too.
Tony's father's was chairman of their town he had been in the contact of police continuously.

Tony's father was chatting with police over the phone repeatedly to give harsh punishment to Hira and his brothers.

So these three brothers were charged in the case of attempt to murder by police.

They all were sitting in the police station for hours, it was getting dark every moment.

Just then Hira's father came in the police station seeing his sons sitting over there, he got emotional.

All brothers met their father and told him about the whole incident.

Listening them Papa assured them not to worry at all, "I will talk to my friend Dabbu, Jaggu's father to compromise with us, just see he would get convinced definitely" Papa said so confidentiality.

Then Papa got them released on bail.
They all came back to home it was around 7 pm that night.

As early as they arrived at home. Papa wanted to go Geet's home to meet up with uncle Dabbu.

On other side seeing Jaggu's condition & his injuries Dabbu uncle also got panic and angry too, the way he was beaten up.

But still Dabbu uncle was unaware of the exact cause for this clash.

Geet and her Mummy know about the matter exactly.

Dabbu uncle was getting aggressive as many times he would look at his only son injured Jaggu, laying on the bed.

He was muttering something angrily like,
"I would not spare anyone of those who made such condition of my only son".

Meantime Hira's father entered into Dabbu uncle's house.

"Hello Dabbu, Hi Bhabhi jee" Hira's Papa said very gently.

Saying this he headed towards Jaggu's bed, just then Geet's mummy offered him chair to sit down.

Seeing this Mr Dabbu was turning red face thinking, "he is the father of those who had beaten his son brutally".

"Hey Dabbu we are childhood friends and your son is like my sons.

I am really very sorry for what has happened among our children," Hira's father Mr Goga said pampering to Mr Dabbu.

"Your sons are beasts, I hate them and you too," Mr Dabbu yelled over Mr Goga.
"Oye yarr (dear) I apologize, look all of our children have mistaken.

If there was something wrong with them then they all should have informed their parents first, or had dialogues over the table to solve the issue instead fighting", Mr Goga said humbly.

To be continued.....

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