Love Since Childhood - Part 6 books and stories free download online pdf in English

Love Since Childhood - Part 6

Mr Dabbu was sitting silently having a long face with anger.

Meanwhile Jaggu laying nearby, screamed due to the pain, hearing his screaming Mr Dabbu got more sentimental.

All of sudden Mr Dabbu stood up shouting on Mr Goga " go..go out, get out of my house, I don't want to see you again," Mr Dabbu started yelling Mr Goga.

Seeing this Mrs Dabbu and Geet got shocked.

"what the hell is going on here Papa?, Geet said to his father surprisingly.
Its not right way to talk and behave someone who has come here at our house?"

Mrs Dabbu scolded her husband.
Mr Goga was still trying to make him understand but Jaggu's father was exactly as Jaggu was.

He started pulling Mr Goga out of his home by holding Hira's father's hand. Eventually Geet's father pushed Hira's father out of the home and humiliated Mr Goga in front of the whole society.

Mr Goga was feeling embarrassed, thinking it was his mistake to make such moron understand, who was as his best friend.
He was regretting for going at Dabbu's home.

Anyway he didn't lose his temper he was still looking positive, maintaining patience over his face started walking back to his home.
Afterward Aunty Ruby and Geet took Mr Dabbu inside of house barely.

Geet was in deep sorrow seeing these all scenes, how her father insulted Hira's father. Aunty Ruby too had been frenzied on Uncle Dubbu for his such cheap behavior.

" Don't you know about your beloved son? All of these was his mistake," Aunty Ruby said laudly.

She revealed everything clearly that first of all Jaggu kicked Geet and snatched her mobile phone, for talking to Hira because they both like each other.

" Is it true? " Asked Uncle Dabbu to Geet.
'Yes Daddy it's true," Geet said getting afraid of his daddy.

" Geet you don't need to get afraid anymore because liking someone is not crime, " Aunty Ruby said, assuring Geet not to worry.

'After beating Great, next morning Jaggu went to Hira's college taking some hooligans together and beat Hira up brutally," Aunty Ruby informed Uncle Dabbu about everything step by step.

As soon as uncle Dabbu came to know about Hira and Geet's love he got freezed.

He had understood all the matter looking at Geet he asked her compassionately "beta why didn't you tell me that night when Jaggu kicked you?."

Daddy I was too afraid of you thinking what would be your reaction," Geet said, having tears in her eyes.

Dabbu uncle became emotional after coming to know about the reality .

He was regretting for the way he had behaved with his childhood friend Mr Goga.

He began to cry thinking how he had degraded Mr Goga.

Seeing his condition, Aunty Ruby came to Uncle Dabbu consoling him, said not to curse yourself, just go to Hira's home and ask his father to forgive you.

To be continued...

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