F I R CHAPTER -1 (PART-1) books and stories free download online pdf in English


Parina is 25 year old girl. In her 25 years she understood many things. From the day one of schooling, she was always No. 1 in everything, she won everything. So she had more enemies rather than friends. The girls were very jealous that they always wished Parina should fail in everything. But no girls can stop because she was always motivated by her mother, teachers and the boys. Due to girls were enemies, she preferred to have friendship with boys. One day, she was left alone by the girls during P. T period, she went and joined the boys. She had a very fun time with them. When she was studying at 6th std, her favorite teacher called Parina, Aliya, Surya and Jagad. She asked the girls to vote the boy leader and the boys to vote the girl leader. Can you guess who was the girl leader? Yeah.. Of course it is Parina, almost all the boys voted her and the boy leader was Surya. Those days was Parina's rule, she was there in all competition and programmes and was always praised by the teachers. One day there was end to alll this.People call it as 'The Turning Point'. Every one was ordered to stay in their home, since there was spread of virus. Everything was online. Still Parina tried to shine, but this time Aliya took over everything. One year was wasted, sitting in home. Then, schools were reopened.
Parina was 14. She was sitting with her friend Diya. After 2 months of bond friendship they joined with 2 boys Surya and Lakshman. Surya had same ups and downs in life as Parina. They 4 became close friends. Parina was very happy that she finally got a group of friends. One day their class teacher told them to make a Subject Enrichment Activity , so they 4 made a group and made the project amazing. They got appreciation from teachers and students. Then they all had good days in school.
They came to college at the age of 19. They got seperated in 11th std, but a co-incident happened that they all came to study in same college. As they joined in same college they had a party. They all had a good days but suddenly Surya had operation in his stomach after doing so many exercises. The 3 friends didn't go to college but took good care of Surya. After 1 month Surya got recovered and all the students were welcoming him. To their surprise Aliya also joined in the same college. She had a deep feeling for Lakshman, but Lakshman dont like her. She was forcing him but he refused her. The days went..
Now it's time for Annual day celebration. Parina participated in M.C, Surya and Diya in Dance and Lakshman in singing. When Surya and Diya were performing their dance, Lakshman shouted - 'HELP'! 'HELP'! They two left their dance in half and went behind Lakshman but Lakshman was kidnapped by some boys. They 3 ran towards the car but didn't catch them.
Who kidnapped Lakshman? To be seen in part-2