F I R CHAPTER -2 (PART-2) books and stories free download online pdf in English


Surya knows Faria, she was her childhood friend who asked for his hand but he rejected. Nanya can u say who is Samara's father? His name was Jagad. Surya, diya and Parina got shocked. In college when lakshman was kidnapped this Jagad told about Aliya's family. TO THE FLASHBACK..
Faria was angry on Surya so she was waiting for him but Jagad had feelings on her. So to make the revenge, Faria married Jagad and both gave birth to a girl child who is Samara, to take up the revenge.COMING TO REALITY..

Parina asked Salmon, do you know anything about Loki? Loki's father is Eughal and his mother was Aliya. Again all were in shock. Diya told and proclaimed, I killed Eughal that day how did he been alive? TO THE FLASHBACK.. Diya had injected the sword and went back to fight, that time Aliya helped Eughal and took him far away with knowing to them. So to take the revenge Eughal and Aliya got married and gave birth to Loki to take the revenge. COMING TO REALITY..
Parina told her kids that we had a same situation when we were in college, so dont be afraid we will face and come out of this together. Surya asked Nanya where is Faria's House? There it is, but it was locked. Surya asked the house owner where they went sir? He replied that, they left the house two days before. Surya asked where? They have gone to the village called Gopalpatti.

Surya said these information to the police and one of the police said by shivering, Gopalpatti is the nasty village where a man iis ruling named Hiralalx. TO THE FLASHBACK.. As we said that Aliya had two brothers, elder got his father's kingdom and the other with same anger built new kingdom who is Hiralalx. Now Hiralalx can't be touched by any of tge police Or political parties as he grew like devil. He had killed many people to come up to this throne. COMING TO REALITY... Surya told we will go to Gopalpatti you be ready with your police force, when we call you come there immediately sir. Surya went home. They have experienced because they have killed his brother. That day two problems araised
1) To save Ali Khan
2) To take up the revenge

All five were ready to face the consequences. They had a plan, with that they started their journey to Gopalpatti. When they were going to reach, they saw people were crowded to met Hiralalx. When he came in car all shouted Hiralalx.. Hiralalx.., Surya had a gun who gave by the police to protect himself and four others. When Hiralalx came out of the car, he went to a statue to open it. When he opened, the statue was he himself. Surya would have shooted him that time, but he needs Ali Khan first. Hiralalx got into the car and went to Gopalpatti. He was making a drug business. So Surya and others made a plan that they can go to one of the drug making places to fight and go near him. Surya went into the place, there were twenty people working. A drug person said who are you boi? I am the God who came here to stop this little kid. All became angry and started fighting. All fighted at their most and they losed the drug peoples. Surya said to one of the drug man to phone Hiralalx and tell to come to this place where they were. And
Hiralalx came....