F I R CHAPTER -2 (PART-3) books and stories free download online pdf in English


Hiralalx came by anger and enquired the 15 drug peoples, how many peoples were there? There were four people sir. Don't you have shame, they only four and u guys are use for nothing. Surya and others took four drug peoples to an island nearby and gifted a laptop to Hiralalx to see the the fun. The fun was all four wear naked and wore green leaves in their hips covering above knee. Surya held a competition like a ball was given to them, one should take it and beat the other , the last who survives will be released but it was a cricket ball. It was hard, red in colour. Diya blowed the whistle to start.

All began to beat others to be survived. But after a few minutes thr got an idea, they started to beat Surya. Here Surya was clever, he had given a mic set with bomb with it, if they do any unwanted things, they will be killed. This fun was going live, Hiralalx n the laptop was seeing this. Hiralalx got angry, one of the man said I know this place sir, you know this place and u didn't say me before? said Hiralalx and commanded all men to go there, but the place was empty, no one were there. There was a twist, the video playing in laptop was a recorded video not live. Hiralalx was lonely in the place cause all his men went to that island. This was the right time to kill him. Surya said, got trapped, dead boi. Hiralalx replied, yea boi I am trapped but you forgot something, just think on it my boi. Surya was thinking but didn't get, Diya shouted were is Nanya? Hiralalx laughed. At the other place..

Nanya was placed sitted in the dark room. Suddenly a voice came to her hear's, I am there I will help you. Nanya got afraid. She asked, what is your name? I am Lakshman, Salmon's father and your parents best friend. Nanya got courage, she did what he told her. She came out of the room and went to her father. Hiralalx got shocked, Surya and Diya hugged her and asked who helped you? She said your best friend Lakshman mom. All got shocked. Lakshman said Hi friends, I am dead but you guys had problems so I asked yama God and he left me. Parina was crying and said I want to come with you my love, he said you will come and said his son I will be always with you as your backbone, be brave.

Faria, Jagad, Samara, Loki, Aliya, Eughal all came to the side of Hiralalx with Ali Khan.All began to fight with each other and Lakshman also supported them. At the middle of the fight Eughal beats in Surya's face and he flies over and fall down in the feet of Faria. Surya said, sorry for what I have done in the past, for small reasons you have grown your ego, so please come to my side, I will help you what ever you want, Legends will say only one word, Let's go, so your a Legend! Faria after hearing this was downing from fire to ice. She lifted Surya from her feet and said, that day when you didn't accept my feelings, I cursed you that one day he will fell in my feet so it happend, now I am not going to be angry, I will support you. They became friends

Surya shooted Eughal. Aliya got angry and was going to beat Surya but Parina had a gun for safety. Surya triggered the gun at the same time Parina also triggered the gun. Unfortunately Parina's bullet shooted Aliya but Surya's bullet shooted Parina. All got shocked, all started crying. Police arrived and arrested Hiralalx and their mens. When he was going to police jeep he said to Surya that, I will come back and I will not spare you!! But Hiralalx died inside the jail. As beforely said Lakshman took Parina to his place, so that day two things happened
1) They saved Ali Khan
2) The Revenge got over
If Lakshman was here, he had said this in two ways. This was the Friendship of FOUR friends who believe in each other and EGO which makes a human act live a devil..