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Lakshman was kidnapped by a group of boys. The order who gave to kidnap Lakshman to the boys was Aliya.
After three days of searching Lakshman, one of the Aliya's classmate Albin told she has two brothers who are villains of the district called Papampetti. One of the brother went far away because there only one of them can rule. The ruler of the that district have killed more than nine members in this two years of ruling in that district. His name was 'Alex aka petti'. They 3 got nervous but they had the will to do whatever for their friend. Surya had power to face and them two also. They started their journey to Papampetti. They reached their, there was a man crossing them. Surya asked him where is Alex's house? The man was shivering to answer, he ran away and told that ' Dont go near him sir! '. They had little fear but strong enough to fight against Alex.They atlast reached Alex house.
There they had marriage between Lakshman and Aliya. But Lakshman was wondering how to escape from the house. Alex had a Side hand worker and close to Alex named Eugal. He was a cameraman, he make humorous jokes but only anger will come and he is fond of girls snd womens. Surya had a idea. He told Diya to act as a model and impress Eugal to get into the house. She walked in front of Eugal, he got impressed like love in first sight. Diya also acted like she also loving him, and ask Eugal how to go inside the house. Surya told all the plan what she should do before itself. Eugal brought Diya inside Alex house without the knowledge of Alex. She entered and was searching Lakshman. At the room Lakshman was there. She saw him and told 'I am here'. Lakshman got exited that his friend came to help him.
At the middle of the night Diya came near Aliya's house to take Lakshman back. Aliya and Lakshman were sleeping. She opened the door slowly and walked up Lakshman. After they were coming out of the room accidentally Lakshman pushed the glass photo, Aliya woke up and shouted - 'Brother! '.. 'Brother! ' . Alex woke up and ram to Aliya's room with 357 Magnum gun. He called his gang mens to Aliya's room. That was the right time for Surya and Parina to enter into the house. Alex started shooting on Lakshman and Diya but they were escaping on all the shots. Surya and Parina started fighting against the guards who were protecting the house. They both crossed them and came to Lakshman and Diya. Lakshman got happy after seeing Parina.
They all fighted together with all their power. Surya, Lakshman and Parina took the guns after beating Alex's gang boys. Diya took a sword to protect her and kill the gang boys.
Eugal saw that her lover Diya was fighting against him. When the fight was going, Diya came behind Eugal and said - 'soory, but get out of this world' and put the sword behind his body. After this all were fighting. But suddenly Alex was going to shoot Surya but Lakshman saw it so he pushed Surya and the bullet went into Lakshman's heart. Surya with angry shooted 7 times in different parts of Alex body. Alex died!.
Parina and Diya were fighting in different places in the house so they didn't notice the shoot out of lakshman. Surya came near Lakshman and told - ' Lakshman, we are here, we will take you to the hospital'. Lakshman said - 'No, There is no time, please take care of Parina and my baby. ' Surya got shocked. He asked how it happened?. But allas he died. Surya didn't tell to Parina and and Diya. After dying of their boss Alex, the gang boys ran away from the house. Diya asked where is Lakshman? Surya replied - 'He is dead'. Parina was crying Continusoly, Diya was very sad. Surya asked Parina - 'What was going on between you and Lakshman'. Parina replied - 'I am 3 month, this happened in the college, we loved truly so we kept it as secret and tell you both after our parents allow. But now he is no more. ' Surya and Diya were sad after hearing this and Surya told - 'we are also loving for 2 months'. Parina didn't get surprised because she was in a pain that Lakshman died. It was a sad situation. They buried Lakshman near Parina's house and her parents allowed to grow their baby. At the same time Surya and Diya's parents allowed to their marriage. They got married.
After 1 year, Parina gave birth to a girl baby as Lakshman loved girl child and named her as Nanya. Surya and Diya gave birth to a boy and named him as Salmon.
After 4 years.. Their children went to same school as that of their parents.
But there was a woman who is still alive to break the friendship between Salmon and Nanya as a revenge... Who is that???

Chapter - 2...