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Beautiful rain and wind. Raindrops fall to the ground. The peacock dances well. Rain is the language of music. Touching each raindrop is an experience beyond our imagination. Raindrops write poetry about nature love rain. Love is a connection between two hearts and eyes. Love at first sight is connected through eye contact. Love is the mysterious love of rain Love is true. It transcends language and boundaries. Love is a colorful rain ..Palakkad native jitesh and Krishna are friends. They went to Kottayam for a relative's wedding ceremony. They are traveling in an Alto car. They enjoy the beauty of the Kottayam countryside. They really enjoyed the natural beauty. After that comes the rubber forest. Totally silent and dark/cool environment. Nature is really beautiful. The journey continues. 5.30 AM Sudden unexpected sighting on the roadside. Their brains are frozen. Their vehicle stops. A full blooded family. They ask them to help. A girl and her father and mother, they were a family. They watched the whole area. But there is no one there. Because there is no place for vehicles to travel. Risk of accident is low. There are no tire marks on that road. And there is no scorch mark on their car. This is a very mysterious event. Someone attacks them very brutally, but it is a pre-planned conspiracy murder. But unfortunately both father and mother died. Luckily she is alive. She struggled to breathe and speak. But she tried. Her eyes are badly bruised. They call an ambulance. And shared the locations and photo. By God's grace the ambulance arrived. Jitesh went with the girl in the ambulance. Krishna calls the police and waits. Police have examined two bodies to send them for post-mortem. In the hospital. Private Multi Specialty Hospital. The doctors and team examined her and sent her to the ICU. Because her eyes were badly injured. and abdominal injury. Doctors urgently need an operation to revive her. So doctors ask for B positive blood for the operation. Luckily Jitish's blood group is B . Jitesh donates blood for her life. Dr asks Jitesh who are you and where are her parents/relatives. She needs urgent emergency surgery to save her life. There is no time to think that it is urgent. We value patient living. Sign your name immediately. Jitesh's eyes filled with tears. Doctor sir my name is Jitesh. My friend Krishna explained the whole incident. doctor I will try my best. Later Krishna called me and came with the police. Police started interrogation of Jitesh. Police officials inquire about her health condition and talk to doctors. A police surgeon conducted a post-mortem on her parents' bodies. The nurse found her mobile at the hospital. The police call her friends using a mobile. After an hour. Her friends arrived at the hospital. Jitesh spoke to her friends and immediately explained all the incidents. One of her best friend Rachana talks to Jitesh. You both did a great job. God bless you. Jitesh asks. What's her name. Who are those criminals? Why She was brutally attacked. What is the motive behind the conspiracy? Calm I will explain that later. Rachna visits her. She narrated the story of her best friend. Her name is Aradhana. .Her character is open minded and helps illiterate and poor people and makes them live.her Parents have only one daughter it's she. Her parents are working in the Govt Health Department. She is completely different from other girls. She joined MBBS. Her only aim is to provide better treatment to the poor. She used all her knowledge. All hospitals should provide better health care to poor people at lower fees. Hospitals are not in the business of maximizing profits. Hospitals are for service only. She worked in rural areas and participated in free medical check-ups and cancer awareness programs for people. She has no enemies. Because her nature is calm. If any enemy hates her. Enemy Talk to her. The enemy became her friend. That is her positive attitude. A week ago she called me and told me about something private and confidential. But suddenly the call was disconnected. She was more afraid, but gave only the slightest hint, but she could not finish the matter. After these events. The police questioned the composition. She explained the matter perfectly. The next morning Jitesh read the paper. In this press release about Government order. This murder case has been handed over to the special team of the Government Crime Branch CB CID. Jitesh then asked the doctor about her health. doctor The operation was successful. Now she is completely fine. But she lost her sight. This community needs her. She is an intelligent medical student. She has a bright future in the medical field. Eye surgery is the only solution. We spoke to our specialist optometrist. According to him the eye operation is urgent. To recover her sight. We look for such eyes, with excellent eyesight. Suitable for her eyes. But unfortunately we check the dead bodies and her parents. But it doesn't match. All these eyes have poor retinal vision. We need high retinal vision / healthy eyes no eye diseases .It suits her eyes. Urgent action is essential. Jitesh. Operate the eye as soon as possible. How much money do you want .No problem I will give it.Doctor. that's OK. But the matching eye. Jitesh. Doctor I will donate my eyes to her. I have no eye problems. This answer shocked the doctor and Krishna. doctor This girl is your relative/sister/wife why are you taking such a dangerous risk. Why would you donate your own eyes? agriculture Are you crazy. Are you the son of God? Donate your eyes to her? Jitesh. Understand . I have no purpose in my life. I am useless. Now I have a purpose to live for. I feel proud. My eyes donate to her. She is the most respected woman among women. I feel very happy. The operation must be done next week. I'm ready. I am useless in my life. doctor God bless you. It is a good decision. You are an inspiration to many people. Two days later, Jitesh signed the eye donation papers. The operation was successful two days later. She got vision. Dr met Jitesh. Jitesh gets her vision. Are you going and what will I tell her? Maybe she wanted to meet Jitesh. No. Doctor I'm going. If she sees me. She may feel pity/sad. And that's not good, because she has a bigger goalto achieve. I can't ruin her future. She doesn't know about me/my eyes and personality. Doctor please promise. Do not reveal my secret identity. I never come to her happy life. My prayers are with her wherever she goes. I pray that God makes her dreams come true. I am definitely praying for her. The doctor dropped him at the bus stand. Jitesh is on his way. Where. After two months. Jitesh came to Mumbai and worked as a pianist in a church. Two months ago .Braille is not a language.Jitesh learned the Braille alphabet for the blind and created a scientific notation system called Braille Music for the Blind. This system allows blind people to read and write music like sighted people.

It is a tactile code that enables the blind and visually impaired to read and write by touch, with various combinations of raised dots representing the alphabet, words, punctuation, and numbers. Musical rhythms were learned and practiced in the blind language. A well-trained blind and intelligent pianist. Music is the heart and soul of Jitesh. He lives in music. His friend calls him daily and talks about worship. But when Jitesh remembers her beautiful face. He prays to God. Fulfill her dream. Many candles were lit in the church for her good. Suddenly the church observer. Jitesh felt sad that a girl was waiting to see you. Who is waiting to see me? Walked slowly with the support of a blindstick. Suddenly a sweet voice .but it's so familiar who is she? Do you remember me. That's me aradhana. You saved me from death. I live because of you..jitesh do you know me. You are my inspiration and my heart. You brought me into my life. You may forget me. But I can't forget you. I live because of you. You donate your blood, your money and your precious eyes. Jitesh I know your voice very well. Couldn't see you before. Because my eyes are hurt. It's not my eyes, it's your eyes. My life is meaningless without you. . Jitesh stops her. Well leave it your life is precious. You have many dreams to fulfill. What about me, I am useless and have no purpose and meaning in life. Why are you donating your precious eyes to me? No one in the world does this. Jitesh. I have no goals and dreams to fulfill in my entire life. I have lived such a useless life. A lot of people make fun of me. I saved you from a brutal attack. But your friend Rachna explained your story. It touched my heart. You are an asset to the medical field. I feel proud and inspired by you. I want to do something for you. But suddenly the doctor asked me to operate your eye. I donate my eyes for you without a second thought. Your eye sight is very useful for poor patients. Help the police identify criminals. Catch such criminals who killed your family. . What is the plot to brutally murder your family? For what reason? Aradhana replied. Because I am researching about some medicine. It is really harmful to the human body. and the drug black marketing scam. Drug mafia has a big role in the health sector. In the drug mafia society, the virus disease was injected into humans and animals. When diseases spread rapidly. Drug mafia increases their demand. Medications are reduced. When the demand increases, they sell their drugs at higher prices. In most hospitals, medical shops are part of the drug mafia. We protested against this drug company. Actually most doctors are part of drug mafia. Doctors means god of earth. People trust and like doctors. But most of our doctors do not have medical ethics. Their main objective is to make profit. Medical field is patient service and care. For this reason, I am attaching all the evidence against the drug mafia and submitting this report to the Chief Minister, Police Chief, Media and Judiciary. After this incident the drug mafia brutally attacked me and my family. Jitesh. ok calm down God is always with you. Whether you are married or not. I wish you a good husband. Adoration But I found my groom. He stands in front. Jitesh cried softly. Eyes filled with tears. God, I have never felt happier in my entire life. My life is miserable and meaningless. I am blind. I don't need sympathy. If you can definitely get a good doctor as a groom. It's good for you. Okay one minute. The doctor promised me that he would never reveal my identity to you. But the doctor broke his promise. Adoration No doctor has revealed your identity. But I checked your eye donation form. Your name and address clearly mentioned in it..Your friend Krishna's contact address is mentioned in the eye donor form. So I call him. I call your friend to find out where you are. spoke He gives full information about you.Finally again I submitted my complaint against drug mafia with evidence to Chief Minister's office, Police DGP and Media court. Helping the police identify my parents' killers. Using my statements and evidence, the police jailed all the killers. Remember wherever you go. I am there. My life is incomplete without you. You bring light to my life, so my groom. Jitesh only you. Jitesh. I am blind. Jitesh cried. Aradhana replied. God showed you to me. You are a groom with God's heart. I can't miss you. Finally God gave you to me. It's just you. Jitesh felt happy but his eyes filled with tears. It is tears of joy.Jitesh. I need no eyes. Because you are my eyes. That is enough for me. Aradhana's eyes filled with tears. Aradhana wiped the tears from Jitesh's eyes. She kissed his eyes.Tears of joy. Aradhana hugged Jitesh lovingly. Jitesh kisses her head. Then romantically the rain blooms with the wind. The nature became beautiful. In love rain they stood with umbrella and enjoyed the beauty of rain. In love. Lovers walking together in the rain. Rain writes their names. Rain is the music of love. Wind is a musical rhythm of love