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Crime Mafia

Crime Mafia ............................ History of Crime Mafia in India. Goa Crime Mafia: Organized International Drug Traffickers. Drug lords include indigenous Indians, Russians, Israelis and Nigerians. They import opium and drugs into India through the coastal areas of Mumbai and Goa. Punjab Mafia. It is an organized criminal group active in post-Emergency Punjab and specializes in arms smuggling, drug smuggling and kidnapping for ransom. They played a key role in union control during the real estate and industrial boom of the early 95s. Since 2000 they have been providing security to businessmen, Karnataka mafia rules in Karnataka.Specialized in illegal mining in Karnataka, killed many environmentalists and influenced illiterate people with money. .......Tamil Nadu Mafia. In this story we are portraying that brutal criminal mafia of Tamil Nadu. This is the story of criminal mafia. It is the history of the dictator. How did he control the entire crime world? How did he become cruel? In the semi-urban areas of Tamil Nadu. Who was the king of crime mafia? Who are the members of his crime syndicate? . In the early 1990s in a semi-urban area of ​​Tamil Nadu. It is a river of blood. An area ruled by brutal criminal mafia. Merciless kills all. Inhuman monsters. Drug cartels are active like Mexico.Crime kingpins. Salim Baba This is a crime world king story. How Salim Became the Cruel Emperor Salim Baba Saleem lives in an unknown rural area of ​​Tamil Nadu. Well educated and married from a middle class family. But he didn't like the Tamil Nadu police. Because tamilnadu police come to his area and harass poor people and ask for bribe. The police beat up his colleagues very badly. He thought he was middle-class rich and had a good position in society. But what about the homeless poor, how can they survive here. Nobody cares about them. Poor people are treated rudely by the police. He cannot stand himself. He goes to the Police Commissioner's office. Saleem reaches the Commissioner's office. A detailed complaint was filed against corrupt police officers who harass and beat up poor people. With strong evidence and videos. The commissioner has appointed a new team to investigate the matter, but the probe supports corrupt police officers. The case was closed. Finally, justice was denied to the poor. Salim became more enraged and he formed a violent gang. With strong people support. He then appointed two wise men as his assistants. Who are those 2 wise men? name Lakshmi Narayana is a graduate living in an unknown area of ​​Tamil Nadu. Next Kaja Moiteen is a lab 🔬 technician/ body builder. From a rural village in Tamil Nadu. Both joined hands with Salim. Lakshmi and Moideen became Salim's right hand and left hand. Salim Motto Violence is the most powerful weapon to fight against injustice/corruption. Salim raises funds from around the world. Laxmikant and Kaja Moiteen are his masterminds in the name of the illegal charity organization. And a sniper trained by Laxmikant. The police again attacked and harassed the poor. Salim became more violent but could not take action against the police as Salim and his gang were waiting for a good opportunity. One day Salim's followers come to the police station and warn the policemen not to disturb the poor people and leave them alone. But insolent police officers brutally beat up Salim's followers. ... Salim cannot control himself. He hit his mirror hard. Also the television was thrown and broken. Moiteen and Lakshmi advised Salim. Control your anger. We need the best opportunity, the most modern weapons, the best timing and conspiracy planning. Salim controls his emotions and brings his followers from the police station. Saleem hires a brilliant criminal lawyer and a brilliant accountant. Salim Moteen and Lakshmi plan to attack the police station. But it is not easy. Modern weapons are essential. Clever conspiracy planning. Corrupt police officers are being hit-listed. Suitable time and date. And bring all corrupt officials in police station attack. Gloves, black mask with long black dress. Professional training and rehearsal is essential before the attack. Lakshmi asked for most modern illegal sniper rifles. Because Lakshmi is also a trained sniper. Lakshmi, Moiteen and Salim start plotting. Lakshmi makes a kill list of corrupt police officers. Salim Final Order, attack the police station with professional guerilla warfare techniques and practice more tough rehearsals. Lakshmi teaches Tatatics to her followers. Saleems distributor in USA. The most modern Barrett M82 sniper rifle with silencer and illegally delivered smoke bombs from the Barrett gun manufacturing company. Barrett M82 sniper rifle caliber with silencer. 50 cartridge. Barrett 416, BM 50. Made in USA. Lakshmi is also trained as a sharpshooter. He knows the Barrett M82 functions very well. So he trained all his followers. How to handle the Barrett M82 sniper rifle and how to focus on the target. How far to focus on the enemy head. and time calculations. Hard rehearsals make a better sniper. Moiteen trains his followers. How to throw a smoke bomb at a police station. Within seconds. Saleem illegally ordered a Barrett M82 sniper rifle with silencer and smoke bombs, gloves and a black outfit with a black mask. After the rehearsal, the day of the police station attack arrived. According to intelligent planning. Salim's followers monitor the police station and wait for corrupt police officers. Monday 5:30 PM All corrupt police officers under one roof. They observed. There are no hospitals near the police station. There is no police camp. So Salim's followers cut the telephone connection and electricity. Time is 7:00 pm. Location unknown rural area. Police Station. Then some followers gave code signs to the Moiteen group. The Moiteen group was ready to attack. He threw the smokebomb hard and ran for seconds. Then all the corrupt officials come out. Laxmikant and his team opened fire with a sniper silencer. from various distant places. Perfect planning. Corrupt police officers dead. When Salim came and inspected the dead body, he was more than happy. Salim gave a shake hand to Moiteen and Laxmikant. Salim laughed like a madman. Then they go to his castle. This is the beginning of new dangerous crime mafia. After this incident people become fans of Saleem and love him like god. Saleem's marketing team raises funds from around the world for the illegal charity organization. It's a deceptive idea. The fund is increasing day by day. Million billion more. Saleem and his team calculate the estimated fund. When more money comes in. Salim became more greedy/brutal. Saleem started illegal mining. Drug trafficking, human organ trafficking. child labor Arms smuggling. Hafti collects money from the market and warns business owners for money. For business profit sharing. If the businessmen don't pay Salim. Their bodies are sent as parcels to their homes. Everyone was afraid of Salim. Then Salim became Salim Baba. Brutal crime lord. Salim doesn't talk much. He speaks small words with small actions, which are easily understood by Kaja Moiteen and Laxmikant, and executes it quickly. Saleem joins hands with Bigshot Builders to build the township and shopping complex. Bigshot producers paid Salim more. Salim ordered the poor to go somewhere. But they didn't go. Salim and his gang brutally murdered everyone without any evidence. He bribes politicians, bureaucrats and police, Salim Baba becomes a crime mafia and his growth is rapid. Saleem killed many journalists. Salim Baba built an underworld kingdom and ruled brutally. Many people and students came against Salim Baba. But Salimbaba's followers brutally kill them. The place became a river of blood. Cruel Salim Baba's power is increasing day by day and no one is stopping him. Neither the police nor the judiciary can take action against Salimbaba. Because of fear. Salim Baba attended international crime syndicate meetings held abroad with Lakshmi and Moitin. But many enemies tried to kill Salimbaba but failed. Sniper Lakshmi gang brutally killed their enemies. Salim expands their crime world. More Tamil Nadu territories were seized from other gangs and brutally killed. The territory captured by Salimbaba was divided into Lakshmi and Moiteen to work with. But Salim Baba takes all Hafti money, fund raiser charity money and 70% of the profit. 15% profit for Laxmikant and 15% profit for Moitin. Salimbaba started the drug cartel to expand their operations across the globe. Salimbaba made his own Desikatti guns in a secret warehouse. Sold at high rates in riot zone. He starts a fisheries export company but illegally manufactures brown sugar within the company, .In the name of the fisheries company, brown sugar also manufactures cocaine, cocaine (an intoxicating drug derived from coca or synthetically used as an illegal stimulant and sometimes medicinally as a local anesthetic.) which is sold @ high rates in college, club and tourist areas. selling Salim Baba is getting richer / crueler day by day. Some police officers arrived to arrest Salimbaba. But the police cannot do this. Because the brutal Salim Baba brutally cut the throats of the police officers and laughed madly. A day is coming. A beautiful woman meets Salimbaba. who is she. What's her name. What is her purpose? Her name is Kaveri. Beautiful face and bright eyes. She hails from a rural village in Tamil Nadu. She met Saleembhai. Salim Baba was charmed by her beautiful speech, beautiful face and eyes. Salim Baba appointed her as his personal assistant. And he loves her. One day she started her toxic behavior. She secretly loves Lakshmi and Moitin. For what. Lakshmi and Moiteen are forced to kill Salimbaba. But Salimbaba is also ruling parallel. Moiteen and Lakshmi are furious at Selimbabs tyranny and non-sharing of profits. Conspiracy planning begins. And the rehearsal begins. The last day is coming. Salim Baba runs a parallel government and expands his underworld kingdom extensively. Salimbaba has dinner with Lakshmi, Moiteen and Kaveri. Visham Kaveri became more beautiful that day. She waits for a good opportunity to attack. Salimbaba feels happy. But Kaja Moiteen and Lakshmi Narayana are smiling more violently inside. Beautiful Kaveri loves and cares for Salimbaba and dances with Salimbaba. Suddenly it was Salimbaba's last supper. The fall of a cruel tyrant. Salimbaba enjoys dancing at a great level. Showing coding signs for Kaveri moitin. Time to kill Salimbaba. Moiteen knife attack on Salimbaba. Salimbaba cannot think of it. The next attack was when Lakshmi Narayana took a sniper rifle with a silencer and shot Salimbaba in the head. Salim Baba died. Next Who rules the crime mafia? Greedy Lakshmi and Moiteen start fighting for the dictator's position. Moiteen lost the fight. Finally Lakshmi took the sniper rifle with silencer and pulled the trigger hard on Kaja Moiteen's head. Kaja Moiteen is dead. Images of Moitin and Salimbaba appear in Lakshmi Orma. And the deep friendship of Moitin. Then Lakshmi was exhausted and cried loudly. Kaveri comes and hugs Lakshmi. But the poisonous Kaveri suddenly cut Lakshmi's neck with a sharp little blade. She hid the blade between her fingers. Lakshmi Narayana died. Lakshmi also saw the last memories. Flashback Moiteen Lakshmi Friendship. Salim Baba smiles. Finally Lakshmi closed her eyes. The poisonous Kaveri became the queen of the crime mafia. She laughed out loud. She sits on the throne as a dictatorial ruler. Laughed madly again. Now she is the mafia queen of crime mafia. He also ordered his followers to secretly destroy the bodies of Salim, Lakshmi and Moitin without any evidence. What is her plot? She is a criminal / greedy woman who has been waiting for a good opportunity for a long time. She was tired of poverty. She knows that crime mafia is the most powerful organization. Illegal business is easy to make money in short time. The money is used to buy the judiciary, bureaucrats and legislature. Money power brings political power. The power of money is everything in the world. Life is zero without money power. She did a lot of research and rehearsals for this endeavor. A selfish greedy Kaveri uses her beauty to conquer the underworld kingdom. Kaveri became the mafia queen of the crime mafia. She will run all the lucrative illegal business of Salimbaba. Now she is the new dictator mafia queen of crime mafia.