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Morning has come with the sun of happiness,

Morning has brought new enthusiasm, new dawn.


I was waiting for the leaf every moment,

The morning has brought the news of Saajan.


had not come in hands for many years,

The matter of the heart has been narrated today in the morning.


Smiling and flirtatious friend,

The morning has returned as it had gone.


sweet to cheer up the dawn,

Called to listen to the lovely flute in the morning.




Somebody has disturbed my sleep

Someone has stolen me along.


Caught in the shackles of love,

Someone has been robbed of love.


removing the clouds of sadness,

Someone has taught you to laugh.


Friend of births coming near,

The distance has been erased.


Beautiful faces in silence

The drapery has been removed.




Where people are unfaithful,

Who is the betrayer here?


Friend even after knowing

Why is he looking for loyalty?


hoping for the helpless,

Do you own Jaffa?


Man is alive but

The feeling is gone.


Whatever you get,

Consent is the profit.


in the bonds of breath,

Life itself is sorry.


to pass the time,

What is the philosophy?


Only one in the universe

Love is pure.


Today, as soon as Krishna touches you,

Got healing again.


not a small ghazal,

Love is complete.


in the deal of the heart,

He is speechless.





save him water is life

Worship God with your heart.


are being used dishonestly,

Look, there is tension spreading all around.


no one wants to handle it,

That's why there is displeasure with the universe.


of people thirsty for birth,

There is unhappiness in the body and mind


It is not raining

today the ponds are intoxicated


Tishnagi - Thirst

feeling of sadness



Love and worship are not separate,

There is only one true God.


Have a true heart and

Loyalty is required in both.


Call once and see.

Always listens to what is done from the heart.


If there is a union of souls,

Make friends and get trust.


As it turns out,

Whatever happens today, it is God's will.




I want to drown in the sea of eyes

Want to get closer even closer.


Too many years of distance dear,

I want to adopt from the bottom of my heart.


Seeing the beauty of nature's workmanship,

Want to sing melodious songs in the valleys.


If meeting is not possible,

Want to amuse your heart by seeing the picture.


So that memories don't make you cry in loneliness,

Ravishing views want to be seen in the eyes.




Surrender by surrendering your body and mind,

Have a heart as big as the sky.


ready to listen to the heart,

Whatever is in Sakhi ji, say it openly.


The way the world is walking

Flow with the times.


entwined with roses,

So bear the pain of thorns silently.


Drinking the bottle of dreams all night long,

Friend, wander sometimes after drinking jam.





listen enjoy life

have fun everyday



On which Avni was born,

Ruined by your selfishness.


Every moment every moment from all around,

Polluted with poisonous gas.


Always pure holy drink,

Only chemical-rich water was given.


Love and affection kept looting,

Drunk tears keeping silent.


suffering from his mistake,

Lived in agony seeing the human condition.


The flourishing crops brought happiness,

Kalkal rivers sewed wounds.


Protect water land air,

Pledged to plant trees.



Have courage, good days will also come.

You will also get moments of peace and tranquility.


Your hand is your destiny

Will eat bread after earning hard work.


Live yourself peacefully and let others live,

Will bring the springs of peace in the universe.


By continuously flowing the Ganges of love,

Will sing songs of happiness again.


Life is to be lived with pride,

Friends will leave the name wherever they go.



should not hold back from labor

hardworking people should be saluted


Your hand is your Jagannath

the bag of desire must be filled with sweat


As you do, so will you get the result

don't be afraid to do anything


Don't think what you have got, what you will get

Must die after doing something


no one to feed while sitting

must fight one's own laziness




If you are happy then the world will burn

she will say something


If you get Ravani in Bazm then

life will flow with time


Humming new ghazals friend

Everyday new gatherings will be organized


Travel-e-destination will be found there

meet in dreams friend


Age has passed in loneliness now

the doll of the heart will not bear the pain



deal with loneliness

see pictures fill your mind


keeping myself fresh

dress up as much as you want


before stopping breathing

good o pak go on


deluded fiza says

Have a nice day my friend


with humsafar humanwa

shine more in love




The night fell in words,

The spoiled thing has become today.


I have lived for love all my life

Krishna's kindness has melted


if you look with your eyes a little

city of lonely heart gone astray


met for a few moments

smelled more from closeness


Moonlight too shy, behind the clouds

I was shocked to see your attitude




tired of waiting

tired of confessing


to stop the storm

tired of praying


heart pounding all night

tired of being graceful


life has come in midstream

tired of saving


to drink out of sight

tired of begging




Be careful, the days of spring are coming

Intoxicated spirits are calling


After a long time we met

Where are you going now in life


Look the storm has come with a lot of noise

The wind will attract you carefully


must be very careful

I have heard that the driver's weight is measured by the goldsmith.


Every page is asking for justice

Read carefully there are many forms of pleading