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wondering which other life is taking

Are you even able to breathe peacefully


those who leave never turn back

sadness eats up the sleepless nights and days


don't want to be alone because

Sakhi is bringing whirlwind of her memories


Everyone has come to know about the desolation.

Winds are singing melodious songs


Feeling bad these days

There is no need to stay awake all night in gatherings




Will we ever meet in the open air?

Will the flowers of your love ever bloom?


The boat of the heart has sunk and

Will the days of sadness ever return?


Eyes get wet thinking that

Will colorful scenes ever be seen again?


He changes his own language every moment

Will he ever learn to keep his promise?


too lazy to write my own name

Will you write any letter after going abroad?




This night of Hijr does not pass

Don't know when will I meet Hrishna


call is not received since two hours

Looks like it hasn't happened in ages


promised to meet

feelings are stirring for meeting


don't deny you just like that

Don't even understand the situation


everything is in the hands of time

Now even God can't beat




no one can understand the game of life

God's game no one can understand


people are like newspapers here

no one waits forever


Liar indeed but in this world

I can't bear to die with you anymore


Love is all there is to say, leave it

nobody dies with anybody


I have played the game of love since then this is the condition

It's a matter of the heart, otherwise peace doesn't get lost just like that



Darshita Babubhai Shah


antelope running after craving

What are twelve asking from God?


Tired of waiting too

Are you awake in someone's hope?


look at the saffron color of punishment

foraging on tree branches


in the joy of Krishna's arrival

friends are waking up all around


too much love

Why are you inviting to meet?




eyes should be brimming with jam

The desires of the heart should keep moving





don't torture yourself

Have some pity on your condition


the world isn't so bad anymore

don't judge everyone


live without meaning

always do good deeds



burn pride ego


people will keep saying one thing or the other

bear as much as you can



let me think about you for a while

hug with love


I have heard that tricksters roam around

protect me from evil eyes


have been too far away

come closer and closer


tangled in heady hair

forget where today


Friend in the prostration of Krishna today

sing love songs




taste the voice of the pen

put all the words in rhyme


stop writing long stories

look at a lion by saying hello


in the fragrance of friends

drift away with the lovely night


jams are overflowing

you also burn with wax


If you have bet on your heart, then

die on the lamps and watch



Darshita Babubhai Shah


conflict happens even in silence

heart loses peace of mind


There is separation but not separation

Along with the eyes of the heart also cry


the day goes by

does not sleep the whole night remembering


keep breathing

liars sow seeds of hope


it rained too much

don't shed my precious pearl



do quarrel and love too

silently keeping the need


to give happiness for a lifetime

rudder to please


to live peacefully

want a lot of love


no matter how angry you are

Agreements are also given to the heart


to get lovely gifts

making a fake face




magic of touch is unique

calmly loses consciousness


moment by moment touch

cherishes lovely sentiments


hand in hand in trance

binds those who love


without talking in love

silently soothes hearts


Feelings start drifting friend

looks turquoise in color and shape



it's time to get wet

let's get wet

rainy season has come


let's dance together

drench your body with love

brought a splash of happiness


since when were you burning in the heat

Get wet in the rain and get rid of jealousy

restless heart has found peace






it's raining happiness

it's getting dark night


The desire to live has come alive

talking eye to eye


suddenly it started raining

Now the young universe is happening


romanticism in fizz

God is pleased


it is raining slowly

life is beginning

iltifat - grace



If seen together then your dreams and mine will come true

the bonds of mother-in-law will be tied to each other


The story of your dreams will be written

Peaceful sleep will come after a long time


Kept safe nowadays hidden from view

At last the soul of the traveler will find the rudder


someday your dreams will come true

See the night will bring light like candles


Sambhal is creating frenzy in happy moments

Fizz will also sing in the joy of meeting


Will try to get into your dreams

Friend will celebrate love today by swearing



My dreams are beautiful and colourful,

Your dreams are a little sad.


the fourteenth moon is hidden in the clouds

see the weather has changed


having a complete picture in front of the eyes

Lover has yearned to see a beautiful face


From evening to morning in waiting

heart aches to see the slightest glimpse


Get drunk after drinking jam if you are not feeling well

The mind is restless in the night that smells like wandering