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I don’t understand, what’s going on in our life. I talked to Nora; she has come back to her place because she is a prime suspect in the murder mystery. That’s really bad that now she is blamed for these murders. Last time I talked to her before she exited the ‘high School buddy’ Group. She was in tears and in so much pain but she can never do anything of this sort. She was in Vipassana meditation centre which is meant for people who needs to relax and restart a new life. I gave the number of Jessica Lincoln to her because I knew someone is intentionally trying to put her into this situation. I strongly believe that Byron is doing this. He is wicked and creepy. I want to be with her. I met all of them ten months before and now only Nora is left. When I wanted to come and see them, I got the news that I was pregnant and doctor advised me not to travel and when Aaron died, I desperately wanted to come but my condition did not allow me to do so. During Marlin and Joey’s death I lost my baby and my health was very bad, I myself was in depression and didn’t know what to do at that time.

When I heard about Grace’s death was almost ready to come but Hannah and my mother asked me not to leave the city. This is really depressing that I have lost my best buddies. But feel the pain more when I find my better half doesn’t love me anymore. He was in love with me before and I don’t know what has happened that he even doesn’t care about me anymore. He is avoiding me from so many months.  When I was pregnant, expected that he would love me again and even I saw change in him. He showed care and love towards me. But suddenly when I lost my child he was also in a pain and he consoled me too. We decided to move on and try for another baby. He agreed with me. Everything was going fine but suddenly he asked me for a divorce. I was shocked. I don’t want to leave him. I beg him to stay with me and refused and I strongly feel he had another woman in his life. I ask him, got mad at him. But he said nothing and was adamant to leave me.

 Our love faded and our story ended the way I never thought of. From past few months he is not with me as because he had gone for some work outside the city. I feel lonely and this feeling is from the day I got to know about that Shane has lost interest in me. But now it is unbearable. How can I stop him from meeting that woman? He is out of my reach and heart and decides to leave for New York city.  My mother is happy with her new husband in London, I don’t want to interrupt in her new life. I know, my life will be in danger too. May be that serial killer also wants to kill me. He is waiting for me. But if I have to die then who can save me. Life without friends and Shane is nothing. I lost my friends and my love. What life has given to me. I am such a possessive freak, and I love him and miss him badly this feeling irritates me and in quest to run away from this feeling I am going back to my city and my friend Nora. I will call her and inform her about my visit to her soon. I want my old life back when I was very happy.

I need to wind up my business which was already running in loss, my gift gallery gives me no profit as I have been in mess for a long time. I never told my friends that what I was going through because I believe sometimes friends are not enough for me. We have to tackle our problems on our own and when I decided to tell them they all were gone forever from my life. Some bastard played well that even police seem to run round in circles and getting nothing. I lock my gallery and walks in the park. There were kids playing on the swings. I see them with a hope that one day again I will be blessed but who will convince him to come back to me. I know this is impossible.  He is a fussy man if he decides no one can change his decision. I see the number flashing on my cell phone.


Hello, mom how is you?

I am fine? How is your new married life?

Good, Frank is a nice person.

I am sure he is.

What happened honey? Is that Shane again?

Yes, mamma, he left me and very soon he will send the divorce papers.

Leave him, he doesn’t deserve you. You will meet someone better than him.

It’s difficult to forget him mom.

Gloria from childhood you always get too much involved in things and you never easily let it go and it hurts you only.

Mom, this is my marriage.  I was trying hard.

Darling you must move on. I told you to meet the therapist as you always get depression issues.

Don’t worry, I met the therapist but I think my problem is not going to solve. Anyways I am going to New York to meet Nora in couple of days.

Why? please don’t go. That serial killer can harm you too. I don’t want to lose you.

Mom I am not afraid from death as my life is already like hell.

Don’t say that, come to London.

No, I am going to meet Nora and stay with her and then decide what I have to do.

Bye! honey, take care and call me if you need anything

Yes, I will. I love you mom.

I love you too.