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Life Without Friends.. - 27

Victor’s Truth


How all this happened? I can never even imagine in my dreams that I lost my friends forever. And the worst part is that the whole world is blaming me for taking their life. It’s true that in anger I curse them but after I took the Vipassana therapy I am feeling better. I learn to forgive and forget and when I am still in learning phase, they arrested and blamed me. Thanks to Gloria, she helped me in my tough times but the question remained unanswered that who killed them. I lying on the bed in my New York apartment. My landlord has still kept this house for me, but who stole my identity card? May be that killer who killed my friends. I cannot imagine that they all are not in this world. I come in my balcony to see the view outside. Mr. Davis balcony full of plants as he planted some more tress. Today, I can understand his loneliness because I am going through the same phase. No one is there for me. I receive a message from Gloria that she will be arriving soon. Meanwhile I need to find what happen to them? Who is using my name and why? Shall I call Mr.  Collins for details? No. First, I must meet my lawyer Jessica Lincoln because She knows each and every detail. I decide to call her.


Nora, you can come to my office in the evening so that I can tell you things in details. I patiently wait for the evening to visit her. My doorbell rang and I open the door and find Mr Davis standing in front of me. Hi Nora! Hi Mr Davis! Are you fine? Where were you from last eight and nine months? He sounds curious. My aunt Darby died due to illness so I stayed at her place. I had no wish to come back. I lied to him. Obviously, he is not a person with whom I can share my thoughts. I read in the newspaper that your friends died. He comes to the point. Well, Mr Davis, can we talk afterwards as you know I am little tired and I need to go to meet someone? Yes, it’s completely fine whenever you are willing to talk. I will wait for you on coffee. Yes, he smiles and leave. I closed the door and check the time. I have to go. I get ready to meet her. I Lock my flat and see Mrs Marie’s flat still closed. Hope, you are fine. I take a long breath and enter into lift. Her office is near the state building, her assistant sits at the reception. I tell my name and she allowed me to go.


Yes, Nora, are you refreshed?  I am still in shock. I sit and look into her eyes. Can you give me the details? Yaa sure and she explains everything and while listening I was in complete shock. Is Byron a killer? Yes, may be or may be not because he got a clean chit from the police or you can say police doesn’t have much evidence against him. She clears it. What about Victor and Grace ex bullshit boyfriend? Victor is not in the scene as he was in custody when was Hannah killed and Grace ex was arrested by police and he is only notified for harassment. So, what I need to do? I ask, just be careful and report every single thing which you feel like fishy or unbearable. Nora, he may be a serial killer but the main thing is that he killed all your friends and now Gloria and you left. So just take things seriously. Thanks Jessica. I nod and leave her office.


I come out of the building and was walking on the street thinking about my life. If this killer gets arrested then I can go back to my life again. I go to Texas and start a new journey but right now that killer is breathing free. I keep walking on the street when a couple caught my attention. Who are they? When I constantly watch them. I see him, he was none but Victor. But he is with whom? He kisses that girl. A deep kiss and when he holds that girl, I was dumbstruck to see that she was Margaret. Oh no! she is a bitch. She betrayed me and got to my position and this scoundrel cheated Hannah. My poor friend, I miss you! I always told you that he is not worth for you. They both made a plan to cheat us. That’s why that day Hannah came to meet me and to apologise and see what happened. May be Margarette killed her. I must inform but I stopped because she will also get an excuse to get free. This is bad. This Victor and Margarette proved great players. 


They both had an affair and see she got my place and this Victor took money from Hannah’s business. Thank God! Hannah got to know his intentions and left him. Hope her soul rest in peace, her parents too shattered with her death. I remember all of them. Because of him we fought and he turned out to be a cruel bastard.  They leave and I follow them. They enter a car showroom. Yes, he is celebrating as things have gone his way. I wait outside for them to come and find some clue. After half an hour they come out happy and walk hand in hand. I again follow them. Deep inside my heart I had a feeling that this is total time waste to follow them as nothing is going to happen. Their main objective is fulfilled. She is a boss and he has made lot of money and my Hannah is dead. What else they wish for? I see them enter into spa house. I cannot witness their love life or shall I go and punch both of them hard.  I get flustered. Just then someone taps on my shoulder and I turn around to see and was surprised to see George. Is he smiling? Where are you going Nora? Am I disturbing you?