Life Without Friends.. - 32 - Last Part books and stories free download online pdf in English

Life Without Friends.. - 32 - Last Part

Lesson of friendship


 After an hour police arrive, Mr. Collins reached and Gloria stands in tears and her head bleeding and nurse put bandage on her head. Two dead bodies were lying on the floor.  Gloria, how did this happen? Oh! Mr Collins, Shane called me to meet at my place and then he made some wine. I was in balcony and when I came back. I see Nora lying on the floor and Shane tried to attack me. I run and tried to escape but he holds me and she starts crying again. He told me that he will not leave Nora for another man that’s why he killed her and then it was my turn because I was the only witness and because of me Nora left him and decided to go with George. He tried to kill me but I threw flower vase on him and he fell down. Mrs. Gloria you are an expert in throwing things on people. Please don’t look at me. I was just kidding. Gloria smiles and Mr. Collins team seals Mr Davis place.

 After three months, I opened my gallery. George and I are good friends and soon he will be with me forever. My life is going super fine. I remember that day that fool Shane came to meet Nora and I threw the vase on him and hurt myself also. Smartly. I took his fingerprints on wine glass for evidence. If he had not come that day, I had pulled Nora from the balcony and proved that she was drunk and depressed and jumped because of depression. And I knew police would believe me. George could question me but I knew what to say to him. How story has changed it is clear that crime is done by Shane and I am set free, innocent and sad.

 I stole her identity card and used it. I messaged Aaron and asked him to meet. I called Byron there. And that stupid Mr. Davis followed them for his personal revenge and eventually got involved in my plan. Then Marlin and Joey were also killed according to my plan. Hannah told everything to me and I became more alert and poor Grace, she already broke someone’s heart. But he had no plans to kill her. I always acted like a good friend to them. I helped Nora with a lawyer and pretended that I was with them but I was not because they were not true to me.

So, do I. After Grace, Hannah and then I saved Nora from Mr. Davis. I immediately went inside to fetch water for Nora and kept that knife under his bed. So that Mr. Collins team easily believes that he was a killer. Although he was a killer but he only killed Mrs. Marie, her husband and his wife. Not my friends. Because he was not friend of them. I paid for this friendship and they paid too. At least in friendship we should not take friends for granted. At last, all I can say is life is not boring without friends in fact mine is better and more in peace. Oh! George is calling. Hello George! yes, you can pick me by 7 from gallery for a movie that is going to start at 7:45pm. Bye, see you soon.

 I walk with George and we both laugh and talk. Thanks! Gloria, you healed every pain. He looks into my eyes. Please don’t say that I myself was broken and you made me feel alive. And he kisses on my lips and I kiss him back.