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Life Without Friends.. - 31



Finally, mystery is solved. Mr Davis was a killer and he tried killing me too. He used my identity card so that he could easily come to my place. He knew everything about me and my friends. He was a revengeful person. George is sad but relieved also that finally someone reached his mother. I decide to move ahead with him. I am thankful that Gloria saved my life. I owe to her because she saved my life and proved to be a true friend which I failed to do. I decide to tell Gloria everything about Shane and me. I expect her to be humble and nice towards me but when I will tell her, I know no wife has a such big heart to forgive and my expectations will go vain. My heart says not to tell her anything and she will always be with me. But I don’t want to live in guilt anymore.  I liked Shane but that was just a wave of emotions and was encouraged by my friends and discouraged by them too. I Know friendship leads you to hell and heaven both. Choice is always there for you. As my friends are no more in my life but they taught me a lesson that in life not everyone feels and thinks like you do They don’t let it go, they hate you, they love you and we get what we give to others. Whatever happened in my friend’s life and my life teaches a lesson that everything comes back to you. And we suffer a lot. 0nly Gloria is a person who showered her love and care on each one of us but we all were unfair to her. So finally, I decide to let it be like that only because I don’t want to lose her. Shane is a loser who didn’t value her. But now she is doing good job and is happy.


Few months back, life was on roller coaster and now turned back on the smooth road. Five months have passed. Gloria is living in Mr. Davis apartment after his death. George, Gloria and I often go for party or get together. We are enjoying this journey. But tomorrow I will move to Texas with George and we have decided to live there only and Gloria is going to shift in my apartment. As landlord wants to sale Mr. Davis and Mrs. Marie’s apartment. Today we are going to celebrate my last night in New York and asked her to come along with me to feel better and alive in this city. I put my black dress and press her doorbell. Oh darling! Nora, you have come early. Did you invite George? No, he is in Alaska for some paper work and we both friends will celebrate on our own. Yes! I hug her. I sit on the couch and she brings some wine and snacks.  Oh! is its red wine? Yes, your favourite. I pick up one glass and take few sips. So, did you talk to Shane? Yes. She smiles. That’s great! so you will be back together. I don’t know, it all depends on him. Please Gloria, if he doesn’t want to live with you than let him go to hell. Yes, you are right and we both laugh and she put some music. We begin to dance. My mother is calling and leaves to talk to her and I lay on her couch and feels little weird because of wine. Can I take some mouth freshener to feel better Gloria? Where are the pills? I have headache. It is in my purse. I opened her purse but nothing was there and suddenly I find my identity card in her purse inside pocket. How it came here?

I got confused and just then receive a call from Shane. Oh gosh! what the hell? Hello! Shane I am with Gloria. You just talked to her and why are you trying to create mess? Listen to me Nora I haven’t talked to Gloria since the day I left home. Yesterday, by chance I talked to her gynaecologist and she told me that she was never pregnant.  she created all the fuss of miscarriage. She can’t conceive a child. And she bribed her doctor to keep this secret. Why did she do that? Because she wants me. that’s it. Why are you telling me all this? She knows everything about us. What? Did you tell her? No, she came to know this when I left her. You mean last year. Yes, he replied, but how? I told everything to my secretary when I was drunk and she told her. But she never pretended that she knew everything. New year evening I wanted to tell her but I stopped because she looked so happy and relaxed. I will talk to you later. Listen Nora I am coming to you. I didn’t listen to him and disconnect. I put the phone as my head was spinning around.


I search her closet I don’t know for what and suddenly found tickets and pass of train of New York and I checked the date. Oh my gosh!  She was in New York last year. She had some bills of New York hotels and restaurants and these dates show that during the time of each death she was in New York. Oh, no! I decide to run but my head spins round and I see her standing in front of me. Dear Nora darling, you have to go but alone. I put slow poison in your drink. But why do you want to kill me and killed them? You all fucking friends made my life hell and you expect me to forgive you. You all know that Shane belongs to me and still you people involved him in your games just to ruin my life. No, Gloria please don’t say that it is not true, we all realised later that it was just a bet but Shane persuaded me to be with him. I did initially but later refuse because I understood that it was just a fling. No one was serious. No, he became serious and he left me. I was not pregnant still I planned a fake pregnancy just to keep him with me but when I realised it was not successful, I planned a miscarriage to gain a sympathy of him but you know, he doesn’t care about me anymore. You are the murderer; you killed my feelings. When I heard her, remember Grace words that she too called me murderer. Gloria! I am choaking. Please save me. I am with George now. Please spare me. No, you will not be forgiven. My eyes closed and I heard the footsteps of someone coming.