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The Angel Inside - 41. Stars with scars.

Jay's POV

The night had been hazy. Amy had been peering into my soul with that tiger-like brown eyes of hers. And the smirk that didn't left her face.

Though I hadn't drinked that burning liquid but somehow it felt so dunk. Amy had snatched me from the place and dragged me to the open balcony.

For God knows what or maybe Amy was finally drunk. Both of us had been sitting on the balcony floor which was spacious and wide open, letting us see the vast forest, moon and stars in the sky.

I was mesmerized by the scene. The sky was filled with stars, unlike the city that we lived in. I could feel her stare at me while she continued to sip on the can of beer. I wondered if 5 throat burning, headaching and bitter tasted shots weren't enough for her.

I glanced back at the sky as my mind was stashed with thoughts. I had realised that in these 2 days. I had visited my favourite places. How did Alex even knew? Or maybe my sister was the one planning?

Jay: I realised that these 2 days we had been visiting my favourite places.

Amy: so?

That was pretty straightforward..

Jay: So... So I thought, don't you prefer any favourite places? I mean...we could visit there too.

In return Amy smirked at me. It always appeared when something mischievous runned through her head. But soon her smirk had transformed into a little smile.

Amy: I don't have favourite places.

Jay: huh? I mean why?

Amy: but I do have places to get a release.

Jay: why don't we visit there then?

Amy had that mischievous grin again.

Amy: Believe me. You'll regret knowing.

There was a pause until she changed the topic.

Amy: We have it all planned anyways.

She continued to drink. I wasn't sure if she was drunk or not but still I would ask whatever I wanted to know about her. Silence, peaceful silence had took over for a while until I sighed.

Jay: You still haven't told me about yourself, yet you know everything about me.

Amy huffed a breath, looking a bit annoyed by the same repetition of my words that I had been poking her with.

Jay: You promised me. You won't hide anything. Even I told you a secret when I was drunk.

Amy: Are you confessing me that you remember?

I looked away flustered.

Jay: need to tell me.

Amy downed her beer in one go slamming it on the floor in sheer annoyance.

Amy: Fine! Ask me. Even the paparazzis don't dig me like you do.

I smiled.

Jay: How about you tell me about the scars on your back.

I could feel her getting stiff but she didn't look at me neither did I. We both stared at the sky. I knew it was a sensitive topic but I wanted her to be honest with me.

Amy: I...I don't remember.

I finally glanced at her side profile which dwelled deep in thoughts.

Amy: It's pretty vague. I was kinda assaulted when I was like 13- 14. T...the doctors said. I lost my memory of that time. But according to them I had been tortured for long maybe months. They said I was found in a graveyard almost dead. I just get a bit hazy dreams of my memory. But I don't know what actually happened. As far as I could predict, the attacker actually wanted me dead as a kid.

Jay: does that haunt you? That's why you need the pills?

Amy nodded.

Jay: why would someone do something so gruesome like that to a kid?

Amy shrugged.

Amy: Maybe they knew I was gonna be a threat to them in future . And I still am.

I didn't understood how Amy was a threat.

Jay: how?

Amy: you are missing things, aren't you? I have acquired the 7th position without any help of these high profile businessmen. And if they get to know I'm married to you then they would be completely screwed.

She smirked as if people chasing her to kill was some sort of achievement. I kinda understood what she meant. Obviously my dad was a number 2 in the ranks after her dad. If it gets revealed that she is my wife then her image is gonna skyrocket.

Jay: what did you see in those nightmares? I'm sorry. If you are uncomfortable...

I hesitated not wanting to trigger her.

Amy: its okay. I could only see someone torturing me to death either it was an iron rod, many times taser or hunter and a women's laughter would echo everytime I was being tortured. But it wasn't the tourture that bothered me. It was that bitchy laugh that annoyed me, a lot. I wanted to shut it but couldn't help cause it kept ringing in my head.

Amy trailed off while her face showcased no emotions. She looked dead to feelings and I realised how sick was that person who would enjoy torturing a kid.

Jay: Then did you suspect someone? Did the police found the culprit?

Amy only chuckled at my concern.

Amy: It was someone powerful who could shut the case throwing a few dollars. But I do have a name in mind.

Amy's eyes displayed vengeance. She was determined to inflict the same pain on her torementor. I was afraid if revenge was gonna help her mental health. I had seen sides of her and I know she had been venting her anger to herself. She would torture herself until she would find the one she wants to target.

Jay: I'm sorry, it was insensitive of me to ask about your past.

Amy: I can't take my words back now, can I?

She chuckled while I nervously laughed back.

There were sudden footsteps that approached near. It was Edward with that infamous poker face of his. His gaze lingered between me an Amy. He looked at me as if he would kill me at this very moment. He always looked at me as if I had snatched something that he wanted.

While his gaze turned soft at Amy. I was quite sure he had a liking towards her or maybe he had feelings for her and I was a third wheel between them. But it was him being one, not me cause she is officially mine. I didn't know where this possesiveness came from. But I returned him a stern displeased look while his burning gaze shooted daggers at me.

I wasn't gonna let him feel that I was easy to be replaced or his mere feelings would make Amy's sudden change of heart. I was challenging him. The tension was felt in the air though it was silent. He looked drunk. His gaze tore away from me finally directing at Amy.

Edward: Amy, its cold outside. You should come in.

He was definitely drunk cause the air had been just windy.

Jay: don't worry. I'm here to keep my wife warm.

I said with sheer sarcasm unknown about where this gut was coming from. He glared and lazily collapsed on the near by couch with a thud. Amy looked dumbstruck.

It was the next day that my eyes flew open because of the sunrays that penetrated me. Observing my sorroundings, the first thing I found was Amy's head on my lap while she had been peacefully sleeping. A sudden jolt crashed on my back, aching with pain.

Realisation dawned upon me. I had been sitting near the couch with my back leaning against it. Maybe I was in the same posture the whole night. The sound of a loud snore blowing air into my ear. I craned my head to find Edward's alcohol reeking breath behind who carelessly layed on the couch. My nose scrunched in disgust.

Amy had been stirring on my lap about to wake up. Alex appeared out of the door entering the balcony as he cheered.

Alex: wakey wakey! Oh, wrong timing. But duh wake up.

Amy peeked through her half lid droopy eyes cursing her brother who had ruined her sleep. She raised her head from my lap sitting straight.

She carded her hands through her hairs, slowly igniting her waking process. She rubbed the heels of her palms on her eyes now being totally awake. As Alex continued to cheer again.

Amy: You won't let me sleep in peace huh?

Alex: Go up the floor and freshen up sisy!

He chortled loudly.

After an hour we had been seated on the backseat of a car and driven somewhere again. Couldn't risk Amy driving and making us reach hell.

After few minutes we reached somewhere near the beach. Was it a beach again? I looked at the other side of the window. There was a Church that faced the beach while the sunshine glimmered proudly in the sky.

While we got out of the car Amy had kept her blank face again. She leaned her back against the closed door, crossing her arms to her chest. I looked at her ,perplexed.

Amy: Just go. I'll wait here.

I gave her a dead look.

Jay: It was planned for us together. Come with me.

I deadpanned her.

Amy: Doctor I ain't stopping you. Go.

Jay: why don't you wanna go with me?

Amy: just Go.

Jay: so you won't? Fine then.

I spoke inching near and leaning back against the car door mirroring her crossed arms.

She looked bewildered.

Jay: what?!

I exclaimed earning a sigh through her lips. She started walking towards the stairs of the church while i happily followed her.

Finally stepping inside the church we took seat to the neaby bench. There was a choir standing infront singing the best melodies for God. It was peaceful , calm and a positive atmosphere making my lips curved in a smile. While amy kept silent.

Finally the prayers had came to an end meanwhile the people had stood up worshipping the idol of Jesus infront of them. I had spotted the priest who smiled after recognizing me. He slowly walked towards us. He was in his 50's and knew me since my childhood. I would always visit here with mom and grandma.

Priest: It has been a while since I saw you.

He spoke with an amused face after lookng at Amy sitting beside me unbothered. Amy simply stood up and left the place giving us space to talk.

Jay: Just got some days off.

The priest nodded appreciating. He later fished a small box from his pocket handing it to me. I looked at him flummoxed. Opening it displayed a necklace made up with beautifully carved wooden beads and in the center layed the holy cross with a very unique design I could tell it was specially customized.

Priest: Remember something?

It sudeenly hit me hard making me chuckle at the memory. Being a priest, he also worked aside making customized accesories and necklaces. I had once asked him to make me a neckpiece for my future wife when I was a kid even so I had designed and given a rough sketch to him to make one. I always looked upto my dad. He always bought gifts for mom.

Jay: I do. I was a 6 year old back then. It turned out even more gorgeous than I had imagined.

I chuckled tracing my thumb pad on the carved piece of the cross.

Priest: i couldn't attend your wedding but accept this gift.

I nodded grinning.
Jay: Thank you.

Priest: That lady is your wife?

He spoke his eyes darting at the back where few kids had circled Amy's tall figure and had been playing around. Men and Women around stared at her greek goddess beauty literally simping at her physique with that casual outfit of a shirt with half sleeves that revealed her tattoo and skinny jeans that sticked to her curves.

Too sinful to be pure. It was a surprise that none of them had dared to pounce on her rather than the innocent kids. Maybe her dark demeanor was enough to make people know their limits. She looked a bit annoyed. I nervously laughed looking back at the Priest.

Priest: Seems like the kids are loving her.

Jay: Known face afterall.

Priest: True. I need to continue with the work. Have a good day.
He smiled before leaving while i smiled back.

I approched her while she sighed in relief expecting me to rescue her. I gave a smug smile while she glared at me. The kids wanted a picture with her while she was in no mood. I could tell she was no fan of kids. I had seen women acting all cute and chirpy with kids even I couldn't resist cute kids but my wife seemed to be coming from a different planet.

jay: Okay kids. Everybody gets a photo. How about you all get a group photo?

The kids cheered rushing to arrange themselves near her. While I clicked a picture chuckling at the scene. Amy passed me a dead look. And finally the kids had decided to let her leave.

Descending down the stairs I walked beside Amy who had casually shoved her hands in her pockets as the breeze passed through the sea blowing her hairs in the air.

Jay: you don't like kids? Come on they are so cute.

I spoke not looking at her face while walking beside her.

Amy: No they aren't. It's a delusion. They are Annoying brats sent by your dear God.

I chuckled.

Jay: Why blame the God? Not his deed tho.

The meaning clicked way faster than I thought. She rolled her eyes walking further.

Amy: not gonna argue with you. You have been acting cocky lately.

Jay: Ain't you found it hot?

I teased her. She sighed in defeat and fastened her steps while I rushed to catch her pace.

Jay: wait for me.

Being fast enough I stood in front blocking her way. Facing her I extended the box in my hand to her.
While she looked at me confused. Opening the box with a flick, the necklace revealed.

Slowly pulling it through my fingers. I grasped her wrist placing the necklace on her palm.

Amy: I can't.

Jay: wear it for me. Pretty please. It's a gift from me.

I whined. She huffed and wrapped it around her wrist in a motion letting the cross in between dangle freely. It made my heart flutter. Though it was a necklace Amy had an unknown talent of making pendants look like a bracelet on her wrist.

It was a token of my heart. I was a naive kid who had heartfully made the design for my love. Though when I grew up i had kinda forgotten about it until now. Amy raised her arm to my face displaying her decorated wrist.

Jay: Looks beautiful. Promise me. You won't remove it, ever.

I sticked out my pinky finger waiting for hers to hook on it which she finally did.

Jay: How about we go to an amusement park in the evening?

I chortled.

Amy: Your wish.