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Fictional story of 6 Friends

Once upon a time.There were 5 Friends
Holmes,Ron,John,jack and Emily.They used to study in same college.They were best friends.Holmes and Emily were in relationship it had been more than a year.
They were in their final year.After a couple of months they had their Annual exam.Holmess and Emily were inteligent and studious student where as Ron, John and Jack were average students.Most of the time Professors would remove them out of the class as they were mischievous students
Holmes decided to help them in their studies so that they could pass their exams.They would go to Holmess place for group studies as they were preparing for thier exam.After a couple of days.They were done with their exams.That afternoon they all sat in the canteen discussing about the exam.
Holmess:How were paper?
Ron:Thanks to you Holmess
Holmess:Your welcome.
While their conversation Jack says why don't we all go for a trip?
Holmess:Great idea
Ron:yeah,In future we may or may not be able to meet each other.As jack said we should go for a trip.
John:Yeah we should,
Holmes:ok,so where should we go
Jack:I have my brother's Farmhouse.we can go there.As there are mountains,rivers we can even go for trekking.Nightout.
Holmess: Great.Ill inform Emily about it.
Jack:All set and done
Ron: I'll call Carolina
Holmess: who's she?
Ron: She's my friend
Holmess: ok
Jack:I'll hire a car we all are meet at Holmes place And depart from there this Saturday early morning sharp.

Saturday early morning they began their journey.It was slight rainy day with a cool temperature.Jack was driving the vehicle
Suddenly Jack stops the car near a hotel
And says I'll just go to the restroom
Holmess: Even I'll go to the restroom
John:Me too
Ron: Yeah The temperature is really cool
Emily: Boys
After coming out of the restroom
They decided to have some food as the temperature was cool chilled They were carving.After finishing their food.
They continue their Journey.After a few kilometres They find a sign board Short cut way to the Highway written on it.So jack decide to take the shortcut way.Every one other in the car felt strange.After some kilometres the car Tyre gets puncture.Every one gets out of the car too see what was the matter.They find a bunch of nail on the road
It was strange a bunch of nail in the middle of the road.Suddenly a group of smugglers come near them and attack on them and they tie their hands and leg.They looted their money.The smugglers started to drink Alcohol while they were not in the state of consciousness.All six of them ran very hard
The smugglers were behind them with guns shooting on them.john gets a bullet on his leg but any how they reach near the dark forest.The smugglers stop following them
One of them says don't you see where are they going.They are going into the dark forest.The dark forest has its own secrets
Now let's go from here or even we are going to die if we go into the forest

'The dark forest has its own secrets'
Part 2 coming soon