New Start of Lovestory - Episode 42 books and stories free download online pdf in English

New Start of Lovestory - Episode 42

Ahana wakes up and pushes Vikram away. When she sees the door is open, she feel little uneasy? Vikram holds her in his arms, takes her to the washroom, closes the washroom door, and says, "Let’s take a bath." Ahana says, "Oh, no, Vikram, this blanket got wet. Now see you." Ahana tries to push Vikram out of the washroom; they both fall into the bathtub. Vikram gave a naughty smile, and Ahana gave an annoyed look. Vikram grabs her in his arms and says, "Ahana, see you try to get away, but we are in the bathtub and see you complete my wish." Ahana and Vikram had a not-so-naughty love fight, and he gently bit her neck and hands. After having a romantic time, they take a bath and get ready.

Vikram gets a call, and he goes to take the phone from the sofa. He picks up the phone and asks who is there. The man who called Vikram was a constable from the police station, saying that "Kumar has ran from the jail. So, be prepared to face him...take care, and protect yourself."

Vikram gets upset and tense. Ahana asked who called and why he was looking tense. Vikram goes to the washroom and takes a bath again. Ahana goes into the kitchen and prepares breakfast for all. Kamini says, "How are you? The fact that you are blushing means the night was enjoyable, right? I saw it. In morning... I saw you sleeping. Vikram was kissing you, and he told me to go."

Ahana got shy and her cheek got red, and she said, "You should knock the door, then come." Kamini says, "The door was open, so I came in, closed the door next time, and then continued the romance."

Vikram comes to the kitchen and says, "I have to rush to the hospital, and I will do breakfast later." Ahana says, "Vikram, listen to me." Vikram walks outward and reach in hurry to the police station.

Ahana got a little upset and thought about morning call, and then he got tense. The mood was good. But after the phone call, what happened to him? Kamini says, "Can we do breakfast now?"

Ahana and Kamini do breakfast. Ahana gets a message about cancelling her honeymoon; it was Vikram’s text message. Kamini asked, "What happened?" Kamini reads the message and gets angry because her plan also got spoiled.

Ahana says with tension, "Kamini, something is there that he is trying to keep secret." Kamini says with sadness, "What it must be?" The telephone rings, and Kamini goes to pick it up and asks, "Who is it?" Kamini says, "Ahana it's call for you."

Ahana gets shocked and goes to talk on the phone. On call, it was a man, and he said, "Ahana, baby, I am back. Your husband is in the police station, as your mother... I have killed her because you killed my dreams, so your happiness and family are in danger. Now, it's turn of your partner, Vikram."

Ahana gets scared and asks, "Who are you? Don’t talk on the phone; come in front of me if you're scared to get caught and stop these pranks. Tell about who you are?" Kamini gets tense and thinks about who is on the call and why she is scared!

Ahana with anger asks, "What are you saying?" The man on call said, "You know me well, and I want to kill you, but your lovable husband will save you." Ahana, with a hesitating voice, said, "Means...means... You are Ku..ku..Kumar."

The man says on the call, "Yes, right, if you want Aisha, Vikram, Tammy, and my daughter-in-law Kamini to be safe, come. Then come to meet me at the old house where you used to live. But without informing anyone. Okay, and there is surprise for you, bye!" Kumar disconnects the call. Ahana gets shocked to listen and sits down on the floor.