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Second Prince's Obsession

WARNING: Slight gore and yandere behaviour, Confinement and Stalking.


The day begun with birds chirping while flowers danced to the wave of wind . It was a sun and peaceful day .

But for Maya it wasn't.


Maya freaked out as she remembered her dream from last night. But the dream felt too descriptive to be a dream.

Because it wasn't a dream but her past life .

In her dream, she was a character in the a novel world " My heart only beats for you " . The novel revolved around a girl name Juhi , she was a commoner with not much of finance. Her father had died before she was born. Her mother who was outcasted by everyone even her family, single handedly raised her daughter Juhi . But due to extreme hardwork she did , as she grew older her health begun to detoriate.

Juhi who grew up to be a beautiful kind hearted girl, couldn't bear her mother struggling in such a pain . Hence she decided to look for work in order to treat her mother. Luckily, there was a need for maid in the royal palace. Juhi didn't let go off this opportunity and applied for maid . Miraculously she was selected as the kitchen maid .

With a firm determination she begun working but since she was too beautiful, she managed to make the other maids jealous of her and begun targetting her . But she didn't let that bother her .

One day while she was watering the plants, which was given by another maid who was busy , met the second prince who was in a disguise of commoner. He seemed to be injured.

Juhi couldn't bear to see such unknown stranger injured , so she tended her needs without knowing his identity.

And just like any cliche novel, the prince fall in love with her . During his days of recovery, he stuck to Juhi while still being in disguise.

Soon they become closer and begun falling for each other.

But one day the prince suddenly disappeared . Juhi felt sad when she founded out that her first love suddenly disappeared. She become little depressed, hence her mood throughout the day was little gloomy.

" Juhi come here "

Dread filled her as Juhi slowly begun to walk towards the head maid who called her . She feared the head maid the most . Whenever the head maid called her , is either to give her some punishment or deduct her salary.

" Yes Madam"

" Juhi from now on you don't need to work in the kitchen "

" Pardon Madam but why ? I believe I haven't made any grave mistakes to be fired"

" I am not firing you Juhi . You are promoted as Second Prince's Personal Maid . So pack you stuff and move "

After sternly saying the head maid left her alone . Juhi shivered when she felt the glares of other maid . She bowed her head and silently left with her stuffs.

When she entered the second prince's room with cleaning stuff after joining as personal maid , she got the biggest shock of her life .


( Maya : Yeah . How shocking (⁠눈⁠‸⁠눈⁠). )

After the truth of her first love's identity was revealed, they both had the legendary romantic reunion .

From that day the prince begun showering her with love and she returned his feelings. But every story has a villain/ Villainess. And how can the main protagonists love life be peaceful?

And there where the villainess Maya Velloor came in . She was the daughter of East Minister , Danan Velloor and the second prince's fiancee. As soon as she got the news of second prince's and Juhi's intimacy, she begun making ruckus. She bullied Juhi to the extreme but everytime Juhi was saved by the second prince. So she decided to kill Juhi. Her attempted assassination finally broke the limits of second prince's patience. He ruthlessly killed her and her whole family. He didn't even cared about Velloor's family's loyalty nor about his friendship with Maya . He was merciless while dealing with her .

After which he ruthlessly killed his whole family before embracing Juhi and marrying her . The novel ended with a happy ending, with him having a son with Juhi .

Maya almost cussed when she read happy ending. Her ending was worse than a dieing dog .

She shivered when she remembered the description of her death in the novel which overlapped with the actual event in her dreams.

I don't want to die ..........

Today was Maya's 17th birthday and she died when she was 18 .

It all happened because I was mindlessly in love with the prince but what if I didn't love him anymore?

I wouldn't have to die right.....

I, Maya Velloor, promise to avoid the second prince like an infectious disease and never fall in love with her .

But life had something else planned for her.....

Maya : Rima , the second prince has gone right ?

Rima: Yeah Maya ......but why are you avoiding him and how long do you plan to avoid him .

Maya : I don't know...... maybe forever.

Rima : Whatttttt .... Maya for love of God ,he is your fiance you are supposed to marry .

Maya : It won't happen. Afterall he doesn't love me .

Rima, gave Maya a sideeye as she remembered the dark eyes stalking every movement of Maya whenever she was around him . And how his eyes darkened when she was with other man.

Rima also remembered the knife only being inches away from her kneck when she tried to inform Maya that she was being stalked by the second prince .

May God protect her . Rima prayed in her heart for Maya .

A man with eyes red like rubies stared at the dead man who was cut into 1000 pieces or some . His white gloves were strained with blood so was the sword in his hand .

His lips held a smirk on his face as he uttered those words ,

" You shouldn't have touch my dear fiancee"

The man who was disguised in peasants clothes , ordered his private guards to get rid of the body without leaving any evidence.

The man , sighed remembering how many man and woman he had killed by now who tried to do something bad to his lovely fiancee .

" Maya please stop avoiding me or I might do something I dread the most ".

Maya was coming back from her history class when she suddenly grabbed by her left wrist and pulled into an empty room . She gasped when she felt being by somebody who had a man's musculature.

Maya got scared and stuttered out ,
" W ...who.....? "

" Maya it's me Rendall, your Rendall. I missed you so much , your warmth, your affection "

Maya turned statue out of pure horror. The deep voice belong to the man she was trying to avoid for past 6 months but some unknown reason he clung to her like a parasite to its host , sucking the energy out of her .

" Did you miss me ? " She heard him say.

Maya : Yes your highness.

Randall : Call me by my name darling.

Maya : Ra... Randall

She didn't dare to disobey his order . After all he can just kill her with a swap of finger.

As she call his name, his lips broke into small smile but was soon replace by a frown

Randall: Why did you avoid me ?

Maya : I.....I...was....bu..busy

Randall smiled but neither he expose her nor he broke the hug .

Maya felt the temperature of room suddenly becoming little cold . Suddenly alarms begun ringing in her head and her sixth sense was telling her to run .

Maya : Your highne.... Randall I have to go I have Math class .

She broke the hug and ran out of room without even looking back at once .

Randall clenched his fist and the smile on his face vanished.

Maya found herself standing at a dead end . She didn't want to go to the Royal ball but she can't refuse since it was a Royal Invitation.

Maya sighed as she got down of carriage with her family as soon as the carriage stopped infront of the royal palace.

Soon they were escorted into royal palace.

The cake cutting ceremony just ended and now it was time for Emerald Dance . It was a dance between 2 heaven chosen partner. Maya remembered that last time it was between Randall and Juhi. She also remembered making ruckus because of it . Ofcourse Maya won't repeat the same mistake again.

Maya was hoping to see Randall and Juhi's dance but something unexpected happened.

As soon as the priest ended his chant , the floor under her feet and the crown prince, Eson begun to glow , shocking everyone but fuming a certain prince .

" I request the Prince Eson to perform Emerald Dance with Lady Maya "

Everyone heard the priest announce.

Prince Eson took the hands of Maya who was unable to refuse due to being in shock and begun performing the dance.

" You look gorgeous Lady Maya"

Maya heard the crown prince say as she snap out of shock .

Maya : You too look handsome Prince Eson

Eson : Well this is the first time I had someone compliment me .

Maya : I could also say the same.

Eson: Maybe because everyone was blind to not notice your beautiful my lady .

Hearing his casual flirt , Maya somehow relaxed from her nervous state and even giggled at his comment. Both giggled as they dance beautifully.

But everyone was not happy.

The second prince, Randall was burning in rage.

Maya why are you laughing at him ?

You only used to laugh with me and you will only laugh with me .

During our childhood you promised to never leave me so why now are you avoiding me ?

Have you fallen in love with the crown prince?....hah....I will never leave you .

You are mine and only mine.

Today I will make you mine forever.

As she feared, the ball ended with with blood being spilled . No one was spare neither her family nor the royal family .

Maya kneeled on the floor which was clean from blood stains as she stared at the man sitting on the throne, drenched in blood.

The man was none other than the second prince Randall Wors .

Maybe due to fear , tears spilled out of her eyes . She flinched when she felt him coming towards her .

Suddenly her cheeks were enveloped by two rough calloused hands.

" Shhh shhh darling or I might kill some more people in the kingdom"

Her breath hitched, she stopped crying and quickly wiped off the tears that were about to spill .

" Good girl"

She heard him say before her hands was cuffed with golden handcuffs and legs being chained with golden chains.

" Please..... why...are you .. doing this ? "

Maya almost cried but controlled herself.

" Darling didn't I said I love you ? But no matter what you continue to runaway from me and avoid me . I HATED THAT . You know right how much I hate being abandoned, after all you were my childhood friend. Nevertheless you continued to avoid me "

" You knew how Possessive I am for you . You are mine and mine only. But this thing didn't get into your head . You continued to play with those bugs . Anyone who tried to steal you from me has no right to leave ".

" Now you have no one to rely on except me . I am your only protector. You are mine forever "