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Real Horror Story Bhangarh Fort

The Bhangarh fort is a sixteen century fort which is built in Rajasthan state of India.
Bhangarh fort is one of the most haunted place in India. After 6pm Government decided to no one go around that place
Bhangarh Fort: Many people like to watch horror movies. While being afraid, they look at them with interest. They enjoy horror scenes or suspense thrillers.However, some people think that all such things exist only in horror movies and not in real life. But others say that such things happen in real life as well. Bhangar Fort is one of such terrifying places.
Everyone has certain feelings and interests in life. They can be anything. Some people like to go on adventures, while others like to live peacefully.
What is the history of this fort?
Located in the Alwar region of Rajasthan (Rajasthan Tourist Places), Bhangar Fort is one of the scariest places in India. This region was ruled by a dynasty named Bhagwant Das, whose son Madho Singh
It is known that a fort was built here in the 16th century. It is said that at that time there was a population of around 10 thousand people. However, two different stories are circulating for this region. one..It is said that there used to be a saint in the vicinity of the fort, who foretold that whatever was built above his residence would collapse if its shadow fell on his house.It is said that while the walls of the fort were being built, their shadow fell on the saint's house and all the surrounding areas were destroyed.
Whether these are true or not..
According to another story.. there used to be a magician in that area. At the same time, a princess from the Bhangar dynasty was beautiful.Known to like her. It is said that when the princess was given a chemical to possess the princess, she threw it on the ground and destroyed the area along with the magician.The sorcerer is said to have cursed the entire area before he died. Both these stories are told in the nearby areas of Bhangar Fort. It is not known how true these are, but they are very popular there .
This is the top haunted place in India.
It is unbelievable that there are such scary places in real life. But, knowing its history, one must say yes. The stories told here cannot be dismissed as rumors or fabrications.because the locals say that they hear terrible cries here at night. Also, some tourists and locals who went there died or disappeared.This has not only become a mystery place but also known as a haunted place. It is now one of the top haunted places in India.In this order, there is information that even foreign tourists will not be allowed there. However, it is possible to take special permission if one wants to go.But, after sunset in the evening, no one is allowed to stay in the surrounding areas. If you also want to go here, you have to take proper precautions.
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