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The Angel Inside - 42 The Silent Storm

Jay's POV

The harsh wind hit hard on my nostrils. My head spun and the world seemed to go haywire. The absence of glasses made it nothing but worse. I could sometimes see the bright lights flashing. My hair being blown at various directions. The gut in my stomach doing summersaults.

I felt the air being knocked out of my lungs while I clung onto Amy's arm who sat beside me as if it wasn't a big deal. Her other hand would card her hair every few seconds. Her eyes never shut for once while I had buried my face in her arm, my eyes screwed shut. My fingers intertwined with hers, my arm hooked into hers.


Never had I ever regretted the idea of challenging Amy to be on a roller coaster. It was a struggle for a few minutes until it finally came to an end. I felt that monstrous engine finally being killed. A tap landed on my shoulders. It was Amy.

Amy: Someone was too excited for a ride.

I could hear her chuckling while I had dugged my face into the crook of her neck after the safety gear had been lifted. I felt dizzy.

After slowly getting out of the ride Amy had bought my glasses and our phones back from the shelves that kept the belongings before the ride. People around were cooing at us being a cute couple while the ride had hit my senses enough not to be bothered about them. I had a hunch that people around kinda knew us.

Wearing my glasses I blinked a few times as the world seemed to running in circles. I staggered unintentionally landing in Amy's embrace. I pushed myself apart from her immediately, flustered I glanced at her face. I knew this devil had been suppressing her laugh at my misery. I gripped myself composing my posture while I cleared my throat to hide the embarrassment.

She shoved her hands in her pockets while one of them fished out a candy, bringing it to my face.

Amy: might help you.

She turned on her heels moving forward to the arcade. She had won every game against me.

We had a bet in the shooting game. Whoever wins gets to choose any ride. Though it was childish for us as grown-ass adults, it was fun. And after all, Amy won. Choosing the worst rides one after the other, after every game.


Horror House

Cup and saucers

Break dance

A 180-degree swing that spun and swung.

When I unintentionally won I putted a finger on the ride, to add to my misery I had accidentally chose - the roller coaster!

It was now another dart game. maximum of the games we played were shooting, darts and archery. This was yet another one that I always sucked at. Hitting a target was never my thing and as obvious as it was I had lost again. She was damn good at setting her target.


She bucked the dart at the board from far, undoubtedly hitting the centre of the target. Along with our ongoing bets, we collected so many gifts that included plushies and accessories. It looked as if we had looted the stalls in Aracade.

I had given away many of them to the kids around and seeing them smile had made my day. Amy lazily grinned after the final hit while her eyes had a playful glint, her index and middle finger coming together, aiming it at me as if a gun, knocking it up, she clicked her tongue and brushed past me. She was maybe aiming the ride behind me. The last ride.

The Ferris wheel.

Sitting across each other in the given compartment, the giant wheel has started to rotate in motion. The compartments start to slowly rise reaching the top and then being ducked down. Though it was the last ride but it was the best and very much peaceful and comfortable.

I almost felt like puking and passing out on the rides before. I overestimated myself. Being far away from all the thrill and adventure for years had led me to come back inexperienced again. My eyes twitched in exhaustion and Amy was quick to notice.

Amy: Looks like rides aren't your thing.

I nodded while Amy continued to stare at me. She never took her eyes off me. Every time I talked she would never even blink. I didn't know why her eyes were always stuck on my lips. And whenever I would catch her staring she would simply look away as if she didn't look at me.

Maybe it was an unconscious move, that happened naturally? But yet her eyes glinted something else. Something dark. There was always passion and possessiveness. As if she could send a person to hell if anyone eyed something which was hers. Unleashed. Untold.

Amy cleared her throat dragging me out of my thoughts and making me realise I was staring at her without me knowing and acknowledging it. I shooked my head composing my posture. Looking out as if I was enjoying the view. Though starting a conversation was harder than I thought.

Jay: do you believe in God?

To which she cocked a brow with a strange emotion that lingered in her eyes.

Amy: why so sudden?

She slowly whispered.

Jay: thought of it. Maybe you-

Amy: I don't. That facade of a God never helps me. It is just a mere act of hopelessness that drives one to make another vague attempt that God will make everything possible for them.

Jay: You know even I use to think that God isn't on my side. In the initial days of my career. I used to always feel guilty whenever any of my patients died. Their families begging me and mourning over their loved ones' death always haunted me. I couldn't sleep for months. People think doctors are equal to God. I realised not everything was in my hands. I'm still a human. Sometimes things are meant to be the way they are. It either breaks you till the end or your sufferings make you stronger and brave. Everything happens for a reason.

I tried to explain to her and make her understand my perspective.

Amy: Are you trying to change my beliefs doctor?

She let out a light chuckle.

Jay: I am just trying to tell you what I feel.

Amy: Good for you.

She let out two candy sticks. Handing one to me she unwrapped the other one shoving it into her mouth while I followed her actions.

There was silence. Did I make the situation awkward? I looked out in anticipation. Should I apologise now? I bit my lips anxiously while sucking at the lollipop.

Amy: I ain't offended, doctor. It takes a lot to pick on my nerves. I don't care if you are faithful and I'm an atheist cause anyways you are mine.

She spoke playfully making me blush out of nowhere. The word 'mine' with so much authority makes my blood rush and my heart beats louder.

I divert my eyes away trying hard to hide my reddened flushed face. I look at her secretly as the colourful lights on the giant wheel illuminated her figure. While here lips sealed savouring the taste of the sweet candy. I couldn't get enough of it, the rest of the ride went with peace and calm except for me stealing glances at her like a creep until it came to an end.

The next two days were pure bliss. We visited art galleries and museums. While the rest of the days we spend time with each other and carry out daily chores where I could be my annoying self without her judging me.
She would listen to me and I would have her whole attention.

She won't complain but would smile often when I ask if I bored her. She would simply shake her head denying the fact that I was a bookworm and a brain eater in real. I would slur science and knowledge in which she wasn't a tad bit interested in. It was one of my bad habits.

The 2 weeks off had come to an end and we both were now busy with our jobs and duties. And after my shifts till late at night, she would wait for me in the hospital to pick me up. Sometimes it took me hours in surgery and it would go on till 1-2 am in the night and still, she would wait for me until I had winded up my work.

It was again 11 at night. While I had exited the room and entered my cabin. It was deserted. Amy would always wait for me there. Maybe she was busy with work. Maybe today I have to go on my own.

Walking down the staircase, the 1 st floor was the children's section. Though the hallway was empty I could hear laughs and giggles straight out of a horror movie. Maybe a kid was awake. I walked towards the only room which had the lights on. Slightly cracking the door open, I peeked in only to find that one kid busy playing chess with Amy. And both were so engrossed in the game that they didn't hear me enter.

Jay: Charlie.

I called out his name and rather than looking at me to answer he raised his hand to shut me up and not interrupt his game. Even Amy wasn't bothered about my presence. This oozing arrogance is what I was irritated off. He was way too confident and a flirt. He would flirt so innocently that he would charm the nurses and ask for his favourite toys and food and chocolates and would skip the hospital food.

Jay: You need to sleep and I need my wife to come with me.

I butted in again and shot an offended glare at him.

Charlie: I won!

He cheered while Amy crossed her arms to her chest wondering what had happened.

Charlie: Bye bye senorita.

Yeah, Senorita! He called her senorita. I never had a nickname for her like that.

Amy: Sleep kiddo.

She ruffled his hair curly golden hairs and looked at me.

This kid was a headache to me. He was kind of a fan of Amy and would always tell me that he would marry her once he would grow big and become a business tycoon like her. He was much more annoying to me. And dumb me to consider that this little 6-year-old would be a threat and would steal my wife.

He would wait eagerly for her more than me and would play with her when I was busy. He would flirt with her always. Though Amy hated kids this one was hard to ignore. Since she wasn't like normal woman who would coo and talk in baby language with kids. They had become friends while I had been drowned in jealousy.

Handling kids wasn't her cup of tea. But this one was an exception. I don't know what charm he flicked upon her. They both would either be in the park nearby or would play games in his room.

He suffered from Thalassemia which led him to have regular checkups and had multiple rounds in hospital. He would sometimes stay overnight for observations and treatment. But since he saw Amy. He would not go home but rather stay and wait for her to play with him. It always made me wonder where his parents were. He was always taken care of by her nanny.

Noah and Emma finally bid us goodbyes. While Amy drove the car, I sat beside her gazing out of the glass window. And I could see Amy on every big billboard hovering over the skyscrapers and malls.

My eyes fell on one of the upcoming digital billboard. It was a top shot where Amy had been layed on the top of a car. And that whisky eyed look was nothing but addicting and alluring. And soon the brand name of ACE appeared on the screen.

Her campaigns had boosted in a week. Well this wasn't her only campaign. She had done many, wether it was modelling for fashion wear or beauty brands. She was every where. She was the talk of the town. People questioning her intentions and her competing with great icons which were none other than Mr and Mrs Park, her own parents and yet she managed to pick me up every night after work and not creating a buzz in the media.

I never understood why was she against her parents. She even chose to do campaigns for her mother's competitor. She would lead to her mom's downfall. And it was utterly confusing me.

I looked back and glanced at her side profile that was defined with pure perfection and a shaped jawline definitely carved by God himself. She wasn't looking at me but I could predict that she knew that I was looking. Every day she would pick me up and would never let me drive cause according to her I can cause an accident because I'm tired. What a lame excuse to spend time with me.

We were finally home. Completing the chores and having our dinner I freshened up and slowly entered her room and shamelessly cuddled her to sleep and like always she didn't protest.

Her "don't ask me why" language was kinda unique. She never claimed or spoke affection rather it was her actions that were enough for me to hold on. I snuggled more into her as if she was some teddy. Her scent was addicting and I would rather bury my face in her neck. My arms held her tight, her figure spreading nothing but warmth. The night had passed by and life had been adventurous yet peaceful.

Days passed by, another month had passed of our marriage. And the so called paparazzis had shown their true colours. They had been prying and pestering over us. Some of them were literally stalking me which annoyed me a lot. Some freaks shared pictures online of me and Amy when we were having holidays. And claimed that we were in a serious relationship which was absolutely true. But the main human right like privacy was being thrown straight to hell. They even tried to hack my phone.

Some of them putting death threats on me while many of them supporting our relationship which was none of their business. I sometimes forget that Amy is a celebrity first and a business tycoon later. But why can't people just leave us be. One could be a public figure but not a public property. I didn't sign up for this. I had changed my phone number twice just for this.

And one day something major happened. It was a usual day of me returning back home early as we planned to spend time. Since I had been early. I put up the key turning it into the keyhole as the door of our house unlocked.

A sudden loud crash was heard and the glass being shattered. There was Amy fuming in rage, her eyes bloodshot red as if she could kill somebody. Her hand holded a knife. My eyes followed her gaze and it was Mrs. Park standing away,scared. Her back leaned against the wall desperate to find an escape.

What was happening?

Before I could even comprehend the situation. Amy had bucked the knife aiming it staright at her mother's head. Every thing went in slow motion But thankfully due to Mrs.Park reflex action it pierced into the wall leaving an inch gap between her and the knife. Mrs.Park gasped at her actions, half crying.

"Amy!" I yelled at her.

Amy: Tell this witch to leave the house before I do something even worse!

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