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This story is about... A girl who stays calm no matter what others do or says...
(At class)
Note: Savy is a girl who is very quiet but intelligent.
She does not speak much to others..she doesn't have any friends...
SAVY:hi sall... I am savy..
Sall: uhmm... Hi?
Savy: can we be friends?
Sall: not really....but fine can be my friend i guess... Uhh what is your name again?
Savy: savy...
SavyPOV: finally i have a friend ,soon she will be my best friend then best bestie...
Sall: bye i have to go home now-
Savy: bye sall! *Happy smile*
(At home with savy)
Savy goes to her mother...
Savy: mom, mom, mom! Guess what!?
Mother:what dear savy?
Savy: i have a friend finally.
Mother: wow finally you have gotten a friend 😀 good job little savy mom is proud of you..
Savy: -happiest smile-
MotherPOV: i dont really know how much their friendship will last but lets see..
Mother thoughts were somewhat savy and sall became friends, they never talked much unless salls other friend leaves and sall feels lobely that time she talks with savy... Things took a dark turn since then savy thought sall was using her for her time as sall never seemed to bother about savy unless sall's other friend or friends leave.
savy: you never seem to bother much about me now a days? Am i not really your friend anymore!? Or are you just using me for my time !?
Sall: i am not using you i am just -
Savy : i am donw with you sall. We are never friends any longer.
Sall: fine by me.
Savy was really angered by sall's response to her .... This ended up being the most worst day of savy's life.
(At home)
Mother: how was school dear?
Savy: worse.... Sall never bothers to care about me ....
Mother: who-; your friend you told me the other day now your enemy!?
Savy: yes i am not going to talk with her anymore... She is not my friend..
Mother: stay calm first savy... You need to learn patience... Take off your attitude and learn to be more patient within yourself...
Savy: are you supporting sall!?
Mother: no dear-
Savy stormed off to her room that night savy felt regret and felt sorry for her mom.....

(Later that day at school)
SavyPOV: i will try my best to listen to my mother's words ..
Savy goes to sall*
Savy: look-
Sall: what.
Savy: i am really sorry for what i have said the other day.... I realised my mistake that i have been misunderstanding you the whole time... I will give you time to explain your side of the story next time ...
Sall: look savy... I am not hoing to use you for your time ... I talk whith everyone and it doesn't mean that i dont want to talk with you, if i wanted to i will ..and i really do but if i am talking with others and you are there i will finish my talk and come to you next please dont take this in the wrong way...
Savy: i wont... And i am sorry...
From this story we can get that how important staying calm is in our life....