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I was asking for help but neither helped me....
Hi i am sasha. I come from ilya toor.
I was born with a brite smile on my face which soon faded away after my twin sister came two seconds after me...
I had a perfect life ... But my twin sister would never appreciate whatever our parents give us , as our family is kind of poor .. my parents couldn't afford her an iphone, she asked them like"everyone has iphone and i only dont have it."
Offcourse they bought her lies... They bought her an smasung phone as they couldn't afford the iphone.
But she was never appreciative ..
One day my twin sister who was 15 years old , she said to me that she was dating the school jock. I was shook. After a while .... i saw the school jock kissing another girl. I told about this to my twin sister. And she told me that i was just jealous of her dating the school jock.
In fact i only like nerds as they are very smart and highly intelligent.they got brains and they could help me out in any kind of situation.but my sister only dates bad boys. I didn't care.
I was at the library when i saw this really handsome nerd coming to sit next me .. i immediately took my bag which was on the seat next to me. And he sat there . And he asked me my name. I told him that i was sasha and i asked his. He told me his name was kyle. He told me that he has been thinking about me for a while .
I asked him , what do you mean by that??
And he told me that he saw me at one place but the next with a different clothes on
I told him that i had a twin sister .he looked shocked.and he ended up laughing at himself .i really thought he was cute when he laughed.
On me and my twin sister birthday kyle gave me an iphone!. And my sister got shoes!!!
She got so mad that she launched at me and started pulling me by my hair! I pulled her dress. But before we got into a way larger fight , kyle pulled us apart.
Kyle asked us "why are you fighting?"
And my twin sister who didn't get what she wanted launched at kyle and demanded an iphone!
Kyle said " i have brought one for you too let go of me please." I was embarrassed. And as soon as he handed her the iphone she was seen smiling at him which made me jealous kind off.but anyways having an twin sister is really hard . Kyle proposed to me .. we were dating now. My sister she is dating the jock still.. one day the jock came to our house and asked for my sister. And i told him that she went out with her friends to shop for the greatest clothes.
He said woah alright does that mean she is not her!? I said yes ofcourse what else did you think!?
He said " i know you like me.."
I was shook and i immediately knew his actions next so i decided to tell him that i was dating kyle.
And he said " kyle!? Kyle the nerd!?
I said yes and he is way smarter than you and i don't like you-
Before i could even finish he kissed me forcefully!
As i tried to push him away i noticed kyle... Standing there whith tears under his eyes. I was deeply hurt -
I pushed the jock away and immediately went to kyle. And he said ' i am no match for the jock i knew it since then cause you were too good to be true.'
I had tears under my eyes too
I tried explaining but he wouldn't listen so.. i let him go. I was so mad at my sister for what her BOYFRIEND had done.
I shouted at my sister after that - who didn't care much. After many years i got into a fine job and i met kyle there . Who worked as a manager for me
I was shook and i decided to talk to him.. i explained to him then he realised that he misunderstood everything and well we are dating now again and then married and now whith three beautiful kids.
The end.
Dont jude too soon.