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How to Become a Millionaire

How to become a millionaire

In this book you will be told how to become a millionaire. These methods will be very entertaining and simple. In this book you will be told how to become a millionaire. These methods will be very entertaining and simple. Earning money is very easy. But for this you have to learn magic and that magic is the magic of hard work. If you work hard in the right direction, you will become a millionaire very soon.Will go

2 Crorepati and Roadpati

Many people were born millionaires from birth but due to their stupidity and laziness they came in the road and became roadpatis. But there are many people who took birth in a poor house and lived in the streets. But he became a crorepati from road pati. Only because of your hard work and hard work in the right direction.

3 I became a millionaire,

the right use of money Friends I won ₹2 crore on dream11. in handAfter deducting 30 percent, I got one crore forty lakh rupees. It came into my account immediately. I began to think. What should I do with this money? I bought a small beautiful house for 20 lakhs. It was filled with furniture etc. worth two lakhs. Took some of his essential items worth 2 lakhs. Now I have 16 lakh rupees left. I put it in the bank for contingencies. I put these 16 lakhs in MIS scheme. From which I get ₹ 8000 every monthPut. I got the remaining one crore FD done for 7 years. How do you like my plan? What would you do if you were in my place?

4 Saving Is The First Step To Becoming A Millionaire

A millionaire is also a good person. He keeps the remaining money after completing the supply of his essential things and uses that money for good work. He keeps some of this money safe for the future. this safe money slowlyMakes him rich. To become a millionaire, you have to master one such field from where you keep getting money continuously. He should save some percentage of this money every month.

5 Some tips to become a millionaire

First of all, get your costumes right. After that make your living place nice and beautiful. Keep your establishment or office also beautifully decorated. all own debtPay it Keep a balance between your daily expenses and monthly expenses. Don't be too stingy and don't spend extra extravagantly and in this way you can save a good amount of money every month. This amount will gradually increase and make you Dhanpati Kuber.

6 neat house courtyard

The house, courtyard and office should be clean and tidy. Use Adar system. According to which all the useless things of the house, courtyard and office should be disposed of or given to the scrap.With this, your house, courtyard and office will remain clean and open and will look beautiful. Due to which the arrival of Lakshmi ji in your home, courtyard and office will be easily possible.

7 good man

Raj is a rich person. He distributes nice new clothes to the poor several times a year. Sometimes he builds houses for the poor and distributes them free of cost. He knows what are the benefits of being rich and what are the rights and duties of being rich. he all theseTakes advantage of and takes advantage of good and takes advantage of satvik. In this way he helps the poor with some part of his wealth and contributes to uplift the standard of living of the poor.

8 Ideas to become a millionaire

To become a millionaire, grow your savings and gradually build up a huge savings. Put some of this savings in FD. Invest some money in MIS scheme. in some stock marketPut it on Invest some money in property. Your money invested in all these will slowly build up a huge pool of money. And you will become richer than rich.

9 intoxication

Stay away from intoxication. To become a millionaire, you should give up drugs. With this, your health will also be good and you will also have sufficient amount of money. Because the money used for intoxication will be saved.

10 sure according to you

Stay strong You kept doing all the calculations at the right time. Keep giving salary to your employees at the right time. Keep paying your creditors on time and try to get money from your creditors on time. With these good qualities, sufficient amount of money will come to you and you will soon become a millionaire.

11 temperament

Keep your nature clean and pure. In devotion and benevolence to GodInvest some part of your time and money. Keep your mind and body healthy with exercise and yoga. With this you will become rich quickly.