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The Last Promise - Introdaction


The essence of love has manifested in various forms across the annals of our world. Love, in all its splendor, is shared amongst dear ones, cherished and upheld. Yet, amid these myriad expressions of affection, one form of love stands paramount. It is a love that transcends all bounds, a love unparalleled and unrivaled—the love of a mother. This profound sentiment is epitomized by the journey of carrying a child within for nine months. Through every pang of pain and hardship, a mother endures, her devotion unwavering. And then, the moment arrives when she labors to bring forth life, as bones break like fragile twigs, pain surpassing any comprehension. But her love, far from ceasing, only finds its genesis here, at the birth.

Throughout our lives, we encounter countless souls who shower us with immeasurable affection. They fill our existence with boundless love, and yet, a mother's love holds a distinctive place. For it is this love that stems not from a desire for reciprocation or personal gain, but from a selfless place within. A mother's love remains unadulterated, unaltered by any external influences. Even when faced with adversities, her devotion remains unswerving.

In times of distress, an outpouring of support ensues from friends, well-wishers, and admirers. They too shed tears, they move forward, shaping their destinies. However, amidst this sea of emotions, stands an individual who walks a distinct path—one defined by carrying her pain and sorrow, a path she treads incessantly. Her sacrifice is unparalleled, her love undying. This tale finds embodiment in the narrative of Kulvant Pratap Singh, a resident of Shimla. It is a story that unfolds with profound emotion, delving deep into the corridors of the human heart.

Recent events have unveiled an agonizing truth to Kulvant Pratap Singh. A phone call brings the heart-wrenching news of his son's martyrdom in the Kargil war. As he absorbs this devastating blow, his heart echoes with a singular question, "Did you promise to return to me?" The echoes of his son's promise resonate within him, and he seeks answers to the unasked questions, to the myriad of queries that remain unspoken. It is this poignant conversation that serves as the backdrop for the story—an exchange that lays bare the intricacies of a mother's heart and the depths of a father's soul.

This dialogue becomes a window into the very fabric of human emotions, offering insights into the intricate tapestry of thoughts that swirl within a mother's mind. The novel "Aakhri Vada" unveils the delicate nuances of decisions a mother contemplates for her child. It captures the essence of her commitment, her unwavering dedication, and her overwhelming grief in the face of an irrevocable loss. Through the eyes of Kulvant Pratap Singh and his internal dialogue with his departed son, the story unfolds, unraveling layers of emotions, leaving readers introspecting about the unspoken promises we make and the unfathomable depths of love we hold within.

In "Aakhri Vada," the resplendent tale of love, loss, and promises takes center stage. It magnifies the distinctiveness of a mother's devotion, and it encapsulates the indomitable spirit that propels a father to navigate the stormy waters of grief. The story invites readers to ponder their own unspoken vows and to fathom the depths of emotions that reside with

in us all.