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One sided love

It was a beautiful day outside, the sun shone brightly through the windows of her bedroom as she lay there awake, staring at the ceiling. She had been doing this for weeks now; lying in bed, unable to move or even get up without feeling like her entire body would collapse underneath her. Her heart ached so much that it felt like it could burst from her chest, each beat sending pain radiating throughout every part of her being. The pain was constant and unrelenting, never-ending. She couldn't remember when it started but knew it had been going on for far too long already. It wasn't just a physical pain though, it was an emotional one as well - a deep ache that settled in the pit of her stomach and refused to go away no matter what she did.
She tried everything; distracting herself with work or hobbies, talking to friends, even therapy but nothing seemed to help. Every time she closed her eyes all she could see were his face, hear his voice, feel his touch. The memories haunted her constantly. He was everywhere and nowhere at once, always there yet never truly present. She couldn't escape him no matter how much she wanted to. It had been years since they last spoke, months since he left without so abruptly, cutting off all communication without any explanation. But still, here she lay, unable to move on, stuck in this endless cycle of pain and longing for something that would never be.
She knew it wasn't healthy; she knew she needed to let go but the hold he had over her was too strong, like a vice grip that refused to loosen its grasp. She tried to break free time and again only to find herself pulled back in deeper each time. The more she fought against him, the stronger his pull became until eventually she gave up trying altogether. It was easier just to exist in this state of limbo than fight anymore, to simply lie there and wait for whatever came next. Maybe one day he would come back or maybe not, either way it didn't matter because nothing else seemed to matter anymore.
She had loved him with all of her heart and soul from the moment they first met; it was instant and fierce like a storm that swept through her entire being. She never knew such passion could be so intense before him. He made her feel alive and seen in ways no one ever had before. They were perfect together, at least that's what she thought until everything fell apart without warning. It happened suddenly, out of nowhere, and without any explanation. One day he just disappeared leaving her alone to pick up the pieces of their life together. She tried reaching out but received nothing but silence in return

. The pain of rejection cut deep into her heart like a knife, making her feel worthless and unlovable.
She couldn't understand why it all went wrong; they had been so good together, so happy for so long. But then again, love was never easy or predictable. Maybe it was always destined to end this way - in heartbreak and despair. She knew that logically but still clung onto the hope that one day things would be different, that he would come back and everything would be as it once was. That they could find their way back to each other despite the hurt and pain. It was a foolish dream she told herself over and over again, knowing deep down it would never happen. He didn't want her anymore, not like that way at least.
She had tried moving on with others; dating and even finding some success but nothing compared to what she felt for him. The spark wasn't there, no matter how hard she tried or wanted it to be. She couldn't feel anything beyond the emptiness inside of her heart that ached constantly for his touch, his voice, his presence in her life. She longed for something more than just physical connection, yearning for the emotional bond they once shared. It was a hunger that could only be sated by him alone, an impossible desire that tormented her endlessly. He owned her from afar, refusing to let go despite everything else she did to move on.
She hated herself sometimes for being so weak and pathetic; for not being able to get over someone who didn't even want her anymore. But still, she couldn'd lay there every day, waiting for some sign of hope or change, some indication he would come back into her life. She knew it was stupid but she couldn'd never been one to give up easily, always holding onto the belief that love could conquer all if only given a chance. It was a foolish dream that kept her going through each day, pushing forward when nothing else made sense. Maybe someday he would return and everything would be different, they could find their way back to each other again.
But as time passed, she began to realize that maybe it wasn't meant to be; that sometimes love just didn't work out like she wanted it too. The pain of unrequited feelings became more than she could bear at times, making her question why she even tried anymore. She felt lost in this world without him, adrift and alone despite the people around her who cared for her deeply. It was a constant struggle to keep going on, to not give up completely and let go of hope altogether. But still, she held onto the belief that one day he would come back or something else would change, some miracle that would make everything right again.

She knew deep down it wasn't realistic but couldn't help herself from holding onto the dream anyway. The pain was too much sometimes; the longing too strong to ignore. And so she lay there, waiting for something that may never come while the days passed by without him. She existed in this state of limbo, stuck between life and unable to move forward until finally one day she realized she had to choose - either give up completely on her love for him or find a way to let go once and for all. It was a hard decision but one she made slowly over time, knowing it would be the only way to truly heal.
She knew she could never forget him entirely, not after everything they shared together. But maybe she could learn to live with the memories instead of loving him from afar. Maybe someday she'd find someone else who understood her heart fully, who saw her in ways that he did before. Someone who wouldn't leave without warning or explanation, who would stay by her side through thick and thin no matter what came their way. She knew it wasn't fair to compare anyone to him; he was unique in his own right but still, she needed to move on somehow. It was a hard realization to accept but one she made slowly over time as she began to let go of the past and embrace the future ahead.
It took months of therapy and work but eventually, she found herself able to breathe again. The pain didn't so intense, the longing not quite as strong. She could feel something new growing inside of her - hope for a different kind of love that wouldn't break her heart like before. And though she knew it would never be the same, she learned to appreciate what they had together while letting go of the hold he once had on her. It was a hard journey but one worth taking in the end; learning how to find happiness without him despite everything else. She still thought about him sometimes, remembered their time together fondly even if with a tinge of sadness. But now, she lived in the present and found joy in each moment instead of longing for something that may never come again.
She realized that love wasn't always easy or predictable, that sometimes it could break you completely. But through the pain and heartache, there were moments of beauty and connection that made it all worthwhile. And though hers with him would forever be special, she knew she had to move on eventually - to find her own kind of happy beyond his shadow. It was hard but possible, learning to let go of the one-sided love that consumed her so fully before. She learned to live without him while still holding onto their memories close to her heart; a reminder of what once was and what could have been.