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Starboy - Part 2

It was ten o'clock by the time I got home from the hospital. After giving an injection there the feeling of laziness of the evening was gone for a while. Anyway, Bichke and Siddheshwar somehow brought home the evening. Although the headache was gone, the fever and nausea were gone. I still can't get out of bed. My mother started taking medicines every hour. Rohit is the eldest son in the family. It doesn't matter who lives or dies. He lives in a thatched-roof house. Been there since I was a kid. He cannot sleep at night. He stayed awake all night and served his mother.

That's two whole days. The phone started ringing again and again. She told me her mother was very ill. But the question remains as to when that will happen. It's very difficult. He couldn't get his head out of the bed, he couldn't look out the window. He called again the next morning. No one picked up the phone. Because he is not at home. Siddheshwar Babu's house does not pick up the phone. He sleeps through the night. He can't talk on the phone. Madam whispered, "Paji's feet, dishonest...

Bichak bought four musambi from the market by increasing the amount of money he had in the house. The doctor told me to eat fruit. There is a lack of vitamins in the body. I sleep in the evening. He took the morsel to his mother. Sit on the side. A few drops of water trickled down her cheeks. He looked down at the boy's face. The boy was in a lot of pain. She said, "Why are you crying? Are you suffering? " He looked down at the boy's face. "Who will see you when I'm gone? You are so small...

Tears started falling from his eyes. She hugged her mother and said,

"No, I won't leave you. I will not let go. Nothing will happen to you, Mom. You'll get better with medication. "

She hugged her mother tightly. The lady's phone rang again. The phone started ringing in the basement of the house. He was not at home at the time. He got tired of the phone ringing. The madam burst out in anger.

The news of Maradona's death spread around the world. The eyes of millions of people were glued to the horizon. Suddenly the bulldozer industry of thirty-four years back started to swing in front of the eyes. England's one defender after another is getting out in a unique hypnosis. The goalkeeper made a last-ditch effort. A few feet ahead, hoping to shorten the angle. Didn't work. The meeting was over. The ball went from Maradona's right foot to Paul's left foot. Step out of the left foot. The hapless goalkeeper turned back and saw the ball go past his right post and into the net. The picture was hazy. And many more pictures. Nothing can stop it. A lively left foot is painting the field at lightning speed. Everyone is desperate to get him back. Millions of people started coughing. For a moment, the room seemed empty.

Tapan Dutta, a failed player, failed coach, failed family on the football field all his life, went missing at about eight o'clock at night. His mother came to him and said,

"Oh, you are grieving for someone who has died. Take a look back at your family. Tell me what happened to him! "

The saint didn't answer. He stayed quiet. There is no need to repeat the same question at this point. Thirty-two years passed in this way. Never swallow again. It is not true that Tapan Dutta was only distraught with Maradona's grief. A bright light was slowly dawning in the recesses of his mind. He suddenly stood up and took off his clothes.

"I'm coming...

"Don't stay overnight. I can't stay awake...

"No, it's not too late. I will do it soon. "
I didn't understand it properly. He just stared.

I met Siddhartha Biswas on the road. Although Siddharth is from a much later generation, he keeps all the news of the sports world of the previous era. He is a medical professional by profession. But I love the sport. In particular, football. Siddharth is aware of Tapanjyoti's football career and his failures. He has a respectful sympathy for Tapan Dutta in this regard. He still wants a break as a coach.

"Oh... Where did the probe go? " Then he said,
"Have you found a genius? "

The situation was so tense that Tapanjyoti was shocked. He said,

"Yes... That... You can say... It's pretty much the same. "

Siddharth was surprised, happy and curious at the same time. But he was not interested. He said,

"Great... Show it to me, Grandpa. We want you all to know what it is. Show them the game. "

There was a strong thrill in Tapanjyoti's heart.

(To be continued...)