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Starboy - Part 4

Meanwhile, the match will be played at the Mohammedan Stadium. It is four in the evening. He fell asleep again in the evening. The head is heavy. Where did you go to play with Tapanjyotibabu... to that religion. Sandhyamani had never seen Dharmatala or Garh field. The thought of how much trouble Budi is having in the face is also revolving in his mind. Siddheshwar stood outside the house and started pulling the beedi to relieve his stress. No one has died. In the clubhouse on the side of the road, Kelab's boys are painting large pictures of a player in blue and white, twisted like a beech, swarming. If you win the Yellow Diamond, you will get a registration. This is the first round of the tournament. But first came the team. The Malaysian team.

Tapanjyoti sat in the dugout beside the field and again got entangled in the web of dreams. He got up and started walking in the style of Billardo. He runs inside the field. There are 90 seconds left in the game. Bichke caught the ball near the opponent's left half line, facing their own goal. Just like Chiashir Maradona, the ball rolled and rolled under his feet. One... Two... All three fell to the outside of the right foot. Central Media is running parallel to the left. Beach was rushed to the left of the penalty box while a wall played with the medio. The ball reached the head of the penalty box and reached the last defender in front. As he walked, he was hit by a right-handed shot. It has gone a little too far. Don't waste time. There was no time for the goalkeeper to think. The bullet from the right foot ran through the right corner of the post and the bar. There are 45 seconds left in the game.

Tapanjyoti stood on the side of the sideline, closed his eyes, and began to shake his two clenched hands in unison. Although it's not nothing. The first round is over. Still a long way to go. But Tapanjyoti thought that he needed an identity in his life, and he collected it. A bright horizon was awakened in the mind of Tapanjyoti Dutta, who spent his whole life in hunger and was losing his life in the field. There is a dance going on in the field.

Tapan Dutta reached Subhash Colony with Bichke at 9 o'clock in the night. The girl's mother was seen getting up from the bed. She ran into the house and hugged her mother.

"Mom... I said I wouldn't let you die! "" "You know, I played on a big field today." in the average field. How beautiful! Surrounded around I scored a goal. "" "Everyone said I play like Maradona." "

Siddheshwar Majhi's face lit up with a smile. Tapanjyoti Dutta thought of himself as Carlos Bilardo in the next round.

The next morning, Tapanjyoti Dutta was picking charapona in the market. One hundred and sixty rupees. Fish was not available in the market. Three people at home. Apart from the Tapan-Mouma couple, one of Tapanbabu's nephews lives with them. The house in Hasnabad. He studied English at Kolkata's Surendranath College. I love my mother very much and she loves me very much. According to him, "He is a very good boy. Not like my mother. ' They are children themselves. There is no anger or resentment among them.

"I got the news last night. I've heard of your new invention. Real child prodigy. "

Tapanbabu lifted his face from the scaffolding and saw Siddhartha standing. Siddharth Biswas, medical representative. Tapanbabu turned the bowl towards the fisherman and said,

"How do you know? It didn't come out in the paper.

"Father... What's the news? The paper is very small in one corner. Very, very good. Your day is coming. "

"No, not at the moment. I can't move forward without support. So many boys... There's food, there's entertainment. Also, there are medical emergencies. A lot of guys need to buy new shoes. All in all, a good expense. If you do not win the tournament, you will not receive any financial benefits. I'm very tense. I don't know if I'll make it to the end if I don't get a sponsor. "

Siddharth was quick to respond.

"No, it can't be. An arrangement has to be made. "

Tapanjyoti was deeply impressed by Siddhartha's cooperative sensibility. He said,

"I understood that. But what is the system? I don't see any such direction. This needs to be addressed in the second round. game next Saturday. I don't know what will happen. I mean, I'm very confident in that guy. "

"Concentrate on the game. Our company has undertaken a project on Indian football development. I'll take you to the office on Theatre Road. I'll put you in touch with the PRO. I'll say as much as I can. I don't think there will be any problem. "

Tapanbabu looked at Siddhartha's face. Either way, the boy cares about him. He wants to benefit from it. That's it or less? Who is thinking about the world?

(To be continued...)