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Starboy - Part 5

At around 2: 30 pm, Siddhartha entered the chamber of the PRO of Synergy Pharmaceuticals along with Tapan Dutta on the eighth floor of the 15-storey building on Theatre Road. Obese fat face of PRO. The waist belt is trying to come out of the belly by blowing the shirt. A very good looking guy. It's not the fucking type.

"Come on... I have heard so much about you from Siddharth's mouth... You've got everything in your mouth. I'm a football fan myself. "

"No, I'm not like that. Sidharth loves me...

"No, it never is. He said he was just a nice guy... It's nothing more than that. Let's say that, I will try hundred percent so that your team gets the sponsorship of Synergy. At least it wouldn't be my fault. But there is a small catch. We have to win the second round. If I win, I hope I can get full sponsorship. I have given a hint to MD. "

Tapan Dutta breathed a sigh of hope and despair. "He said softly.

"Yes... That's... We have to win the second round. Otherwise what will happen? "he said.

"You will win... You will surely win. I hear you've got a... Lucky Enough... Yes, the boy is good. But action is needed. I don't know what his future is. They are very poor. Let's B is Optimistic. Let's see what it is. Okay, Siddharth, give me a call after the match.

game next Saturday. Before that, Tapanbabur Turup's Tass Beach should be put into practice for at least one and a half hours every day. Not just ball-playing and striking, he needs to develop a set-piece specialist. The set-piece effect in the previous game is zero. The passing was very disappointing. Nehat Bichok scored a wonderful goal so his team went down. The whole team is going to practice tomorrow. Time is very short. There are many such thoughts in the mind. The second round match is going to be a turning point in not only his but also Amit Majhi's life, which is called Cliff Hanging Situation. In sleep or wakefulness, in dreams or in reality, the same thought is circulating in the cells of the brain. 'To be or not to be that is the question... '

Knock out match. If the team loses, it is in the dumps. It's not that the sky is falling. Life never stops. There will be more opportunities to play. But it's a great platform. An opportunity like this doesn't come around often. However, life is no longer like a movie, the desire will be fulfilled by going to the climax. So, there is no option but to wait. Tapanjyoti's dance has come to his head. It is a state of mind. This time Tapanjyoti got the news that the Opponent is very 'Tough'. The Bahrain team. I don't know what the system is. A former coach from Spain. You are very worried.

At six o'clock in the morning he went down to the field of Raypara with Bichak and four other boys. He had to make arrangements for them. Tapanbabu has withdrawn fifteen thousand rupees from the savings account. At the moment, the cost of the tournament has to be managed. Winning in the second round will compensate for the sponsorship of Synergy. Otherwise, we will have to fight again. Tapanjyoti Dutta, who has been fighting all his life, shudders at the thought. I don't like to fight. What's life without a fight!

Tapanbabu started playing different passes with five boys in both dead ball and running conditions. He continued to teach dummy runs to deceive the opponent. He was repeatedly insisting that the second ball should remain in the team's possession. In addition, he practiced about 150 free kicks, corners and various set-piece movements. He took at least 50 shots. Both high and low. Beach, as usual, began to hit the outside free kick with instep in an impossible skill on both right and left feet. It is almost a rarity to have the same shooting skills on both feet. That too at the age of 12. The infighting is not over yet. But his talent won't last long. Tapanbabu expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Uparwala for bringing him in contact with the beggar. Like Argentine coach Bilardo, he felt that his football team had 'Bichke and ten others. ' After this exercise, I had to eat another meal. There is no doubt that everything will come back. The next morning, Tapanbabu asked everyone to come to the field at this time. He plans to put all 14 boys in practice tomorrow.

While returning home, Tapanjyoti saw Nandita standing near the ferryman's van and bidding for cauliflower. Tapanbabu tried to guess that Nandita must have been about fifty-four years old. A silver line can be seen on the hair. The stomach is now fat. Incidentally, Nandita was married to a boy from the same neighbourhood. My father's house is in the same neighbourhood. After buying the cauliflower, Nandita returned to her bag and confronted Tapanjyoti in a trucksuit. Forty years ago, the blood flow in Tapanjyoti's heart would have been fickle, but with the passage of time, everything has changed. That can't happen anymore. It is not that the full river has dried up, the current is now flowing in another sector, in a different direction.

"Hey, what's up? It's not possible these days. "

Nandita said in a low voice.

"What is this... I don't see you today either. Everyone's busy. What about your boss? Aren't you in Kolkata now? "

"Not in Kolkata.